My Husband Warm the Bed- 1212

There was a commonly known fact that men were physically stronger than women. Silvia never felt that was the case most of the time, but whenever she was doing that thing with Jayden, she had no choice but to agree.

She was a young woman who never had to take any kind of medicine she had

a cold, but when it comes to this, her stamina could never keep up with Jayden who had a weak body. When Silvia thought that she was weaker than a man who was constantly on

medication, she felt kind of frustrated.

Jayden got out of bed right after. He did not even need to get any rest, but he already looked energetic. He didn’t look like a person who was grinding away a while ago.

As for Silvia, she had to catch up on some sleep and it was not until it was noon time that she had woken up. However, she still felt tired and she even looked a little listless, making people wonder what she had done the night before.

Levi Brown and Julien Glover Kyle studied her with a curious look. The two of them almost wanted to ask her, “Sister Silvia, did you become a thief last night?

It was all because of Jayden, that animal who had no self-control, that she was being looked at like she was some exotic creature.

Silvia quietly cast a plaintive look at Jayden. Didn’t she say that they would date

like a normal couple? But Jayden skipped every single step and went straight to

the fourth base.

“Sister Silvia” After staring at Silvia for a long time, Levi squeezed to her side and picked up a piece of her favourite braised pork for her. “You’ve worked hard last night. You should eat more to nourish your body.”

Levi was very thoughtful and adorable too. Silvia couldn’t help getting close to him and lowering her head to rub it against his tender face. “Thanks, Levi!”

“You’re welcome, Sister Silvia. Levi smiled. His smile was cunning yet lovely “I’m not just feeding you, I’m feeding my future nephew too”

Silvia was confused. “What nephew?’

Levi looked at Silvia’s lower abdomen with his bright eyes. “Sister Silvia, there

might already be a baby in there now and that baby will be my nephew in the future. So you should eat more, only then you can give birth to two cute nephews for us to play with

Upon hearing Levi’s words, Silvia spat out the soup in her mouth and coughed…

Were all the Kyles that smart?

Just eat your food Levi. Don’t talk nonsense on the dining table. Jayden patted Silvia’s back and warned Levi, “I will take care of your sister-in-law, you don’t need to worry about her.”

Levi pursed his lips and said mischievously, “Jayden, I’m not even twelve yet Levi was trying to imply that he was still a child, so Jayden did not have to be

so wary of him like he was his love rival

He did admit that he liked Silvia, but Silvia was Jayden’s wife after all. Even if Levi liked her, he would never try to steal his older cousin’s wife.

Jayden would be a middle-aged man in a few years. Fortunately, he found himself a wife now. As for Levi, he was still a kid! He had all the time to look for a girlfriend. He had no reason to snatch Jayden’s woman!

“Yeah, you’re not even 12, but you’re already so crafty. Jayden pinched Levi’s tender cheek. “Well, how about this? I’ll call Aunt Mia and ask her to bring you

back to Chatterton Town.”

“Jayden, I don’t want to go home.” Levi shook his head.

It was not too long ago that the incident had happened. If Mia were to find out

about it, she would definitely beat Levi to a pulp. Therefore, Levi had planned to stay at Jayden’s place for a year and he would only go home when Julien and Neil Brown finally forget about that incident.

“You have to go home, Jayden said.

“Sister Silvia… Levi pursed his lips and tugged the edge of Silvia’s top with a pitiful look. “Sister Silvia, I promise I’ll never talk nonsense anymore. Could you please let me stay here and take care of you? Okay?”

Silvia was reluctant to let these two boys go too. On top of that, she could not resist the pitiful look on Levi’s face at all. Therefore, she tugged Jayden’s shirt and said, “Jayden, Levi doesn’t want to go home yet. Why not we just let him stay here for a few more days?”

Just as Jayden was starting to waver, Julien, who had been eating silently, suddenly said, “Jayden, Levi made a huge mistake, which is why he doesn’t have the courage to go home.”

Jayden looked at Julien and said, “Julien, tell me, what did Levi do?” Levi warned him, “No Julien, you’re not allowed to say it. If you say it, you’re no longer my friend.”

“That’s fine. I’ve never thought of you as my friend anyway” Julien smiled deviously. “Levi went behind Aunt Mia’s back and introduced a girl to Uncle Neil and he even sent that woman to Uncle Neil’s bed. Luckily, Uncle Neil found out about it in time, otherwise..

Now that Julien had exposed all the bad things that he had done, Levi felt that the sky was about to collapse on him. He sighed in his heart, “I must have offended the Gods to have such a cousin!”

“Levi, it seems like you’re going to get your a*s kicked.” From Jayden’s point of view, Levi’s mischievous deeds were all because of Mia, who would always cause trouble. She was definitely the one who taught Levi all those things.

Perhaps even Mia had never expected that her son would use the tricks that

she taught him against her.

“Julien, I will never trust you again. Boohoo… Sister Silvia, I’m so pitiful. They are both bullying me.” Levi put on a pitiful look as he threw himself into Silvia’s arms and wailed,

Jayden got his hands on Levi and pulled him out of Silvia’s arms. He said, “Levi, if you behave yourself and stop taking advantage of your sister-in-law, perhaps I will consider not sending you back to Chatterton Town.”

Silvia said dispiritedly. “Jayden, he’s just a child. Why are you making such a huge fuss about it?”

Jayden said, “He might be young, but he’s a scheming little boy. I can never trust


Levi’s tears were constantly flowing down, “I’m just an ignorant child but all of you are bullying me… Boohoo… No one loves me, and no one cares about me…”

Seeing that Levi was crying so sorrowfully, Silvia’s heart was almost broken into

pieces. She was so anxious that she immediately pulled Levi back into her

arms and shouted, “Don’t bully him anymore, Jayden!” “This brat is just putting on an act!” Levi’s acting could fool Silvia, but Jayden and Julien would never fall for it.

“He is just a kid, how could it be just an act? If you’re great, then let’s see if you could cry like him at this instant. No matter what, Silvia had decided that she would protect Levi. As long as she was around, she would never let Jayden bully him.

“Boohoo… My parents don’t love me, and even my big brother is bullying me… I’m so pitiful.Boohoo.” Levi hid in Silvia’s arms. Although he was crying, the comers of his lips were obviously curling upwards.

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