My Husband Warm the Bed- 1205

“No Silvia, there will never be such a day.’ Jayden never knew that Silvia was so insecure about their relationship. “There will never be such a day? Didn’t you just leave me behind tonight?” Silvia bit her lip tightly so that she could control her tears and speak to him properly.

“Jayden, your family has a strong background. You can do whatever you want, but I can’t “I’m just an ordinary student and I’m just like everyone else. As long as you don’t want to see me, I will never be able to get close to you. When you were angry

and left me alone at home tonight, have you ever considered my feelings, even

for a moment?”

Silvia looked at him and wanted to hear his answer. However, there was no need for Jayden to answer anymore. Just by looking at the look on his face, Silvia already had an answer in her heart. She was never in his consideration

She removed his hand that was wrapped around her waist and pushed him away. Then, she took two steps back and said, “Jayden, do you know how afraid I am when thinking that you might suddenly disappear from my life one day?”

He did not know

Jayden did not know!

If he knew that he never would have left her house that night

Jayden’s emotions were like surging waves. At this moment, he just wanted to hold her tightly in his arms so that she could feel a sense of security. However,

he was left empty-handed.

Silvia avoided him and said firmly, “Jayden, let’s take a break.”

“Take a break?” She was just telling him how afraid she was of losing him but in the next second, she wanted to break up with him. Upon hearing Silvia’s words, Jayden’s arm paused in mid-air. He said in a deep voice, “Silvia, do you know what you’re talking about?”

Silvia said, 1 know better than anyone else what I am talking about. I know what I am doing.”

Jayden asked, “Are you breaking up with me now?”

“Jayden, I just need a break. I’m not breaking up with you now, I just want to

give both of us some time to think about whether we are meant for each other” Silvia took a deep breath and continued, “If you really consider me as your wife, then please give me some time to think about it. You should also reconsider if I am the one for you.”

Once they had thought it through, if he gave her an affirmative answer, then she would definitely go for it. Regardless of the challenges, she would never back out from this relationship and stay by his side for the rest of her life.

To Jayden, he was sure that Silvia was the one for him and there would never be anyone else. From the moment he had decided to marry her, he had never regretted it even once.

However, it was obvious that he had not done enough to give her a sense of security, and that was why she could not believe that he wanted no one but her in this life

Jayden looked into Silvia’s eyes. His gaze was deep and complicated. Silvia

could not figure out what he was thinking. “Jayden, just for once. Let’s spend

some apart and think

our relationship.”

Jayden was silent, but Reagan and Lemur who were witnessing the entire scene became anxious and said, “Boss, Young Master Kyle wants to be with you. Don’t think about it too much and stop throwing a tantrum with him.”

Reagan and Lemur were Silvia’s friends since childhood. Even they thought that Silvia was just on the outs with Jayden, but Jayden did not think so this time. Under Silvia’s gaze, he nodded his head heavily and said, “Okay.”

Young Master Kyle agreed that he and Silvia would take a break from each other. Listening to Jayden’s answer, Reagan was anxious. “Young Master Kyle, our boss is just a capricious and immature young lady. You just need to be more considerate of her, and be more sensible than her. It’s a golden opportunity for the two of you to be together. Don’t give up on it so easily!”

Audrey secretly pulled Reagan away, hinting for him that he should stop talking Since Silvia had already made up her mind on it, and Young Master Kyle had agreed to it too, whatever they say and do would be useless.

“Thanks!” Silvia tried her best to smile and thanked Jayden. Then, she turned around and walked away. The moment she turned around, the tears that she had been trying to hold back burst out in an instant. At that very moment, she did not even kno if she was happy or sad about it

Silvia recalled the day of her father’s accident. Before he had gone out of the house, he stroked her head and said to her, “Silvia, I’m going on a business trip

and I’ll only be back after a week. I want you to take good care of your mother and study hard. I’ll bring you something delicious when I’m back, okay?”

“Dad, I can eat delicious food anytime I want. Mom and I just want you to come

home safely.” Silvia remembered that she was feeling uneasy that day, so she

had been holding her father in her arms, not wanting him to leave.

However, Mr. Turner had an appointment with an important client to talk about a business deal, so he could not just call off the trip. Then, in less than an hour after her father had left the house, Silvia received the bad news of her father’s death

Without any warning, her father had completely disappeared from her life.

Not long after, Felix had also completely vanished from her life.

Silvia still remembered the day before Felix had gone missing. He was walking her home that day and he even said to her, “Don’t be afraid, Silvia. From now on, I will take care of you and Auntie on Uncle’s behalf

At that time, she said to Felix. “Felix, I don’t need you to take care of us. As long as you are here with me, I will not be afraid of anything.

Silvia originally thought that Felix would be by her side for life. Little did she

know that she would never see him again after that night. Up till now, she did

not even know if he was dead or still alive.

Silvia only knew that Felix was like her father who had disappeared from her life when she was completely unprepared.

Silvia had already gone through the sudden disappearance of the most important person in her life twice. That panic, helplessness, and fear were all the things that she never wanted to experience again.

Therefore, she must find out Jayden’s true feelings for her before she gets too deeply involved with him.

“Young Master Kyle, will take good care of her for the next few days and I will not let anything happen to her. As for you, you should also take some time out and think about your relationship with Silvia. Think about whether what you feel for Silvia was out of a man’s possessive desire, or was it because you really love her. Find her only when you have an answer. After politely saying these words to Jayden. turned around and after Silvia.

Some said that love was like a drug. Audrey thought that it was not exaggerating at all. Love was addicting. Once you’re addicted, you could never

get out of it

It was for her, and it was the same for Silvia too. If she could go back in time, Audrey really wished that she would never meet. If she could change history, she also hoped that Silvia would never meet Jayden

“Boss, Audrey, wait for us.’ Reagan and Lemur hurriedly chased after them. After a while, they turned back to Jayden and said, “Young Master Kyle, make sure you think about it, okay? You must come pick our boss up once you’ve made up your mind. We are sure that Boss likes you.”

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