My Husband Warm the Bed- 1213

“Don’t cry, Levi! As long as I’m here, I will not let them bully you. Silvia patted Levi’s back. She really thought he was just an ordinary kid. She had no idea that Levi had been plotting against her since a long time ago.

“Sister Silvia, not only you are pretty, but you are kind too. You are really an

angel from heaven! They had only stayed here for a few days, but Levi knew

very well how this household worked. Superficially, Jayden was the head of the family, but in fact, Silvia was the one with the final say because Jayden would always listen to her. Since the head of the family had to follow Silvia’s wishes, she was undoubtedly the one with the

most power

As long as he had Silvia on his side, he could then do whatever he wanted in this family. Huh! He no longer had to fear that the cheeky Julien would trick him

“You’d better stop right there, Levi!” With Silvia shielding over Levi, Jayden had no choice but to compromise. “As long as you behave yourself, I can let you stay here.”

Upon hearing Jayden’s words, Levi immediately raised his head and squeezed out two pitiful teardrops. “Jayden, promise me that you won’t chase me away anymore, okay?”

Jayden nodded reluctantly and said, “As long as you are obedient and don’t cause any trouble, I can promise you that.”

“Thank you, Jayden! I love you, Jayden!” After that, Levi climbed up the chair. He held Silvia’s head and kissed her on the face. “I want to thank you too, Sister Silvia!”

“You’re welcome!” With just one kiss, Silvia’s heart softened in an instant.

“Levi Brown!” Jayden roared. He took Levi away from Silvia once again and said, “You are not allowed to go near Silvia anymore, or I will pack you up and send you back to Chatterton Town.”

“Save me, Sister Silvia” Levi’s tiny mouth twitched, as if he was about to cry


“Don’t yell at him, Jayden!” Silvia came forward to protect Levi. “If you shout at him again, I will cancel our date tonight.”

Jayden was left speechless.

Just how dumb this woman was? Could she not see that Levi was just putting

on a show?

Perhaps Silvia could tell that Levi was just putting on a show, but because he was Jayden’s brother and he was such an adorable little boy, so she was willing to spoil him and let him do whatever he wanted.

As long as the boys were happy, it didn’t matter if she had to pretend to be an


Just as Jayden and Levi were bickering with each other, Julien unhurriedly took out his mobile phone and dialed a familiar number. “Hello, is this Aunt Mia?”

When Levi heard that Julien had called Mia Kyle on the phone, he immediately turned around and rushed to Julien’s side in a flash. He grabbed Julien’s mobile phone and said, “Julien, you.”

Mia’s high pitched voice sounded from the phone. “My little precious, you’re so

heartless. You’re finally willing to give me a phone call huh?”

Julien furrowed his brows when heard Mia calling him her little precious. He had told her countless times that he was no longer a little kid, so there was no need to call him with such a childish name. However, the women in the family would never listen to him,

The loudspeaker was on but Mia still called him with such a childish name. Julien was very embarrassed. At that moment, he thought that Mia really deserved it that her son had sent a woman to her husband’s bed.

Knowing that Julien disliked the nickname, not only did Levi not avoid saying it he answered, “Mom, I’m not Little Precious. I’m your precious son.”

“Levi, how dare you run away from home without telling me? You’re asking for a beating, aren’t you?” That was what Mia said, but her tone did not sound like she was going to beat the crap out of Levi at all. She was just trying to scare him.

“Mom, we missed Jayden too much and that’s why we came to Madison City to look for him. I know it’s our fault for not telling you and Dad beforehand, you can punish me when I go back home.” Although he would always feel that his parents did not love him, Levi knew very well that they actually did. Therefore, Mia would not actually give him any severe punishments.

“Levi, it’s good that you know your mistakes. Make sure you behave well when you’re at Jayden’s place and don’t cause any trouble for him, okay?” Out of a sudden, Neil Brown’s voice sounded from the phone.

“Dad, I won’t cause any trouble, so you shouldn’t cause any trouble for me too.” Levi was hinting at Neil. He was trying to tell his father that he should not tell Mia about that incident. If Neil exposed him, he would make things difficult for Neil too.

“You little brat, I’ll make sure to give you a good beating when you’re back!” Neil

said in a deep voice

“Neil Brown, he’s my son. I wasn’t even angry at him, how could you be so fierce with him?” Mia wasn’t protecting his son. In her opinion, she was the only person who could bully her son. Neil was not allowed to do so.

Neil replied, “Without me, will you be able to give birth to him?”

Mia said, “Without you, I could just find another man!”

Neil was furious, “Mia, you d*mned woman, it seems like you need me to teach you a lesson!”

Mia retaliated, “Neil Brown, come at me if you dare to I’m not afraid of you!”

The call was still connected, and their son was still listening to their conversation. However, they were quarreling as if no one was around and their words were slowly getting more obscene,

Jayden was used to it, and so was Julien. Levi, who had to go through the same exact thing every day, was completely used to it too. Silvia, on the other hand, was the only one who felt embarrassed as she listened to the content.

Although she would often curse in front of Jayden, she would always pay great attention to her image whenever there were children around. She would never say vulgar things in front of them. She quickly snatched away the phone in Levi’s hands and hung it up. She said awkwardly, “Let’s, let’s eat.”

“You don’t have to feel embarrassed, Sister Silvia,” Levi said casually, “They would get into a fight every other day so I’m already used to it. It’s really nothing to be bothered about.

Silvia smiled awkwardly. “Oh, umm, I’m not embarrassed.”

She covertly glanced at Jayden and Julien. Both of them were eating quietly as if they did not notice what was happening on the phone a while ago. Their behavior made her seem like she was guilty

Just as Silvia’s ears were getting even redder, Levi suddenly added, “Sister Silvia, I’m sure you and Jayden often did what my parents did, right?”

Ahem. Silvia was choking on her food.

Why did he have to say it out loud? Did he not know that no matter how thick

skinned she was, she would still be embarrassed? Silvia turned to Jayden for help, but Jayden was still eating his food gracefully. He replied unhurriedly, “Yeah, we do it all the time!”

Silvia was at a loss for words.

What kind of monsters were they? How could they teach children like this? They were still young and they did not know how to distinguish between right and wrong. Did Jayden not know that children could be easily influenced by the things that they were taught?

However, she was the only one among them who was surprised. Neither of the three brothers felt that there was anything wrong about it. They continued with their meal and the atmosphere at the dining table became harmonious in an instant.

Silvia, on the contrary, was an exception!

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