My Husband Warm the Bed- 1215

As a huge business empire that was still developing and expanding, Rovio would definitely affect certain parties interests. Some of them who had suffered losses had developed hatred against Rovio and they had been thinking of ways to take revenge on Rovio.

Among the Kyles, Julien, who was young, would be the easiest to target at. Therefore, as long as there was a slight chance, those people would not let it slip through their fingers.

In the past few years, Neil had been in charge of the military region in Chatterton Town. There were many people who wanted to get rid of him. Since those people couldn’t hurt him, they would naturally have their eyes on his son, Levi.

According to Jayden’s analysis, it was possible that it was Rovio’s and the Brown family’s rival who did it. However, Jayden thought that since the boys were being targeted when they were in Madison City, it was very likely that it was because of him.

in the past three years, his business had been expanding day by day, which made him a legendary figure in Madison City and many people would be scared out of their wits when they heard his name, Therefore, it was expected that he had offended quite a number of people.

Simon Banks said, “Master Jayden, I will do as you say and look into every one of them. We must find out the mastermind and make sure that they will never be able to hurt Master Julien and Master Levi again.

If the bad guys wanted to deal with these two kids, not to mention Jayden, even Simon, a loyal subordinate of the Kyle family, would do everything he could to prevent it from happening.

The university’s system was rather relaxed. No one really cared if Silvia would show up for class or if she would leave before the class ended. As long as she could pass the final examination, no one would say anything about it.

Later that afternoon, there would be a class by Alina Bell’s uncle, Professor Bell. Silvia intended to attend the lecture, so she’d asked Reagan and Lemur if they wanted to come along. However, the two of them shook their heads repeatedly and even said that they would never attend his class no matter what.

Professor Bell’s had always been strict during his lecture. He would never allow his students to get distracted during the lecture. Unless they were compelled to, most of his students would not attend his classes. Those students who were willing to attend all his classes were those who were hardworking,

At first, Silvia thought that Professor Bell was the reason why Alina Bell was being so arrogant on campus. Because of that, Silvia had always had a bad impression of Professor Bell and she would never attend any of his classes.

However, ever since Mr. Donald’s incident, Silvia finally realized that she should never judge a book by its cover. Professor Bell was strict, but he had never abused his power.

On top of that, he was very good at his job as a lecturer. Silvia thought that she had missed out on a lot of opportunities in the past, so this time, she had decided that she would attend Professor Bell’s class in hopes to learn more

from him.

Since Silvia wanted to attend the class, she had no choice but to bring those adorable and nsible boys along her

Professor Bell had a problem with Silvia to begin with. Seeing that she had brought these two brats with her to his class, he was so upset that he started glowering at her. He tried his best to hold his anger in, but in the end, he could not stand it anymore. “Miss Turner, what on earth do you think University A is? Do you think that this is a daycare center?”

Silvia was at a loss for words.

Silvia knew that Professor Bell was an uncompromising person, so before stepping into the lecture hall, she had told the boys not to cause any trouble. All they had to do was to keep quiet during the lecture.

Now that Professor Bell was starting to lash out at her, Silvia felt extremely embarrassed. However, the two boys did not cause any trouble during the lecture, so she stood up and wanted to refute.

However, Julien stopped her and gave her a look, asking her to calm down. He slowly stood up and said politely, “Professor Bell, we are also here to attend your class. Please don’t discriminate against us because we are young.”

Julien was very polite with his words. No one could find any faults with his behavior. However, he was still too young, so no one was convinced that he could actually understand the lecture.

Professor Bell was not convinced either. But since he was talking to a young

boy, he began to calm down and even tried to be a little more friendly. “Boy, it’s

good that you have a heart to learn despite being at such a young age, but you should start from the basics first. Learning is like building a house. You have to set up a strong foundation first only then you could start building the rest. You can’t build the roof first, can you?”

“Professor Bell, it seems like you’re still looking down on us after all. You can’t assume that we know nothing just because we are young.” Levi said with his tiny mouth. Julien was a child genius. Now that he was being discriminated against, he would definitely stand up and defend himself.

Julien said solemnly, “Sit down, Levi. Stop interrupting the lecture. It’s our business whether we understand the lecture, we don’t need to care about what

the others think about us.”

Levi shouted inwardly. He was trying to help Julien out, but how could he start pointing fingers at him and make it sound as if he was the unreasonable one.

Thank god Silvia was sitting next to him. He felt better knowing that he would

always have someone to comfort him.

“Alright, since you want to attend this lecture, you should listen to it attentively and don’t cause trouble for anyone here.” The boys were eloquent and well behaved too. Since Professor Bell could not do anything to them, he cleared his throat and began his lecture.

In the past, Silvia rarely attended Professor Bell’s class. Therefore, it was tough for her to keep up with the lecture, Half of the lecture had passed but she was still confused with the topic.

And it was at this moment, Professor Bell had called out her name. Silvia was asked to summarize the entire lecture. Silvia immediately wailed in her heart. She really regretted attending Professor Bell’s class.

As Silvia was hesitating, Julien stood up once again. He said respectfully, “Professor Bell, my sister had stayed up last night to study so she’s not herself today. Can I please answer on her behalf instead?”

Just by listening to such a young child trying to answer an academic question on behalf of a university student, everyone in the lecture hall was amused. Even Professor Bell thought that it was somewhat ridiculous.

Professor Bell said, “Hey kid, I understand that you’re trying to protect your

sister, but you should know that this is the most prestigious university in Madison City and not some primary school that you go to.” “Yes, I do know that.” Julien let out a faint smile and did not try to argue by defending himself. Instead, he began to summarize what he had learned during

the lecture. As soon as he started speaking, everyone was shocked, including Professor Bell, who had always been arrogant.

Professor Bell was amazed as he looked at Julien and listened attentively to

every word Julien had said. How could one not be shocked when such a young

child could accurately deliver the gist of the entire lecture?

Professor Bell had been teaching for decades and up till now, he had never met a student who could explain his thoughts so thoroughly and concisely, let alone a brat who was still wet behind the ears.

The moment Julien had finished summarizing, Professor Bell was shocked to his core. After a while, he finally realized that he had lost his composure, so he coughed and asked a few more questions.

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