My Husband Warm the Bed- 1211

“Fall in love?” Jayden had never had a relationship before he was with Silvia, so he had no idea how to date someone. The moment Silvia mentioned it, although he was anticipating it, he was somewhat at a loss at the same time. What he knew best was to close business deals. No matter how capable his

opponents were, he would definitely be the victor in the end,

To him dating was much more difficult than closing a deal. However, as long as it was what Silvia wanted to do, he was willing to give it a try even if he knew nothing about it

“Let’s fall in love like how any other ordinary couples would, from being strangers to getting to know each other and slowly developing feelings for each other. We can start by going on dates, holding hands, and something like that.” Silvia looked at Jayden expectantly and said in a soft tone, Jayden, are you

willing to do this with me?” In fact, what Silvia wanted was not to date him. What she wanted instead was to normalize their relationship. She did not want it to be a mutually beneficial deal, nor did she want it to be a contractual obligation… She wanted them to be

together simply because they wanted to

He liked her and she wanted to be with him too. Since they liked each other and they were happy with each other’s company, shouldn’t they date each other normally?

Jayden understood what she was thinking, so he nodded solemnly and said,

“Sure, let’s do it!”

“Jayden Elias Kyle, from now on, we are officially a couple.” Silvia held her hand and said, “Give me the contract that you’ve forced me to sign, I’ll destroy it.”

The contract that he had forced her to sign was the most direct evidence of their improper relationship. Since Silvia wanted to live a good life with him, she definitely would not tolerate the existence of that plece of evidence.

Jayden said, “There’s no such contract at all.”

Silvia raised her eyebrows. “No such contract?”

Jayden added, “I’ve already destroyed it on the day you signed it.”

Similarly, what Jayden wanted was not a contractual marriage. He not only

wanted her, and also her heart.

As long as she had him in her heart, there was no where she could escape to

for the rest of her life.

It turned out that Jayden had already destroyed that contract a long time ago. That meant he regarded Silvia as his wife all this while. However, Silvia was kept in the dark, thinking that Jayden never valued her

Silvia threw herself into his arms and said, “Jayden, why didn’t you tell me?”

Jayden, “Because you’ve never asked me about it.”

Silvia was left speechless.


What else could she say?

Jayden reached out his hand and stroked her hair. “Silvia, I’m serious about you. I’m serious about you right from the beginning.”

Otherwise, he would not have paid so much attention to her for such a long time and eventually decided to pursue her.

“I’m also serious about you too. Otherwise, I won’t bring you home to see my mother. Since she wanted to start a new life with him again, Silvia felt that she should make things clear to him. “Jayden, I have something to tell you before we officially start dating each other.”

Jayden, “What is it?”

Silvia said, “I used to like a guy before you

Jayden nodded, “I know.”

“I grew up with him and we have been friends for a long time. I used to think that he was the only man I would marry in this life and I would spend the rest of my life happily with him. But just a few months ago, he had completely vanished. I couldn’t find him no matter how hard I tried and I don’t even know if he was still alive. I only knew that I had completely lost him. No matter what, Felix was someone Silvia had once loved deeply. The moment Silvia mentioned him, she would still feel sad,

Speaking of this, Silvia’s voice became little muffled. “The photo that you tore into pieces last night was the only photo left of us and that was why I was being so angry at you.”

“I’m sorry!” After calming down, Jayden realized that what he had done was very childish. He could tear the photo into pieces, but he could never remove that man from Silvia’s heart by doing so. In the end, what he did was pointless.

“I accept your apology!” Silvia lay in his arms and continued, “Sometimes I would even think that he was just someone in my imagination. It was only when I saw the photo that I knew he had really appeared in my life.

Jayden understood how Silvia felt at that time because he felt the same


Silvia said again, “Jayden, he is not only my first love, but also a companion who grew up with me. He is also a big brother who loved me and protected me. Apart from my father, he was the man who loved me the most. That’s why I could never forget him, nor will I forget him. Do you get me?”

She could try her best to accept Jayden’s love, but she should also feel grateful towards the people who had loved her and cared for her in the past. She should never forget him.

Even if Felix had abandoned her, Silvia really hoped that Felix was still alive. She hoped that he was living a good life and that he could find a woman who he really loved.

Now that Silvia had told him about the story between her and Felix, it proved that she had really moved on from her past. Jayden was relieved at that instant.

He hugged her and said, “From now on, besides your father, I will be the man who loves you the most. There will never be another man who will love you like I do

His tone was still as overbearing as ever, but Silvia felt warm as she listened to

him. In future, there would still be a strong shoulder that she could lean on to. Silvia smiled and said, “Then tell me, have you ever liked anyone else before me?”

“Yeah I do… but it’s all in the past.” Jayden was not willing to mention it, and he should not talk too much about it too.

“Yeah, it’s all in the past now.” Silvia took a deep breath and exhaled, as if she

was bidding goodbye to the past. “Jayden Elias Kyle, let’s start all over again.”

Life was short and it would be over in a blink of an eye. Therefore, they should cherish each other and live their lives to the fullest while they were still young and when they still had each other by their sides.


“Hmm?” When Silvia heard Jayden’s deep voice, Silvia looked up and happened to meet his kiss. With a gentle touch, his seductive lips landed on her eyelids. As they were halfway through the kiss, Jayden reached out his hand and pulled

out the drawer of the nightstand. Silvia grabbed his hand and blushed as she said, “Jayden, don’t bother. I want a child, a child that belongs to us.” D

“It’s still early for you to get pregnant. We can have one after you graduate, okay?” Due to her health condition, Jayden must not let Silvia conceive a child. He would definitely not allow any room for accidents, so no matter how eager he was to do it with her, he would never forget to take precautions.

“I’m not even worried about it, what are you worrying about… Silvia was displeased because Jayden had been stopping her from getting pregnant.

“Be a good girl and listen to me! We can have one after two years! Since Jayden insisted, Silvia could do nothing about it. Then, the two of them were so into it that she could not think about anything else anymore.

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