My Husband Warm the Bed- 1210

Silvia said with certainty, “Mr. Zachary, I’ve found out about everything. I know it was Jayden behind all these, so you really can stop pretending that you don’t know anything.”

Since Silvia already knew, there was no point for Wayne to hide the truth. He added, “Director Turner, yes, I admit that it was Mr. Kyle who sent me to help you manage the company. However, his only purpose was to help you. He has never thought of taking over the company. On the contrary, if it weren’t for him, I’m afraid that Wateria Corporation would have gone bankrupt already, let alone achieve such a great result now.”

“So it was really him!” Silvia could already guess that Jayden was the one who had done all of these. But the moment she heard it from Wayne, Silvia was still shocked. “He had done so much for me, but why was he not willing to tell me anything about it at all?”

If he had told her about it, she wouldn’t think that he was just messing around

with her

If he had told her about it, she wouldn’t have thought that he was with her just

to satisfy his own desires.

He knew very clearly that she was slow-witted, but he still chose not to say

anything. If he did not tell her about it, how would she ever know that he had

secretly done so much for her?

“Mrs. Kyle… Since he had come clean with Silvia, Wayne felt that it would be more appropriate to address her this way. He thought that Jayden would prefer him to do that too. “I believe you should know very well why Mr. Kyle had chosen not to tell you about it.”

Of course, she knew. Jayden had been hiding it from her because he did not want her to feel that she had owed him anything. He did not want her to think that there was a great discrepancy in their relationship… He was trying to protect their relationship, but she did not realize it at all and she had even hurt him with mean words over and over again. D

“Mr. Zachary, thanks for telling me the truth. I will have to get going now. Upon hearing the truth from Wayne, Silvia was certain with the thoughts in her mind. She couldn’t wait to see Jayden. She wanted to tell him that she had made up her mind and chosen him as her life partner. Silvia wanted to ask him if he was

thinking the same too. D

“Mrs. Kyle, Mr. Kyle has done far more than this for you. I hope you can realize how good he is to you.

Wayne’s words sounded from behind. Silvia turned around and smiled at him.

“Thank you!” After meeting up with Wayne, Silvia took a taxi to Jayden’s villa. It was almost

dawn when she arrived home and the gardener was already in the yard trimming the plants After entering the house and changing into a pair of slippers, Silvia immediately rushed to Jayden’s room. She wanted to see him as soon as possible and ask him the question that she had in mind. However, her enthusiasm died down in

an instant when she saw that his room was empty

Jayden’s bed was very tidy. There were no signs that someone had slept in it at all.

Where was he? Where could he be?

Silvia was a little flustered. She turned around and ran out of the room. She went over to the study room, but he was not there too.

He wasn’t in his room, neither was he in his study. Could it be that he didn’t come home that night?

Silvia quickly took out her phone and dialed his number. However, the first thing which sounded from the phone was a cold phone operator voice, “Sorry! The number that you have dialed is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

Jayden had turned off his mobile phone and she couldn’t think of anyone else who she could contact. Hence, panic slowly overwhelmed her. At this critical moment, she suddenly thought of her own room.

Could Jayden be in her room?

Silvia took a deep breath and calmed herself down before entering her room. She opened the door and a strong alcohol smell rushed into her nostrils.

Sure enough, Jayden was sleeping on her bed.

However, he did not open the windows, so the ventilation in the room was bad,

which made the smell linger On top of that, he did not even take off his clothes. The man who had always paid attention to his image was lying on her bed slovenly.

Silvia walked to him. When she saw that he was frowning even when he was asleep, she could feel a slight sting in her heart. “Why are you frowning, Jayden? Is it because of me? Was I the one who made you sad?

Perhaps, it was really because of her. It was her who had hurt his feelings and made him frown in his sleep. At this moment, he looked as if something was bothering him

“I’m sorry!” Silvia held his hand gently. “I promise I’ll never make you angry

again, and I’ll never make you sad again.”

“Jayden, why did you help me so much? Do you really like me?” His eyes were shut, so Silvia thought that he could not hear what she was saying. And it was only then she had the courage to ask the question that she was too afraid to


“I like you!” Jayden suddenly opened his eyes and looked at her deeply, “Silvia

Turner, I like you!” B

He just said that he liked her!


What did he just say?! He liked her?!

Silvia was so shocked that her ears were starting to buzz and she was left in a momentary daze. It was only when Jayden’s warm lips touched hers, and he began fiercely kissing her that she knew she was not dreaming.

Jayden’s confession was true. He really liked Silvia. He did not treat her as a plaything, nor as a tool just to vent his lusts.

Other than being shocked, Silvia was feeling dizzy because of his overbearing kiss. After a long while, she broke off the kiss which almost suffocated her.

After reclaiming her breathing, Silvia gently bit her lips which Jayden had just kissed, She said shyly and nervously. “Jayden, I am not smart and I’m short tempered too. What, what do you like about me?”

She had many so many shortcomings but why did he like her?

Jayden could rarely see Silvia being nervous and shy in front of him, so he thought that she was very adorable. Looking at her, he could not help kissing her face again. “I like you because you have self awareness!”

“Jayden, I’m being serious here. Don’t just brush me off like this!” The moment Jayden teased her, Silvia’s bashfulness and nervousness disappeared in an instant. She became a little tigress and commanded, “Tell me quickly, I will not let you go until you tell me.”

“What do I like about you?” How could he answer this question?

Could he tell her that at first it was because she looked like the girl who had liked for many years?

While Jayden was in a dilemma, Silvia, who had always been unreasonable, suddenly became very considerate of him. “If you can’t give me an answer now, then don’t answer it. As long as know that you like me, that would be enough.”

Jayden was at a loss for words.

Silvia got close to him and rubbed her face against him. Jayden, why dont you answer the question that I’ve asked you last night then?”

Jayden had drunk too much the night before, so he was not very sober at that

time. What’s more, he was having a slight fever now, so he had completely

forgotten what Silvia had asked him.

Jayden had already forgotten her question, but Silvia, on the other hand, was looking forward to his answer. She looked at him with her beautiful eyes and said, “Answer me!”

“I’m sorry, Silvia! I drank too much last night, so I couldn’t remember the question.” He decided to tell her the truth and he was ready to receive her fist.

However, not only did Silvia not lash out at him, she smiled and said, ‘It’s okay! If you can’t remember, I will just ask you again. Are you sure that you want to be with me for the rest of your life?”

It turned out that she was asking about this. Jayden embraced her and kissed her. Just as he was kissing her until she was slightly out of breath, he said, “Silvia, you’ll be the only one for me in this life!” Silvia pressed her lips together and lay against Jayden’s chest. She said,

“Jayden, let’s fall in love.”

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