My Husband Warm the Bed- 1202

Reagan and Lemur’s families were fairly rich, but they were still students. Their pocket money came from their parents, so they could be short of cash occasionally. Upon hearing that everything would be on the house, they were jumping for joy.

Audrey knocked on the table and reminded them. “It’s just some fruit juice anyway, why are you two so happy over such a small matter. Can’t you guys not behave like losers?”

“What fruit juice? Of course, I’m going to start ordering all the food and drinks I want. I’ll order all the expensive stuff we can’t normally afford.” They were indeed here for the performances, but now that everything was free of charge, how could they not eat and drink to their hearts content?

“Please pay more attention to your image, would you?” Audrey was flabbergasted. If a rich bachelor showed up, these two losers would probably scare him away. Audrey had to stay away from Lemur and Reagan so that they would not ruin her plans. So, she got up and said, “I need to use the washroom.

Reagan said, “Audrey, you’re beautiful even without any makeup. You don’t have to keep going to the washroom to touch up on your makeup. “I’m not going to the washroom to fix my makeup, okay?” said Audrey. “I need to

use the toilet!”

The washroom was at the end of the corridor, and she had to pass by the VIP rooms to get there.

Every time she walked past the VIP rooms, Audrey would slow down her footsteps, thinking that she might get the opportunity to bump into rich


However, all of the doors to the VIP rooms were tightly shut. Not to mention a

rich bachelor, there seemed to be no one around at all.

As Audrey walked past the second last room, a man was entering the room. In that swift moment, Audrey noticed Jayden sitting in the middle of that room.

“Young Master Kyle?”

Audrey quickly gave it another look, but before she could see clearly, the door

was already closed.

Audrey tried hard to recall the scene that she had just seen. It seemed like

Young Master Kyle had a glass of liquor in his hand and there was a beautiful woman sitting next to him. The woman was dressed conservatively, so she probably was not an escort… If that was the case, who was she?

“Could it be that Jayden’s cheating on Silvia?!”

Thinking of this possibility, Audrey’s nature’s calling disappeared in an instant. She hurriedly rushed back to their table.

Audrey tugged Reagan’s arm and asked, “Reagan, did you say that Silvia is

bringing Jayden home today?”

Reagan nodded and said, “Yeah. Why would I lie to you about it?”

Audrey pursed her lips and thought for a moment. “I passed by one of the VIP rooms while I was on my way to the washroom and I think I saw Young Master Kyle in there. I’m not sure if I’ve seen it wrongly. But it can’t be, my eyesight has always been good.”

“That’s impossible. Boss is bringing Young Master Kyle home tonight to meet his mother-in-law. How could he leave Boss at home and come to the Phantasy Nightclub by himself?” Even if Reagan were to be beaten to death, he would not believe that Jayden would come here at this moment. “I think you might be

hallucinating, Audrey”

“He went home with Silvia to meet Mrs. Turner? But.. the person saw just now really looked like him.” If it was someone else, there might be a possibility that Audrey would make a mistake, However, Jayden was the one who made Audrey lose her job as a cabin crew. She would never mistake anyone for him.

“Well, if you want to know if that guy is really Young Master Kyle, it’s easy. Just call Boss and we’ll know if he is with her now.” Reagan had always wanted to impress Audrey. As he spoke, he was already looking for Silvia’s phone number in his phone.

Audrey hurriedly stopped him. “Wait. This place is a playground for the rich. It’s not surprising that Young Master Kyle is here anyway. Why are we making a fuss about it?

Reagan put away his cell phone and chuckled. “If you think that we shouldn’t call her, then we won’t. I’ll listen to everything you say.”

Although it was not surprising that Jayden would come here, when Audrey

thought of the woman sitting next to him, she was a little worried. When she saw her, the woman was still a little distance away from him, but who knew if they would get closer, right?

Audrey’s intuition told her that the woman sitting next to Jayden was not as harmless as she looked.

After thinking for a while, Audrey said again, “Reagan, I think it’s better to give

Silvia a phone call and ask her about it. If Young Master Kyle is at home, then I

can stop worrying about it.

No matter what Audrey said, Reagan would never feel annoyed. He took out his mobile phone once again and dialed Silvia’s phone number. It took Silvia quite a while to answer the call. “Boss, I hope that I’m not disturbing your sleep.”

Silvia’s voice was a little soft. “Just say what you want to say.”

Reagan said, “Didn’t you bring Young Master Kyle home today? I was just concerned about you. How did it go?”

Silvia said impatiently, “What are you trying to say?”

Reagan added, “Lemur, Audrey and I are at Phantasy Nightclub now. Audrey went to the washroom and saw a man in the VIP room who looked like your Young Master Kyle. So she asked me to call you to ask you about it.”

Silvia, who was on the other end of the line, said, “So what if it’s him? So what if it’s not him?”

Reagan said, “We, we are.

Seeing that Reagan was all over the place, Audrey took over the phone and said, “Silvia, did you get into a fight with Young Master Kyle? If that’s the case, then come over now. There is a woman seated next to him, and her intentions seem shameless. If you don’t come over now, I’m afraid something would happen between them.”

“We have nothing to do with each other anymore. It’s up to him who he wants to be with. I’m not interested in knowing.” After that, Silvia hung up the phone.

Silvia really wanted to ignore Jayden. He could do whatever he wanted! From now on, they would live their own lives without caring about each other. But after listening to Audrey, Silvia was obviously bothered. She could not control herself anymore. After informing her mother, Silvia immediately rushed to Phantasy Nightclub

Fortunately, her house was not too far away from Phantasy Nightclub. It took her only 20 minutes to get there by taxi.

When Silvia arrived, Audrey asked Reagan to receive her at the entrance. When Reagan met up with Silvia, he said, “Boss, we grew up together, but how does Audrey know you better than I do?”

According to their understanding of Silvia, they thought that Silvia wouldn’t come if she had said so. However, Audrey insisted that Silvia would be here. In the end, Audrey was right.

Silvia did not want to talk any nonsense, so she asked, “Where is he?” Reagan replied, “He’s in the VIP room.”

Silvia asked, “Which one?”

Reagan, “I don’t know which one, only Audrey knows. Boss, don’t worry, let’s go in first and ask her.”

“It’s 8808. Audrey came over and pointed in the direction of the VIP rooms. “Silvia, go and take a look at him. No matter what state he is in, drunk not, you must not let him fall into the hands of another woman.”

As soon as Silvia heard which room Jayden was in, she turned around and walked towards that direction. At that moment, she could not hear what Audrey was saying to her at all.

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