My Husband Warm the Bed- 1200

It was late at night.

The colorful lights illuminated this historical city.

Jayden drove the car along the road, but for a moment, he had no idea where

he could go.

It was at such a time that he had learned how lonely he actually was.

After so many years, he did not even have a real friend in this city. Sometimes, when he needed to talk to someone, he would not be able to find even one, which was really sad.

In the past three years in Madison City, he had been buried in his word and working very hard to grow his company. His career had been a smooth sailing, but his life was in a total mess.

Other than work, he did not know what else he could do. Even if there was delicious food served in front of him, he was not in the mood to enjoy them at all. He felt like he only ate to live.

He drove around the city over and over again. Finally, his car arrived at Phantasy Nightclub. After handing the car to the valet guy, Jayden went straight upstairs. When Stanley Pierson heard that Jayden was here, he quickly rushed over and

asked, “Sir, why did you suddenly come over tonight?”

Jayden did not answer. He raised his eyebrows and glanced at Stanley. Stanley didn’t dare to ask again and said, “What would you like to drink? I’ll send it to you right away.”

Instead of answering, Jayden asked, “What’s on tonight?”

“I’m afraid that the shows tonight would be quite suggestive, so you might not like it, Sir” Stanley had been with Jayden for three years now, so he thought he knew Jayden’s preferences very well.

Jayden had never participated in social engagements nor casual relationships… It was hard to find a man who was rich yet self-loving in this day and age.

“Lead the way. After saying that, Jayden walked forward.

Stanley was stunned for a moment. After coming back to his senses, he hurriedly caught up with Jayden. Sir, I didn’t know that you are coming over tonight and so all the VIP rooms are already occupied. Could you please wait

for a moment while I ask our people if they could give away their room to you?” Jayden had never taken part in such activities before. Therefore, Stanley did not reserve an exclusive entertainment room for Jayden. The only room that he had reserved for Jayden was the bedroom upstairs.

Now that Jayden was here out of a sudden, there were no vacant VIP rooms nor could he let Jayden sit in the main hall, so Stanley could only think of driving their own people out at that instant,

“Our people?” Jayden had a lot of people working for him, but he had never chatted with them or had a good drink with them. Since he had nothing to do that night, he thought of giving it a try.

Stanley said, “Yes. It’s Eugene, Dr. Thames and the gang.”

Jayden said, “Don’t drive them away. I’ll just join them.”

Stanley was speechless.

Stanley did not know if Jayden knew that if he were to join those people, they would not be able to have fun at all. They would rather go to the main hall to join the crowd than letting him join them.

However, Stanley did not dare to say it out loud. After all, it was a great honor

for everyone to know that their boss was willing to hangout with them.

Seeing that Stanley was in a dilemma, Jayden raised his eyebrows and asked, “Is there a problem with that?”

Since Jayden had already decided to join his subordinates and have a look at how they would usually have fun, Stanley’s opinion would not matter at all. What’s more, Jayden knew that Stanley would not dare to go against him.

Stanley shook his head. “No. not at all. I’ll take you there right now.”

There were some special shows coming up that night at Phantasy Nightclub and it was being advertised since two weeks ago, which had attracted quite a huge crowd.

This included some of Jayden’s subordinates. Since they did not have to pay for it, no one wanted to miss such a good opportunity

However, Jayden’s sudden appearance was beyond everyone’s expectation. The

group of people stood up simultaneously and said in unison. “Master Jayden!”

Jayden waved his hand and beckoned everyone to sit down. However, since Jayden had not sat down, no one dared to take their seats. Seeing that Jayden was here, Dr. Thames was surprised and happy at the same

time. She knew that Jayden went home with Silvia and he should be home with

Silvia at this hour. However, instead of being with Silvia, he was here at the Phantasy Nightclub. Therefore, Dr. Thames guessed that something must have happened between the two.

As a subordinate, it was natural to greet her boss. What’s more, she wanted to see him, so she got close to him. “You’re here, Master Jayden!”

However, Jayden ignored her and did not even take a glance at her.

The people in the private room automatically stepped aside and gave up the main seat. After Jayden had sat down, Stanley poured him his usual booze.

Dr. Thames stopped him and said, “Master Jayden, you’re still under medication. You shouldn’t drink.”

Jayden still did not pay any attention to Dr. Thames. He picked up the glass and was about to drink. Dr. Thames said, “Master Jayden, you should think about Miss Turner before you drink. If something happens to you, what is she going to do?

When she said this, Dr. Thames stared at Jayden’s face and observed every

subtle change in his expression

She noticed that when she mentioned Silvia, Jayden’s brows twitched into a

slight frown. Judging from this subtle detail, Dr. Thames was sure that Jayden

and Silvia had gotten into a fight that night.

He really did get into a fight with Silvia. God was really helping her. Dr. Thames thought.

Therefore, this is the best chance for her to carry on with her plan. She was eager to make Jayden notice the good in her, but it was still not the right time. She needed more time.

Dr. Thames said again, “Master Jayden, Miss Turner cares about your health very much. She would remind me to prescribe your course every now and then. If she knows that you’re drinking now, she will definitely worry about you.”

Dr. Thames clearly knew that the two had a conflict. If she were to talk about Silvia, it would only make him angry. However, that was what she wanted. Therefore, she deliberately brought Silvia up to annoy him, and so that he would detest this name.

“Shut up! If anyone wants to mention her in my face again, then get out of here immediately! During this period of time whenever he thought that stupid woman, Jayden would feel like there was a knife stabbing him.

This was what Dr. Thames wanted. When she heard what Jayden said, she was


Seeing Jayden had emptied his glass, Dr. Thames once again plucked up the courage to persuade him, “Master Jayden, you really shouldn’t be drinking so much. Why don’t I call Miss Turner..

Before she could finish speaking, Jayden stared at her with his cold and sharp eyes. The sharper his gaze was, the happier Dr. Thames was. She wanted to know what Silvia had done to make Jayden who had always been a collected person so angry

Dr. Thames looked at the glass in Jayden’s hand. As the liquid in it was slowly decreasing, an idea came into her mind… If she were to spike his drink, and even if he were to mistake her as Silvia, she would not mind it at all.

However, it had always been Stanley who would pour the drink for Jayden. Stanley was loyal to Jayden, so it would be impossible for her to spike Jayden’s drink.

But then again, nothing was impossible in this world One just had to give her all in doing it.

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