My Husband Warm the Bed- 1214

After lunch, Silvia had to rush to school while Jayden had to go to work. Therefore, they had decided to leave those two lovely but naughty boys at home.

Julien bade goodbye to both of them when they were about to leave the house.

He looked smart and sensible, and he was no doubt an obedient boy who would never cause trouble for the adults in the family. However, Julien was secretly pinching Levi’s back with his other hand. Levi felt

the pain and immediately rolled his eyes at Julien

Julen was a scheming boy. He was the one who wanted to follow Jayden around, but he just wanted to push the responsibility onto Levi. Compared to him, Levi was just an ignorant little boy.

Levi wanted to be tough for once. He did not want to give in to Julien, so he smiled brightly and waved at Jayden and Silvia, Jayden, Sister Silvia, see you tonight! Boohoo.”

Levi was starting to burst into tears again. That was because.. that scheming Julien had spoken to him in a voice that only he could hear. Julien told Levi that if Levi were to go against him, he would call Mia Kyle and tell her about the incident.

What Mia could not tolerate the most was Levi getting bullied and Neil getting seduced by another woman. If Mia were to find out what Levi had done, the consequences would be beyond his imagination. Hence, Levi had no choice but to comply to it.

Jayden said, “What’s the matter again, Levi?”

When Silvia saw Levi’s tears flowing down his face, she quickly ran back to him. “What’s wrong, Levi?”

Levi took the opportunity to throw himself into Silvia’s arms and said pitifully, “Sister Silvia, I don’t want to stay at home. I want to go out with you. Could you please take me with you? Please…”

Humph, since Julien wanted to stay by Jayden’s side, he would not let that happen. Instead, he would stick to Silvia. If Julien wanted to follow Jayden, then he could go tell Jayden about it himself.

“But Levi, I’m going to school for my class, I’m not going out to have fun.” Silvia

was in a dilemma. She did not want the boys to feel sad, but how could she

bring them to school?

Levi said in a soft voice, “Sister Silvia, we promise that we will listen to you. We

will not cause any trouble for you while we are there. Please, please take me

with you!

“Levi, if you don’t want to stay at home, you can just come with me. Don’t bother Silvia. Jayden tried to take Levi away again. However, Levi had become smarter this time. He hugged Silvia tightly so Jayden was unable to pull him


“Jayden, they just want to take a look around my campus. I’ll just let them tag along with me. It’s a good thing after all for them to explore around the city.” These two boys had already seen quite a fair bit of the city but Silvia was not aware of that at all. She was spoiling these two boys so much that there was no bottom line at all.

Jayden asked, “Do you really want to bring them along with you?”

Silvia nodded, “Yeah. I really don’t mind them tagging along As expected, the final outcome of their discussion was that Jayden would go to

work alone, and Silvia would go to school with the two boys.

Silvia was already a legendary figure on campus. Now that she had brought two beautiful boys along with her to school that day, all three of them felt like they had become the animals in the zoo. Everywhere they went, there would be people staring at them and discussing them.

“Sister Silvia, is everyone here this unworldly? Have they never seen people like us?” Levi pouted his lips. Although he was under the crowd’s gaze, he did not

freak out at all.

Silvia smiled and said, “It’s not that they are unworldly. It’s because the two of you are too good-looking People like to look at beautiful things.”

“Hmm, that’s true.” Levi nodded in agreement. It was true that he would

always attract a lot of attention when he was out. Regardless of their gender and age, they would all stare at him. Because of that, he had gradually gotten used to being the center of attention.

“Sister Silvia, I’m sure that a lot of people are jealous of you, right?” Julien suddenly blurted out such a statement.

“What’s there about me to be jealous of though?” In the past, when she was in love with Felix, it was true that a lot of people were envious of her. But after Felix had gone missing, there was no other reason for them to be jealous of


“Sister Silvia, you’re so pretty and you have such a dashing husband too. And at this moment, you have two handsome boys by your side. Everything about you just makes people jealous of you.” Once again, Levi was speaking on Julien’s behalf

“Well, you’re right. Now that I have two handsome and charming boys by my side to protect me, how can they not be jealous of me, right?” Silvia was overjoyed after listening to what Levi had said.

At the same time, Jayden, who had just arrived at the company, received the news about the assassination. It was Simon Banks who came to his office personally to report the incident to him, “Master Jayden, there were two professional killers who tried to assassinate Master Julien and Master Levi yesterday”

“How can you only tell me about it now?” Jayden raised his eyebrows as he stared at Simon with his sharp eyes, “Simon what happened you? Are you getting old now that you’re doing your job like this?”

Simon said with fear, “Master Julien did not want you to worry about them, so he told me not to mention this matter to you. In addition to that, I was too engrossed in ferreting out the mastermind behind it, so I couldn’t report to you in time

“Julien is just a little kid, are you going to listen to whatever he says?” Jayden really wished that he could just throw Simon out of the window at that instant. “Who is the mastermind then? How dare they set their eyes on Julien and Levi, We must not let them get away that easily.”

“We haven’t found out who was the one behind it yet. If he had found out who it was, Simon would have already dealt with it himself. He would not have rushed over to Jayden and let him know about what had happened the day before.

“One day has passed but you’re here telling me that you haven’t found the mastermind?” Jayden squinted, and the look in his eyes was so intense that he looked exactly like a beast which was going to pounce on Simon.

Simon wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and continued, “Those killers who were after Master Julien and Master Levi are very well-known killers in Madison City, and they not belong to any particular organization. They only work for the money so they had no idea who was the one who hired them. And because of that, it’s very difficult for us to find out who the mastermind was.”

Without any delay, Jayden gave out his orders, “Simon, I want you to inform Stanley about this immediately and ask him to go over to University A right now. Let him know that he will be the one who will be protecting Silvia and the two boys for the coming days.”

“Yes, Sir.” Simon immediately informed Stanley, After informing Stanley, Simon hung up the phone and fearfully waited for any further instructions. “Master Jayden…

Within a short period of time, Jayden had already figured out the entire situation. He said, “There are only three possible parties who would want to do harm to Julien and Levi. The first one would be Rovio’s competitors, the second would be the Brown family’s rival, and the third one would be my enemy. I want you to look into it from all these three aspects. I’m confident that you’ll find something very soon.”

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