My Husband Warm the Bed- 1206

When it came to love, it was always the player who would see less clearly than the bystanders.

Whether it was just a look or an action, bystanders would be able to catch on to the meaning behind it.

Instead, the players who were deeply involved would constantly ask themselves if they had really fallen in love with the other party or if the other party was serious about them.

In fact, the moment such an idea appeared, it proved that the person had already found a place in their hearts. That was why they would think about them all the time and they would care if that person had a place for them in their hearts

“Boss, wait for us!” Reagan and Lemur chased after Silvia and Audrey Looking at them, Jayden was very envious. He wanted to chase after Silvia too. However, he had already promised her that he would give her some space alone. He must not go back on his word,

Jayden looked at Silvia’s slender figure and watched her walk further away from him. “Silvia, do you think that I’m just messing around with you? Do you know that I, Jayden, had never messed around in my entire life? There was never once that I’ve made a decision without a careful consideration.”

When he first came to the Kyle family, he was afraid that the elders would not like him, so he had been very cautious with whatever he did.

Later when he grew up, he was put in charge of Rovio’s businesses. In order not to let his father look down upon him, each and every decision that he made was upon careful consideration.

Then, he left the Kyle family and came to Madison City to start his own

company. Every step that he had taken in his seemingly daring business

adventure was actually a carefully planned one. Subsequently, even when he saw a girl who looked just like Karen Joy Kyle, he did not go after her right away. It was after a careful consideration that he had

decided to go after her

There had never been an accident or uncertainty in his life. He had always been very clear about what he wanted.

She, Silvia Turner, was the woman who he was determined to get in this life. He only wanted her.

“Master Jayden, Miss Turner has already left. Are you sure that you don’t want to chase after her?” Dr. Thames was displeased that Jayden’s gaze was only on Silvia. She was upset with the fact that Jayden could not look away even after Silvia was long gone. Therefore, she tried to draw his attention.

However, Jayden ignored Dr. Thames once again. He looked away and shouted,


Stanley hurried over and said, “Yes, Sir.

Jayden added, “Send someone to follow her and make sure that she gets home


Stanley answered, “Sir, I’ve already arranged two of our most capable men to follow Miss Turner”

This was Stanley’s merit. He was a person who could share Jayden’s burden at all times.

Jayden was quite satisfied with Stanley. As long as it had anything to do with Silvia, he would ask Stanley to do it.

Dr. Thames covertly took a look at Stanley. At that instant, she thought that Stanley was really an annoying stumbling block.

If it weren’t for Stanley, Jayden would not have such a competent

assistant. Then, the situation might have turned out differently.

Or perhaps she could think of a way to get Stanley over to her side, but it was obviously an unrealistic idea. It would be easier to get rid of Stanley instead

All the people who worked for Jayden knew that Jayden was the one who promoted Stanley and all this while Stanley had shown great respect and loyalty towards Jayden.

It was almost impossible to get Stanley to betray Jayden.

“Boss, are you really going to break up with Young Master Kyle?”

“Boss, Young Master Kyle has been really good to you. You should really reconsider it.”

After catching up with Silvia, Reagan and Lemur couldn’t stop talking Silvia stopped and glared at them. “Since he is so good, you two should be with him instead.”

Lemur said cheekily, “If he likes me, I would really do that. But I think he’s straight and he’ll never have his eyes on me.”

Reagan said, “Boss, in my opinion, you’re the only woman who is worthy of

Young Master Kyle. So you should stop throwing a tantrum at him and just give him a call so that he can come bring you home.”

Silvia glared at them. “You two better quit all these nonsense and get out of my

face now”

Reagan and Lemur said, “Boss, Young Master Kyle.”

Silvia interrupted them. “If anyone here dares to talk about him again, then we can stop being friends already.”

Reagan and Lemur felt wronged. “We are doing this for your own good.”

“Stop doing things and say that you’re doing it for her sake, okay?” Audrey laughed and said, “I’ll take Silvia back to my place tonight. You two can take a taxi home.”

Reagan said, “Let us send two home, Audrey. It’s late nov we won’t feel at ease letting you two beautiful women go home by yourselves.”

“The security in Madison City is pretty good though said Audrey. “Don’t think

too much about it. It’s getting late. Go home and rest up. You guys still have

classes to attend tomorrow.” Reagan was still worried. “Okay, make sure that you give us a call when you reach home, okay?”

“Okay, I will.” Audrey waved her hand and halted a taxi. When she was about to get into the car, she said to Reagan, “Don’t tell Auntie that Silvia is staying over at my place tonight. I don’t want her to worry about Silvia.”

“Audrey, we’d keep it a secret even if you didn’t say so.” If they could not keep a secret, they could never have been Silvia’s buddies!

When Jayden was finally home, the alcohol was starting to kick in. At this point, he felt extremely dizzy and he could not even walk steadily

Levi Brown and Julien Glover Kyle were still awake. When they saw him, they

immediately ran up to him. “Jayden!” They both exclaimed

However, before they could even get close to Jayden, the two boys stopped and looked at him with a mix of concern and disgust.

Julien frowned and said solemnly, “Jayden, did you drink again? Dr. Thames

said that your body is weak and you’re not supposed to drink. You’re a grown up, do you not know what you should do with your own body?”

Levi nodded his head vigorously and cooperated with Julien. “Jayden, even if

you don’t cherish your body, don’t you think that you should think about us who

love you so much. What are we going to do if you were to fall sick?”

Looking at the two boys who were so concerned about him, Jayden’s heart warmed up in an instant. He reached out his hand to stroke their heads and said, “Yeah, it’s my fault. I promise that I won’t drink anymore, okay?”

Julien said, “Jayden, you must keep your word. Otherwise, I will never believe you anymore.”

Jayden chuckled and said, “Since when have I broken my promise? Jullen shook his head and said, “Well, it’s true that you’ve never broken your promise.”

Jayden added, “That’s right. It’s getting late already. I want you two to go back

to your room and go to bed now.”

Levi looked behind Jayden, but he did not see the person who he wanted to see. He pouted his lips and said, Jayden, where’s Sister Silvia? Why didn’t she come home with you?”

Jayden said, “Silvia is busy with her studies these days so she won’t be coming home for the time being.

Levi rolled his beautiful round eyes. “She’s busy with her studies so she couldn’t come home? Jayden, do you think that your words are convincing enough to make us believe it? Do you think that we are kids who you can deceive with such an excuse?

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