My Husband Warm the Bed- 1203

Audrey quickly caught up with Silvia and tried to talk to her, “Silvia, I asked you to come over to prevent something bad from happening. It doesn’t mean that Young Master Kyle has cheated on you. You have to calm down. Don’t be rash, okay?”

Audrey’s words were like cold water splashing over Silvia’s head, putting her into her right mind. She halted her hasty pace and looked at Audrey listlessly. Looking at Silvia’s empty and lifeless eyes, Audrey panicked. “Silvia, are you


Silvia murmured, “Why am I here? What did I do just now?”

“Don’t scare me, Silvia. Looking at Silvia’s confused look, Audrey was so worried that she quickly grabbed Silvia’s hand. Audrey was shocked.

Silvia’s hands were icy cold and her palms were sweating profusely. Audrey hurriedly held her by her shoulders. “Silvia, are you feeling unwell?”

“No, I’m good” Silvia looked around, and she suddenly felt that her

surroundings had become blurry. Audrey, Reagan, and Lemur who were all standing in front of her were blurry too. “Audrey, Reagan, Lemur, what’s wrong with you guys?”

Silvia wanted to reach out to touch their faces, but she felt that her hands were as heavy as lead. It was so heavy that she could not lift up her hand at all.

She could still hear Audrey and the others anxiously shouting at her. However, their voices were getting softer. In the end, she couldn’t see anything nor hear anything.

She felt like she had fallen into a dark abyss and no one was willing to give her a hand. She could only continue falling in that bottomless pit.



Reagan, Lemur and Audrey shouted in unison, but Silvia had already lost her consciousness. She would not wake up no matter how loud they shouted.

Audrey said anxiously, “Reagan, go get Young Master Kyle here.”

Reagan nodded and said, “I’m on it.”

Audrey added, “Lemur, call 911 now.”

“Okay. Lemur took out his mobile phone and dialed 911. After the call had gotten through, he clearly explained their location to the emergency medical dispatcher.

After the call had ended, Lemur took Silvia over from Audrey and said, “Audrey, the ambulance should be arriving very soon. I’ll take Boss out of here first. We must not have any delay

Audrey nodded. “Okay

The trio usually looked like they were incapable of doing anything huge. All they did was drink and get into fights. However, in such a critical moment, they were all unexpectedly calm.

Audrey was a few years older than them. When something happened to Silvia, she instinctively took up the responsibility to lead the group. Lemur, who was usually quiet, performed well under pressure too.

Being calm did not mean that they did not care about Silvia. It was because they cared for Silvia so much that they were able to calm down. It was only by calming down, they could manage things well and minimize the damage.

At VIP room, No. 8808.

The few people in the room watched as Jayden gulped down more liquor. However, no one had the courage to stop him.

Eugene did not dare stop Jayden As for Dr. Thames, she was not willing to stop Jayden. She wanted him to get drunk so that she could lay her hands on him and execute her plan

Stanley Pierson, who was loyal to Jayden, was the only one who was bold enough. He stopped refilling Jayden’s glass and said, “Sir, you’ve already finished the whole bottle. You must not drink anymore.”

Jayden raised his brows and said in a deep voice, “Refill it!

Stanley stood still and said, “Sir, you really shouldn’t drink anymore. You’ll get drunk if you continue to drink.”

Jayden looked at Stanley and said, “Refill it!”

Stanley insisted, “Sir.


At this very moment, the door suddenly burst open and a tall man appeared at the door. Other than Jayden, everyone’s turned their heads to look at that man

Seeing that there was someone who had barged into their room, Stanley’s first reaction was to stand in front of Jayden. In case of danger, his primary duty was to protect his master

When he saw that it was Silvia’s friend, Stanley did not say anything and took two steps back, so that Reagan could see his master

Eugene knew Reagan too, but he did not say anything. Instead, he sat quietly beside Jayden.

Stanley and Eugene both knew Silvia’s friends. Dr. Thames, who had always regarded Silvia as an eyesore, of course could recognize him too. Seeing that Reagan had barged into the room, Dr. Thames guessed that Silvia might be at the nightclub too.

As long as Silvia, that wretch, was here, it would be impossible for her to lay her hands on Jayden. Hence, tonight’s plan would be in vain.

Dr. Thames secretly clenched her fists and forcefully suppressed the resentment in her heart. She believed that as long as she could continue to stay by Jayden’s side, she would definitely be able to find an opportunity to carry out her plan.

Stanley, Elliot, and Dr. Thames had always been by Jayden’s side. They knew of

Silvia’s existence, as well as Reagan’s existence. However, there were still others in the room. Usually, they had little contact with Jayden. So, it was normal that they did not know much about the people around him.

A guy named Logan thought that this man who had broken into the room would make his master unhappy, so he thought that it was time for him to shine.

He stood forward and shouted, “Do you know who’s here? How dare you barge

into this room like this? Do you have a death wish?”

The people who were in the room were like little sheep in front of Jayden. But against the outsiders, they were all vicious wolves who would devour their prey without hesitation

Facing such a scene, Reagan was so scared that he shrank his neck and turned to look at Jayden for help. In his heart, Young Master Kyle was a very kind and friendly person, and he was considered his friend too,

However, Jayden was still gracefully sipping on his liquor. He did not even take

a glance at Reagan Since his master did not say anything, Logan became even more arrogant. He said, “Get out of here now.”

Reagan was so scared that he wanted to turn around and run away. However, as soon as he turned around, he thought of the reason for him coming to the room. He looked back and said, “Young Master Kyle, I..”

Before Reagan could finish his words, Logan roared again, “I asked you to get

out of here. Did you not hear me? Or do you want me to deafen you?”

Reagan was once again scared out of his wits. However, for Silvia’s sake, he decided to throw caution to the wind. “Young. Young Master Kyle, Boss has fainted. She’s right outside.”

“What did you say?” Jayden put down the glass on the table and immediately stood up. But because he was drunk, he staggered and almost collapsed on his seat. D

Dr. Thames was by his side. She seized the opportunity to help him up. However, before she could even lay a finger on Jayden, he had already stabilized himself and swiftly ran out of the room.

With her arms outstretched, Dr. Thames could feel only an ache in her heart. The hatred in her heart intensified. That damned woman! Who is she to have Jayden’s full attention on her?

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