My Husband Warm the Bed- 1209

“No matter where they came from, and no matter how powerful the forces behind them were, we must never act rashly. Otherwise, none of us can afford to go through the consequences.” As the man spoke, he handed Dr. Thames a document and said, “Don’t come here if you don’t have anything important to talk about. I don’t want anyone to get suspicious of you.”

Dr. Thames took it over and sald disdainfully, “Felix Xavier, it’s not a surprise that your woman would fall in love with another man. If I were her, I would never like a loser like you. Jayden had no idea that you’re back at all. Perhaps, he did not even see you as his rival but you’re here scaring yourself out all the time like a coward.”

“That’s right. I am a loser.” Felix stepped forward and clutched Dr. Thames’ neck. He said in a sinister voice, “Dr. Thames, you’re quite good-looking yourself too and I’ve been by Jayden’s side for a few years now, but do you know why he was never interested in you?”

Dr. Thames grabbed his hand and tried to push him away. However, it was useless. “Why?”

Felix sneered and said, “It’s probably because you have such a wicked tongue. No one likes a woman like this.”

Dr. Thames’ eyes were bloodshot due to anger. “You.”

“What about me?” Felix pushed her away and suddenly changed the subject “Dr. Thames, you’ve already endured all these for so many years, don’t ruin it now. I’m sure that you know it better that if you want to achieve great things, we must learn to be patient and not to act recklessly. If you can’t even do that, how could you make Jayden fall for you?”

Dr. Thames was silent. She knew that she had been a little impatient recently.

It was all because of Silvia. Whenever she saw them acting all lovey-dovey, she felt as if her heart was being torn into pieces. How could she still keep calm? Although Felix did not like this woman, they were still allies after all. For the

sake of their future, he could only advise her. “Please hold on a little longer. As

long as you can take control over Jayden, everything will be ours very soon.”

The moment Felix mentioned it, Dr. Thames suddenly thought of something that she had almost neglected. “By the way, one of the boys is particularly calm. He asked me to sort out Jayden’s medical records and pass them to him. It

looks like he wants to look for another doctor to treat Jayden.”

Felix’s heart trembled. “Didn’t you say that the two boys were about 12 years old? Are they really that smart?”

“That’s because you haven’t met them and talk to them yourself. They are really that smart.” Thinking of how the boys were behaving the other day, Dr. Thames immediately broke into a cold sweat. “When they looked at me that day, I really felt like they have seen through me. One of them even told me right in my face that he knew I don’t like them, so he said that he doesn’t like me too. I did not even give them any disdainful look, but he could just tell it. Don’t you think that they will be a stumbling stone to our plan?”

Felix thought for a moment and said, “I think children are probably more sensitive than adults. Don’t think too much about it.”

Dr. Thames said, “I’m not overthinking. We really shouldn’t underestimate them. They might be young, but they are more organized than your beloved woman when they do things.”

“Okay, I’ll ake pay attention to them.” They been working together for quite some time now. This was the first time Felix had ever heard Dr. Thames praising anyone.

If even Dr. Thames would think so highly of the two boys, there must be something special about them. It seemed like he really must get rid of them.

Wayne was sleeping soundly with his girlfriend in his arms. However, his boss, to be exact, his boss’ wife called him on the phone and woke him up from his sweet dream

It was a phone call from his boss’ woman, so Wayne did not dare to have any delays. He immediately answered the call “Hi Director Turner, what can I do for you?”

Silvia said, “Mr. Zachary, I’m at the 24- hour fast food restaurant in your

neighborhood and I have something to ask you. Could you please come over?”

It was the middle of the night. The moment Wayne heard that Silvia wanted to see him at this hour, he sobered up in an instant. He rolled over and sat on the bed. “Did something happen, Director Turner?”

Wateria Corporation was operating well, so it should not be about the

company. What else could it be then?

Silvia said, “I’m really sorry to bother you in the middle of the night, but I really

can’t wait till morning. I need to confirm something immediately. Mr. Zachary,

could you please come see me now?”

“Sure, Director Turner, I’ll go over now.” Wayne got out of bed as he spoke. He did not dare to refuse the woman whom his boss valued the most. However, he was not sure if he should tell Jayden about it before meeting up with Silvia,

“Where are you going, Honey?” Wayne’s girlfriend opened her eyes in a daze. She grabbed him and interrupted his train of thoughts.

“My boss’ wife is looking for me. I’ll be right back, okay? Wayne lowered his head and kissed his girlfriend before leaving.

It was already past midnight and most of the shops were closed. The most noticeable store at that moment was a 24-hour KFC.

It was windy outside, so Silvia chose this shop to take shelter from the wind and to meet up with Wayne. After hanging up the phone, she ordered a hot drink

to warm up her body.

In less than ten minutes, Wayne had arrived.

Although he was in a rush, Wayne was still dressed nicely, just like when he was at work. He looked neat and clean. The moment Silvia saw him, her impression of him got even better.

She got up and apologized, “Mr. Zachary, I’m so sorry to have woken you up at this hour!

Wayne said politely, “Director Turner, as long as you have to see me, I will still

come regardless of the time. Silvia said sincerely, “Mr. Zachary, you are really a good person. Thank you for helping me manage Wateria Corporation so well. I’m really grateful to have


“Director Turner, you really don’t have to keep thanking me. Please just tell me if you need anything,” Wayne did not want her to thank him anymore! He felt at a loss.

“Mr. Zachary, I know that you didn’t mean to lie to me. And I know that you’ve made up the story about my father supporting you financially so that I would believe the reason why you were willing to help me was to repay my father’s kindness.” Instead of questioning him, Silvia spoke affirmatively. She wanted Way know that she had discovered everything so he did not need to hide any further…

Wayne was shocked. “Director Turner..

“Hold up and listen to me first. Silvia smiled gently. “Jayden was the one who hired you to help me out. I really want to thank him, and I want to thank you too.

“What are you talking about, Director Turner? I’m confused” He did not receive any news from Jayden that he could tell Silvia about the truth. Therefore, even if Wayne were to get beaten to death, he would never admit that was Jayden who had ordered him to work at Wateria Corporation.

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