My Husband Warm the Bed- 1198

It was not until Silvia was gasping for air that Jayden had gradually let go of her.

Jayden touched her swollen lips with his thumb. With a faint smile, he spoke in a gentle tone, Silvia, let me tell you, I don’t care who the man you have been

thinking all these while is. I only care that I will be the only man who can kiss you like this and the only man who has your body. He said that he did not care who the man who she was thinking was, then why did he overreact like that when he saw Felix’s photo on the desk? It was a lie

that he could not even convince himself, but Silvia who was furious actually

believed it

“Humph.. that might not really be the case!” She knew that he did not like her and he was only interested in her body. After all, she was young and quite good looking too, and she was able to let him vent his lustful desires.

“Not the case?” Jayden leaned into her and sneered evilly. “Do you want me to

fill you up now to prove it to you?

“You… you’re so disgusting” Silvia did not know that he could say such an obscene thing. They were in an argument, but he still wanted to fool around with her

“Silvia, I’m your husband and you’re my wife. Whether you are willing or not, you can never get rid of this identity for the rest of your life. Only I can..” He pressed her down, lowered his head and kissed her again. Then he slid his large hand under her top and explored her body. “Like this, like this, and like this!”

Silvia bit her lip, trying to endure the humiliation. He pinched her chin and lifted her head, making her lean against him. If you dare to approach any other men, will let you understand what does it mean to be cruel.

Silvia hated him for treating her as a lifeless toy, and she hated the arrogant look on his face. She said, “Jayden, besides threatening people, what else do you do? Well, since you want me to know what does it mean to be cruel, then just show me. I’m not afraid of you at all.”

“Huh..” Jayden scoffed and clenched his fists to the point that his knuckles were popping. If it wasn’t because he had been trying his best to restrain himself, he might have already twisted this woman’s head and kicked it around like a football.

“Silvia, could you please come out for a while? I have something to tell you.” Mrs. Turner appeared in time and detonated the bomb that was going to blow up very soon

Because of Jayden, Silvia was trembling with anger. However, she calmed down after seeing her mother. She did not want her mother to worry about her, so she tried to force a smile on her face. But, the smile was even uglier than a crying face.

Silvia is Mrs. Turner’s only precious child. All these while, Mrs. Turner wished that she could give Silvia all the happiness in this world.

Seeing that Silvia was trying to cover up by forcing a smile, Mrs. Turner was

heartbroken. She looked at Jayden with a dissatisfied look and said, “Jayden,

you should call it a day and get some rest. Silvia will come with me.”

Overall, Mrs. Turner was satisfied with her son-in-law, but now that he had made Silvia sad, Mrs. Turner was somewhat upset regardless of the reason why the two had gotten into a fight.

Mrs. Turner took Silvia back to her room, and gave Silvia a hug the moment the two of them were in the room. Silvia, you don’t have to hold it in, just cry if you feel like crying. I’m here with you.”

Silvia did not want her mother to know that she and Jayden were quarreling, but her mother’s embrace was so warm that it made her heart warm. “Mom, I’m fine.”

Mrs. Turner let go of Silvia and asked gently, “Can you tell me what’s going on?”

Silvia shook her head. “It’s all good now.

“Silvia, I’ve told you before that it’s normal for a couple to get into a fight. Mrs. Turner held Silvia’s hand and smiled. “Silvia, you two are a married couple now. The way to maintain a marriage is to communicate with each other. When you get into a fight with your spouse, you should never say mean things out of anger. What’s done cannot be undone. Words that were said, cannot be taken back. Do you understand that?”

“Mom, it’s really nothing. It was just a small argument. It’s nothing to be worried about Silvia tried to hold back her tears. She did not want to cry in front of her mother nor did she want mother to worry about her again. Most importantly, she did not want her mother to change her mind about Jayden because of this fight.

Mrs. Turner advised patiently, “Silvia, Jayden is just like any of us. He has his own feelings too. He will get jealous and angry… It’s all because he cares about


“Mom, I… I know. Although she said so, Silvia had never thought that Jayden was reacting like this because he cared about her.

The reason why Jayden tore up Felix’s photo was because of his stupid ego.

Mrs. Turner salad, “Silvia, if you’ve realized that you’ve said something that you shouldn’t have said, then go and make it clear to him what your mistake was. It will be fine after the two of you talk it all out.” I

Was Mrs. Turner not trying to comfort her? Why did she suddenly ask Silvia to explain to Jayden, that bastard?

Jayden was the one at fault. Why should she explain? Was it because he was

rich and has a powerful background?”

Silvia said firmly, Mom, I didn’t do anything wrong! He’s the one at fault.”

Mrs. Turner patted Silvia’s hand and said, “Silvia, I didn’t say that it was your fault. However, I think you did say something out of the line back there, so you should explain it to him. if you explained what you did clearly to him, he would apologize to you if he did something wrong too.”

“It’s impossible for a man who is so full of himself to realize his mistakes.” In Silvia’s eyes, Jayden was a dictator who could never listen to anyone’s opinion.

Mrs. Turner frowned and said, “Silvia, how can you talk like this? It’s very mean.” “What right does he have to tear up the photo of me and Felix? That was the only photo I have left of Felix. I can never see Felix anymore, so can’t I think of him when I look at the photo?” The tears that Silvia had been trying to suppress for a long time finally broke out, flowing out from the corner of her eyes.

Silvia used to store her photos in cloud storage, but after Felix disappeared, her account was corrupted. All the photos that were stored there were completely wiped off.

Therefore, that was her only photo of Felix left. Now that Jayden had tom it into pieces, how could she not be angry?

“Yes, it was indeed his fault to tear up your photo, and it was outrageous. Mrs. Turner wiped Silvia’s tears with distress, but tried to persuade Silvia again. “But Silvia, let’s think about it from another perspective. If you were to see a photo of him with another woman on his desk, and he would be able to look at it every now and then, what will you do about it?”

“L.” Silvia recalled the time when Jayden was having a meal and chatting with another woman. That time, she had even poured coffee all over him. Therefore,

if he were to put a photo of him and other women on his desk, she might really do something worse than what Jayden did.

Mrs. Turner caressed Silvia’s head and said, “Silvia, don’t rush into answering

me. You should go take a bath and rest up. When you wake up tomorrow

morning, you will naturally know what to do about it.

Silvia said in a choking voice, “Mom, I.”

Mrs. Turner said gently, “Silvia, I can’t make any decisions for you and I can only guide you. As for what you should do, you’ll have to decide it yourself.

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