My Husband Warm the Bed- 1197

Silvia and Felix had known each other ever since they were a child, but they had only dated briefly. And that was why they had very little photos of them together. Among the very few photos that they had taken together, Silvia liked the one on the desk the most.

She placed that photo on the desk so that she could see him whenever she looked up. Also, it was also there as a reminder to herself of how good Felix’s grades were. So, whenever she felt lazy and wanted to procrastinate, she would look at the picture to motivate herself to work harder so that she could catch up with him.

After that, her father passed away and Felix had gone missing. On top of that, Norman Turner and his bunch of scoundrels had set her up too… And then, she fell into Jayden’s hands.

After she had gotten involved with Jayden, he would torture her every single day. She was rarely home and did not have any spare time to tidy up her room,

that was why that photo was still on the desk.

Silvia did not want Jayden to know about Felix. She wanted to hide the photo, but it was already too late. Jayden had already reached out his hand and picked up the photo frame.

He looked at the photo and said with a faint smile, “Who’s this man in the picture?

“He’s…” Jayden was a possessive man. If he knew that she had a boyfriend

before him, he would probably skin her alive. Therefore, she must not tell him

the truth

“Who is he?” Jayden repeated his question, and his tone sounded a little scary.

Huh! Jayden was a really jealous man. Even before she could answer him, he already looked like he was going to swallow her. If she really were to tell him

the truth. B Silvia did not dare to think about the consequences. Therefore, she immediately came up with a white lie, “He’s my senior. He’s just like Reagan and Lemur, we used to be very good friends, but he’s studying abroad now, so we

are no longer in contact with each other.”

As she spoke, Silvia tried to take back the photo from Jayden, but he refused to let it go. He looked at her and said, “Since he was just a senior, why do you have

to put a photo of the two of you on your desk then?”

Silvia scratched her head and smiled awkwardly: “I don’t have much photos at

home, so I just randomly picked this one….

This silly woman was still lying to him. He could never get the truth out of her, so his eyes darkened as he said, “You said that you guys weren’t in contact with each other anymore, but you still have this photo on your desk.”

“I had it here a long time ago. A lot have happened in the past months, and I

rarely come home, so I’ve already forgotten that it was here.” What Silvia said this time was true, but Jayden would not believe her anymore,

“So, does it mean that the man in the photo and the photo itself are no longer

important?” Jayden curled his lips, and the smirk on his lips became even more obvious, which made Silvia’s heart tremble.

Silvia was so nervous that she swallowed a mouthful of saliva and stammered, “Yes. of course they’re not important.”

She reached out her hand again and tried to take the photo back, but Jayden still wouldn’t let go of it.

“Since they’re not important to you, I’ll help you throw it away then.” In front of

Silvia, Jayden took the photo out from the photo frame and tore it into pieces.

“What are you doing, Jayden?” Looking at the photo that was being torn up, Silvia’s heart ached. It was as if he had torn up her innocent and beautiful


Anger, heartache… All kinds of emotions emerged at the same time, making Silvia lose her mind. Therefore, without a second thought, she flung her fist and gave Jayden a hard punch on his face. “Bestard, who said you could do that?’ Although the punch was on his face, Jayden felt it in his heart. She was willing

to punch him because of the man in the photo. What was Jayden to her? “B*stard, how dare you touch my things?” Silvia bent over, trying to pick up the

pieces that had fallen onto the floor and tried to put them together.

Jayden pulled her back up and said, “Silvia, I thought you said that it’s not important? Why are you reacting like this if it’s not important? You’re stupid, but please don’t think that everyone is as stupld as you.”

“What’s wrong with me reacting like this? You tore up my picture, and you’re here having an opinion about my reaction to it?” Silvia wanted to break away from him, but his grip felt like two iron pliers clutching on to her wrists. She was angry and in pain. “Let go of me! Do you think that you’re so great just because you are rich? Yes, I’m stupid. I’m so f*cking stupid to bring you home.”

Because of anger, Silvia said a whole bunch of mean and hurtful words. Jayden’s face fell at that instant. His face was so cold that he could freeze the air around him, “Silvia, I dare you to say it again.”

“Of course I dare to say it again. Even if you want me to repeat it ten times, I will still say the exact words. I want you to get the f*ck out of my house now!” Silvia, who had already lost her mind, continued to struggle. She was struggling to break away from Jayden so that she could pick up the pieces on the floor,

That person was not just someone else. It was Felix, who she had liked since Silvia knew that she was married, so she should no longer think of Felix…

she was just a little girl.

However, who had never had a past? Who had never had an unforgettable

relationship, right?

He, Jayden, probably had one too. How could one just forget everything about her past just like this? How could he just ruin her memories like this?

“Silvia Turner!” If it was not because Jayden had been trying to suppress the anger in him, he would have already snapped Silvia’s neck.

“Get your filthy hands off me! Don’t touch me!” Silvia roared, gnashing her teeth.

“Silvia, do you know what you’re talking about now?” Huh… She would even think that his hands were dirty now. Sure enough, compared to that man in her heart, Jayden was just a joke to her.

Silvia was the kind who would be nice when he went along with everything she said. The moment, Jayden were to go against her, she would immediately fly into a rage. It was especially so when this matter was related to Felix.

She said furiously, “Jayden, don’t you want to know who the man in this picture is? I’ll tell you now. The man in the picture is not just someone else. He is the man who I’ve liked since I was a child. He’s my boyfriend, and not only do I like him last time, but I still like him now and I will still like him in the future. I will like him for the rest of my life, and I won’t like anyone else. Are you satisfied with this answer? Are you happy now?” D

As soon as Silvia’s words came out through her lips, Jayden pressed Silvia against the desk. He lowered his head and kissed Silvia aggressively, was not a kiss. He was biting her lips to the point that they were bleeding and he was like a vampire, sucking her blood.

“Mm… let go of me” Silvia used up all the strength that she had to push him away, but she still could not break free from him. However, she did not want to admit defeat, so she imitated Jayden by biting his lips.

However, in the process of biting each other, the air around them became somewhat amorous. Slowly, the bite became a kiss. They were both kissing each other so forcefully, as if they were going to crush each other with their


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