My Husband Warm the Bed- 1199

Standing under the cold shower, Silvia’s mind was full of Jayden’s raging face. After thinking about it thoroughly, she realized that there were things that she had not noticed before this.

It was true that the look in Jayden’s eyes would give out a dangerous aura when he was angry, but after thinking about it, it seemed like there was also a hurtful look and a whole lot of mixed emotions in his eyes that she could not understand.

Was it really like what her mother had said? Her words were too harsh?

But…but.. he did not care about her, so why would he care about what she had said to him, right? If that was the case, then how could she hurt him with her words?

In fact, she never wanted to get into a fight with him, because every time she quarreled with him, she would be the one ending up feeling awful.

Just like what Mrs. Turner had said, it was not easy for them to be

together. They should spend every single day together happily, so they would

not have any regrets in the future.

“Silvia, it’s cold at night. Don’t stay in the shower for too long or you might catch a cold.” Silvia was in the bathroom for quite some time now. Mrs. Turner was worried about her so she knocked on the door to check on her.

Silvia turned off the shower and wrapped herself in a bath towel. With her reddened eyes, she said, “Mom, did I really say something that I shouldn’t have


Mrs. Turner quickly took a towel to dry Silvia’s wet hair and said, “Silvia, since you know that you’ve made a mistake, let’s make amends to it. Dry your hair and get dressed. Then, go to his room and apologize to him. Things will fine after that.

“Oh.. Silvia sat in front of the dressing table so that Mrs. Turner could blow-dry her hair. “Mom, whenever you quarreled with Dad, Dad would always let you win. Why can’t Jayden do the same for me?”

Mrs. Turner laughed, “Your dad let me win because he was the one at fault. If I was the one who made the mistake, I would apologize to him too.”

Silvia was still upset that Jayden had torn up the photo. “But it was Jayden who

started it first. If he didn’t tear up Felix’s photo, I wouldn’t have said those words

to him.

Mrs. Turner said, “Silvia, before taking any action, we shouldn’t care what the

other party has done. We have to know that if we did something wrong, we

must admit to our mistakes. Do you get me?”

“Yeah, I get you. Thanks, Mom! Mom, I love you!” Silvia felt blessed to have

such amazing parents.

“Silly girl, go see him now.” Mrs. Turner put away the hair dryer and stroked Silvia’s head lovingly. Whether he is still angry or not, talk to him nicely. Don’t get into a fight again

“Mom, what if he wants to argue with me?” Silvia knew that Jayden was a petty

man. He would remember every single thing that she had done clearly Mrs. Turner thought for a moment and said, “Just go apologize to him. If he still

wants to quarrel with you, I will stand on your side.

Silvia pouted her lips and said, “Mom, are you saying that you’re taking his side now?”

Mrs. Turner broke into a gentle smile, “No, I am on the side of truth.”

Silvia did not know what to say.

In fact, Silvia was very happy that her mother liked Jayden so much.

Before bringing Jayden home, Silvia had been worried. What would she do if her mother didn’t like him?

Now that her mother liked Jayden so much, all these worries were gone and Silvia could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Silvia came to Jayden’s room guiltily. The door to his room was shut, so she knocked on the door politely… After a few attempts, there was still not a reply

from him

Sure enough, Jayden was a petty man. He must still be mad at her. Jayden, if

you don’t say anything, I’m coming in then.”

Silvia waited for a while, but there was still no response. Therefore, she pushed the door and walked into the room.

The lights in the room were turned off. Silvia glanced around the room with the help of the lights from the corridor, but she did not see Jayder

Jayden was not in the room?

At that instant, there was an inexplicable panic in Silvia’s heart. She hurriedly

turned on the lights and the moment the lights were lit up, Silvia could clearly see the condition of the room. The bed was untouched. She could tell that no one had slept on it.

The door between the study area was left open too. At a glance, she could see every corner of the study room, but there was no trace of Jayden at all.

Jayden was really not there. The most eye-catching thing in the room was the

torn pieces.

Silvia walked to the desk and picked up the pieces. She could not help feeling sad.

From the beginning, her marriage with Jayden was an unusual and disparate

deal. Silvia wondered if they could still live like how an ordinary couple would. It was normal for an ordinary couple to quarrel. After the quarrel, they would still be each other’s family. However, she felt like there was a huge gap between her and Jayden. As long as he did not look back, she would never be able to catch up with him

“Silvia.” Mrs. Turner was worried so she covertly followed Silvia to the room. She realized that Jayden was missing too.

“Mom, Jayden is a clean freak. He’s probably not used to staying here.” Although Silvia was disappointed that Jayden had left without a notice, she still instinctively wanted to defend him. She did not want to ruin the good impression that he had left on her mother.

Mrs. Turner was a clear-minded person. How could Silvia deceive her with such an excuse? Although she saw right through it, she did not say anything. “Silvia, give him a call and ask him if he’s home.”

The two of them had just had a fight and her son-in-law had gotten so mad that he left home. If Jayden got into an accident, Silvia would regret it for the rest of her life. Mrs. Turner loved her daughter so much that she would not allow such a thing to happen!

“Mom, he’s a grown up. He’ll be fine by himself” Silvia sniffled and swallowed all the grievances and dejection. It’s getting late now, Mom. You should go to bed already, I’m also going to bed soon. I have to get up early for my morning class.”

Mrs. Turner said worriedly, “Silvia.”

“Go Mom. Trust me, he’ll be fine, and I will be fine too. Don’t worry” Silvia had never thought of letting her mother worry about her. However, she still ended up making Mrs. Turner worry. Silvia thought that she was an unfilial daughter.

“Okay Mrs. Turner knew that her daughter was an impatient person, so she must not force Silvia to do something that she did not want to do. If she did, Silvia would snap.

Mrs. Turner went out of the room and gently closed the door. The moment the door was shut, tears rolled down from the corner of Silvia’s eyes.

It was the first time she had brought Jayden home to see her mother, but he had actually left without saying anything. This was ridiculous. Did he ever consider her mother? And what did he take her for?

“B*stard, who do you think you are? Who are you to bully me like this? How could you make me feel so sad?” Silvia was so angry that she was biting her lips intensely. Her heart was aching so much that she felt like she was suffocating.

She really hated this awful and suffocating feeling!

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