My Husband Warm the Bed- 1201

Jayden’s bad mood made his subordinates, who were already trembling with fear due to his presence, feel like they were walking on thin ice. Everyone was being so careful that they would deliberately control their own breathing, for fear that they would accidentally offend their boss.

Eugene Elliot was Jayden’s personal assistant so he had been working by Jayden’s side during the day. He knew that Jayden’s mood was surprisingly good that day and he had even let Eugene get off work two hours earlier

Getting off work early was something that he had never dared to imagine.

Everyone who worked by Jayden’s side knew that he was a workaholic. In their company, they would only get to work overtime. Getting off work early was not a thing at all.

It was the first time that day. When he heard that Jayden was letting him off that afternoon, Eugene could not believe his ears. After confirming the news, he was so happy that he had invited several of his colleagues to celebrate at Phantasy Nightclub

It had only been a few hours, but his boss looked gloomy like a phantom. What on earth happened within that period?!

Eugene could not figure out what had happened to his boss, so he turned to Dr. Thames for help. A woman was much more sensitive than a man. Perhaps Dr. Thames could figure it out.

Dr. Thames shook her head gently. She asked Eugene not to put his hope on her.

She would not say anything about it even if she knew.

They all knew that their boss hated it when people were to speak nonsense, and Dr. Thames would not be that stupid to push Jayden’s buttons.

Just as everyone was trembling with fear, Jayden asked grumpily, “Didn’t you say that there’s an event tonight?

Stanley quickly answered, “Yes Sir it’s going to start very soon.”

With Jayden’s presence, no one dared to speak. The atmosphere in the private

room was very depressing. Eugene really did not want to see his boss’ face

even after he had gotten off work. After thinking for a while, Eugene came up with an excuse, “Sir, my girlfriend has just sent me a message that she has a clogged drain at home, so I’ll have to go

now to help her.”

“A clogged drain? Are you a plumber?” Jayden, who had never cared about his subordinate’s private life, blurted out such a sentence. He frowned and turned to look at Eugene. “Let me tell you about women. The more you spoil her, the more she will not forget how good you were to her. Women are fickle and they will never be grateful.”

“Sir, I.” Eugene wiped off his cold sweat. The truth was that his girlfriend treated him very well. She would never cause any trouble for Eugene, and the clogged drain was just an excuse to get himself out of this place.

“No one is allowed to leave without my permission.” Jayden gulped down the liquor in his glass, and his sharp gaze swept across the people in the room, In the end, his gaze fell on Eugene. “Are you leaving or not?”

“Sir, I’ll just ask my girlfriend to look for a plumber instead.” Since his boss had said so, if he still insisted on leaving, he might risk losing his job. In order to keep his highly paid job, Eugene had no choice but to stay.

Jayden looked at Stanley, who was pouring for him his drink, and said, “Stanley, I’ll treat all the customers tonight. Pass the message and let them eat and drink as much as they want.”

“Sir, no… that’s not Stanley had spent a lot of money for the event this time. He was thinking that he would be recovering the capital that he had put into the event that night itself, how could he let his boss do such a thing?

Jayden raised his eyebrows and asked, “Hmm?”

“Sir, let’s not talk about the event first. We’ve spent a lot of money for the finale alone. If everything is on the house, we are definitely going to lose money” Even if Jayden was rich and did not care about the money that they will be earning that night, he should not have splurge like this. Although Jayden didn’t care about his money, Stanley did.

Stanley was distressed at the thought of letting those strangers eat and drink for free. It felt worse than cutting off his flesh

“Who’s the owner of this place though? You or me? Hmm?” Jayden asked in an indifferent tone.

“Of course it’s you, Sir. I’ll send someone to broadcast the news to everyone then.” Stanley did not dare to disobey Jayden’s order. He was only managing Phantasy Nightclub for Jayden. In the end, Jayden was still the owner.

Stanley felt that as an employee, it would be enough for him to do his job well. He should not go against his boss. Otherwise, he would be the one to suffer.

There was a special event coming up that night, and the advertisement had already been published half a month ago. Therefore, there was a huge turn-up. Even Reagan, Lemur, and Audrey were there to join the fun.

Audrey’s purpose of coming to Phantasy Nightclub was not to watch the shows. She was here so that she would not miss out on any chances to meet a rich bachelor.

Reagan and Lemur, on the other hand, did come for the shows. However, with Audrey around, Reagan had completely forgotten about the reason he was here. All he could think of was how he could please Audrey

He had even thought of getting Audrey drunk, so that he could get closer to her. However, Reagan could only think about it, he did not have the courage to do so. “Audrey, what would you like to drink?” Reagan flipped through the menu on the

table. “It’s not good for the ladies to drink too much liquor. Why don’t you have a

glass of fruit juice? It would be good for your skin.

“Sure, I’ll just have that. Because of what had happened here the last time, Audrey was somewhat worried. No matter what, she must not let herself get drunk and cause any trouble again. Otherwise, she would not be as lucky as before.

Reagan then said, “Lemur, why don’t we all order fruit juices then?”

Lemur nodded and said, “I’m here for the show tonight. I don’t mind anything”

If they really wanted to drink, they would have gone to Starie Blotie. It was a bar owned by someone who they knew, so they would not have to worry getting into trouble getting drunk there.

However, things were different at Phantasy Nightclub. This was a paradise for the rich. There were countless illegal doings going on every single day, but no one had a way to expose them,

At this moment, the noisy music was turned down and a sweet voice sounded from the public address system. “Dear guests, from the moment you stepped into Phantasy Nightclub, you are our most distinguished guest. We hope that each and every one of our guests will have a good time here. Now, we shall reveal the highly anticipated special event for tonight…

After piquing everyone’s interest, the announcer paused for a while, in an attempt to keep everyone in suspense. Then, the mellow voice sounded again, “Our finale for tonight’s event is that our boss will be paying for everything


Stanley was a cunning person. Since he could not change Jayden’s mind, he had decided to use a little trick. He would never allow the customers to watch the shows for free.

Meanwhile, none of the customers knew what the actual finale was. At this time, when they heard the news that everything would be on the house that night, they were shocked. Nobody cared about what the real finale actually was.

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