My Husband Warm the Bed- 1204

“Dr. Thames, Miss Turner has fainted. Why are you still standing there? You should go take a look at her Stanley was a simple man. He had only two purposes in his life. One was to protect his master, and the other was to earn money for him. He could not tell that Dr. Thames was actually hostile towards Silvia at all

However, Stanley was not the only one who did not notice it. Even Jayden did not catch on it too Dr. Thames had disguised herself so perfectly in front of the others that no one could notice anything strange about her.

Dr. Thames did not want to treat Silvia at all. She had even thought of giving Silvia several tranquilizer injections so that Silvia would never wake up again. However, she was a rational woman. She knew that before she was fully prepared, she might risk getting exposed and that would ruin everything

It was true that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with the person she liked, but she was not that stupid to spoil her own plan. Therefore, even if she hated Silvia, Dr. Thames still had to take a look at her and see what was going on with her. If she was needed, she would do her best to save that d*mned woman.

Dr. Thames went out of the room with Jayden. Stanley then looked at Logan who had just made a scene. “Logan, do you know who that young man is?”

He was someone who could make their master run out of the room with just a simple sentence, so he was certainly not an ordinary person. Knowing that he got himself into trouble, Logan asked nervously, “Mr. Pierson, who is that man?”

“That man is not someone important, but it is the person behind him who you can’t afford to offend.” Stanley thought of how much his master cared about Silvia, so he could not help but shake his head. “Women are pleasing to behold, but you should not get involved with any of them. Otherwise, you’re doomed forever!”

Stanley thought of Jayden, who was so high and mighty when there was no woman by his side for the past three years. No matter what happened, he would still be an unwavering man.

Ever since Silvia had gotten together with him, Jayden seemed to have changed into a different person. He would smile more often and he was less irritable too.

A woman was like a double-edged sword. She could let a man experience delight like never before, but she could destroy him in the quickest twist of events.

In any case, Stanley would never marry anyone in this life.

Upon hearing this, Logan was confused. He then said in a panic, “Mr. Pierson,

please tell me, who on earth did I offend?”

“You’ve offended the person that you shouldn’t offend the most in your entire

life” Stanley patted Logan on the shoulder and added, Til transfer you out of

Madison City. Don’t ever let Sir Jayden see you again.” “Mr. Pierson, is this the only way? Logan was regretting it so much that he could not utter a word at all. Why did he stand out at the wrong time and got himself into such trouble?

Stanley smiled coldly and said, of course there are many more interesting ways. Do you want to give it a try?”

Just by looking at Stanley’s smile, Logan knew that it was bad news. He shook his head and said, “No, I’ll listen to you.”

“It’s not like you have another choice other than listening to me anyway.” Stanley

sighed again. “Go home now and pack up. I’ll arrange someone to send out of

Madison City tomorrow.”

Having been by Jayden’s side for three years, there was one more reason why Stanley was so important to Jayden. He was able to do what Jayden wanted to do well before Jayden could give him his orders.

“Where is she?” Jayden rushed out of the VIP room in a flash. He must see Silvia as soon as possible. Even if that woman had pissed him off, he still could not leave her alone.

Humans were like this most of the time. They would not be interested in the things they could easily get, and they would not cherish it. They were usually interested in things that they wanted but could not get, and would try to get it at

all costs.

“They were here just now.” Reagan looked around and saw that Audrey was waving at them from a distance. He said, “I think they brought her out already.

Jayden once again ran to the entrance like a gust of wind… Before reaching the entrance, he could see that Silvia was lying feebly in Lemur’s arms with her eyes shut.

Although he knew that Lemur was not interested in Silvia, Jayden was still dissatisfied to see that Lemur was holding Silvia in his arms. He took a few steps forward and pulled Silvia into his embrace. “Dr. Thames, take right now. look at her

Dr. Thames had just caught up when she heard Jayden shouting at her. To be honest, she hated the fact that Jayden would order her around because of Silvia, but what could she do about it, right?

Did she really dare to stab Silvia to death with a jab?

Since she did not dare to do so, she could only move forward and check on Silvia Dr. Thames skillfully examined Silvia’s pulse and listened to her


Dr. Thames knew that Silvia was young and energetic. She was not suffering from any illnesses, so it wouldn’t be easy for her to faint like this. Therefore, Dr. Thames thought it was very likely that Silvia was faking it.

However, after listening to Silvia’s heartbeat and feeling her pulse, Dr. Thames knew that Silvia was definitely not pretending. Her pulse was irregular and she had never seen such a situation throughout her practice as a physician.

Judging from Silvia’s irregular pulse, Dr. Thames could only think of one reason. Silvia was suffering from a mental breakdown.

This young lady was hot- tempered. If she did not improve her temper, she would pass out from a breakdown whenever faced with a major psychological trigger

Looking at Silvia who was in his arms, Jayden frowned and then hugged her tightly. He asked, “What’s wrong with her?”

“Don’t be too anxious, Master Jayden. Miss Turner caught a cold and that was why she passed out. She will wake up in a bit.” Dr. Thames hid the truth from Jayden. Jayden doubted her words at first, but it so happened that Silvia had woken up at this very moment.

Silvia slowly opened her eyes. When she saw that it was Jayden who was holding her, her eyes suddenly turned red. She held back her tears and said, “Take your hands off me. Don’t hug me.”

Jayden hugged her and refused to let go of her. “Stop talking.”

Although Silvia was weak, she s not willing to admit defeat. She shouted at him, “I want you to let me go.”

Jayden drank a lot a while ago, so he was starting to get annoyed when he

heard Silvia shouting at him. ‘Silvia, how many times do you want me to tell you about this? In this life, no matter if you’re dead or alive, you are my wife. Don’t ever think about escaping from me for the rest of your life!”

“Don’t ever think about escaping? Then what about the time when you wanted to give me up? Does that mean that if you’ve decided to let me go, I’ll never be able to see you again?” Jayden left without even saying goodbye that night. Silvia’s deepest fear was that Jayden would suddenly abandon her, and he might just disappear from her life but not having the ability to do anything about it.

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