My Husband Warm the Bed- 1208

Audrey poked Silvia’s forehead. “Silvia, you’re still too naïve. Don’t just believe in everything the others tell you. It is a confusing world now, there really aren’t many in this world who would repay a kindness.”

“Do you mean that Wayne has hidden intentions?” Silvia waved her hand. “No, Wayne wouldn’t do that. Let’s just stop talking about it, okay? Since I’ve already given him the full authority to manage Wateria Corporation, I’ll have my full trust in him.”

Audrey said, “I’m not asking you to doubt him anyway. I just want you to think about the reason why he is willing to help you without anything in return? Silvia explained, “I initially thought that he had some other intentions for helping me out too. But I realized that there was nothing worthy about Wateria

Corporation anyway, it was just an empty shell. Moreover, I’ve observed Wayne

closely before this, he didn’t seem like he had hidden intentions.

However, Silvia was not completely certain about it. Norman was her biological uncle, but he had actually snatched the company away from her, let alone a person whom she did not understand completely, like Wayne…

“I don’t mean that he wants to take over Wateria Corporation said Audrey. “I’m just wondering if he had any other reasons to work so hard for you.

Silvia was a little confused. “For example? Besides repaying my father’s kindness, what other reasons could he have?”

“For example, someone had hired him to do so?” said Audrey.

“Someone hired him?” The first person who came into Silvia’s mind was Jayden. However, on a second thought, she thought it was close to impossible. Jayden did not even know who Wayne was at that time and he had even helped her look into Wayne’s background and even tested him out for her.

However, after thinking about it carefully, she realized that it was not entirely impossible.

At the beginning, it was Jayden who told her that Wayne was trustworthy. He

was the one who told her that she could let Wayne manage the company for


Could it be that the person who had been manipulating Wateria Corporation’s fate all these while was Jayden?

“You thought of your Young Master Kyle, didn’t you?” Audrey patted Silvia’s shoulder. “To be honest, apart from giving him a big bonus, the only reason that I can think of is that Young Master Kyle had hired him. I think Young Master Kyle is the only person in Madison City who could order Wayne around like this.”

“Do you really think that it’s Jayden?” Silvia did not dare to believe it, but she had no choice but to be convinced by it. Perhaps, it was only the Kyle family that could help Wateria Corporation get back on track within such a short period of time.

She was really so foolish to only realize it now! She was so stupid that she actually thought Wateria Corporation’s success was all due to her hard work. She foolishly thought that it was because God had seen all her effort that He had sent an angel to help her out

In fact, the real angel was the person who had been sleeping next to her every night. It was Jayden, whom she thought never cared for her and only regarded her as a plaything!

“I think you would know better than me whether was Young Master Kyle” said


“Yeah, I know!” Silvia picked up her bag and wanted to leave Audrey’s house. “Thank you, Audrey. I’ll get going now!”

Audrey chased after her. “Silvia, where are you going at this hour?

Silvia said, “I’m going over to Wayne’s place. I have to find out the real reason why he was willing to help me right away”

“Silly girl, do you know what time is it now? He’s probably asleep now,” said

Audrey. “Can’t you just wait till tomorrow?”

Silvia said, “I have to find out the truth right now. I can’t wait any longer” 3

There was nothing that Audrey could do to stop Silva, so she said. “Then be careful on your way there, okay?”

After leaving Phantasy Nightclub, Dr. Thames did not return to her residence immediately. She got into a taxi and took a few detours. Finally, she got off at an ordinary looking neighborhood,

Dr. Thames went to a supermarket nearby and sauntered around. Then, after making sure that no one was following her, she entered a building in the neighborhood.

She arrived at the 17th floor. She stood outside of unit 1703 and knocked on the door. After a few moments later, the door was pushed open. She went in and the man shut the door.

Dr. Thames said, “I want to tell you some good news. Your beloved woman has

asked.. The man did not wait for Dr. Thames to finish her words. He interrupted her and said, “Our plan has failed.”

“What?” Upon hearing the news, Dr. Thames let out a shrilling scream and her face was distorted with anger. “Didn’t they claim that they’ve never failed? It was just two little brats, how could they fall? How dare they ask for such a high pay even?”

“Those assassins had indeed never failed. This was the first time. The man sighed, “It’s a pity that not only are those two rascals who you wanted to kill were alive, they were totally unharmed.”

Dr. Thames found it hard to believe. “You’re lying to me, aren’t you?”

The man added, “The middleman said that it was Simon Banks who saved the kids. I’m not surprised that Simon would show up. Instead, I’m just curious about those kids. I’ve been thinking who they are that they even dared to ask Simon to let those assassins go.”

“They caught the assassin but let them go?” Dr. Thames was puzzled. “Was it just a trick that the assassins were playing?”

The man said, “I really hope that it was just a trick. If that is not the case, then those boys must have come from a powerful family. Now that we’ve already gotten their attention, it’s going to be difficult to get them in the future.

“You mean that we can’t do anything to those two boys anymore?” Dr. Thames looked at the man coldly. “Let me tell you, even if those two boys were gods, must get rid of them.”

The man said, “The boys had asked Simon to let the assassins go was to find out who the mastermind was. If we were to take any rash actions, Jayden will find out about us sooner or later.”

Dr. Thames sneered. “Find out about us? The assassins we hired don’t even

know who we are. How could Jayden find out?” The man said, “You should calm down.”

Dr. Thames roared, “I don’t care. No matter what, I want you to find a way and get rid of those two imprudent brats. As long as you can get rid of them, I don’t

care if we’re going to get exposed.

The man said, “If you want to die recklessly like this, then go ahead. Don’t drag me along with you. If you still want to work along with me, then you should drop this idea for the time being. Otherwise, we will all die”

The man had experienced Jayden’s power. He knew how ruthless Jayden could be. Also, Jayden was so influential that he could do it without leaving any


Dr. Thames said angrily, “So you won’t be helping me then?”

The man was still very calm, “I’ve already told you what the consequences will be. All I want to say is, don’t get ourselves in trouble and die for nothing.”


Dr. Thames wanted to get rid of the two boys because they had been a stumbling stone to her plan. However, after reconsidering it, as long as she remained idle, they would not be able to do anything to her.

After thinking it through, Dr. Thames said again, “I heard them saying that Jayden was their brother, so I guessed that they were from the Kyle family too. But I’ve never seen Jayden keeping in touch with his family throughout these years, so I thought that he didn’t have any family. I have no idea where those two boys come from and how powerful their family was.

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