My Husband Warm the Bed- 1216

Julien was not daunted by any of the questions that Professor Bell had put forward. Towards the end, Professor Bell had even forgotten about the lecture and even started analyzing the topic with Julien

Listening to the exciting conversation, anyone who did not know what was

happening would think that Professor Bell was having an academic exchange

with a well known professor Even Professor Bell himself had already forgotten that the person who he was debating with was just a child whom he had detested a while ago.

Silvia was utterly speechless.

She did not even understand what was being taught in class, but not only did Julien understand everything, but he could even explain it so clearly.

Silvia did not know whether she should feel ashamed for herself or happy for


Levi had already gotten used to all these, so he patted Silvia’s shoulder and

comforted her. “Sister Silvia, you should never compare your intelligence with

someone who is smarter than you.”

No matter how Silvia interpreted Levi’s words, she still felt that he was criticizing her, so she said, “Levi, are you sure you are comforting me?”

“Sister Silvia, I’m just telling you that it’s fine to admit that you’re not smart. It’s not something to be embarrassed about and no one will laugh at you, Levi said with a smile.

“Who said that I’m not smart? I’m usually very smart, but maybe just not as smart as you guys. In fact, Silvia really thought that she was not as smart as the boys. Before this, she had always thought that she was smart until she met the Kyles

Jayden, Julien and Levi were all very brilliant. After spending quite some time with them, Silvia even doubted if she could still live like a normal person

“Sister Silvia, Julien is a child genius and a fast learner too. I’m sure that there

aren’t many in this world who would have a higher IQ than him, so let’s just not compare ourselves to him.” At one glance, the very sensible Levi saw right through Silvia and then thoughtfully comforted her. “Okay. Silvia smiled and stroked Levi’s head. “Thank you, Levi! You really are

my little angel!”

Levi said sweetly, “Sister Silvia, in my heart, you are beautiful, generous, gentle and kind. You are an angel, not me

“Really?” Levi’s words were so sweet that it was difficult not to be fond of him.

“Of course.” Compared to his mother, Mia Kyle, who would bully him all the time, Silvia was really an angel.

Professor Bell was famous for his strict teaching and his high requirements for his students. However, he was full of praise for Julien. Therefore, within such a short period of time, Julien had already become a legendary figure in University


No matter where Silvia and the boys went there would be people staring at them. The staring was even more intense than those that happened before the lecture

Not only were those students curious about the boys, even Reagan and Lemur

were too.

What was even more outrageous was that both Reagan and Lemur were already enslaved to the boys not long after they had met. As for how they had managed to tame Reagan and Lemur, Silvia did not see it nor did she know how they had done it.

The only thing Silvia knew was that Reagan and Lemur were following the two boys around like they were their bosses.

“Levi, your brother is so awesome, but why is he so quiet?” Julien was aloof and he had not spoken to anyone. Since Reagan and Lemur could not talk to him directly, they could only talk to his spokesperson, Levi.

“Generally speaking, people who have a high IQ would behave a little strangely and they are just beyond the understanding of ordinary people like us. If you want to know anything about him, you can just ask me. I’m his spokesperson.” Levi patted his chest and said confidently, “But I won’t answer the questions for free. For each question that I’ve answered, both of you will have to follow us around for one more day in return

“Sure, that’s not a problem at all!” Reagan and Lemur replied simultaneously.

Silvia, who was standing aside, could not stand it anymore. “Reagan, mur can you guys stop behaving like a loser?”

Reagan and Lemur ignored Silvia. At that moment, they were only interested in

the boys.

Reagan asked, “Levi, is your brother that smart since he was born?”

“Yes, I guess he inherited it. His father has a high iQ. I think not only did he inherit his father’s 1Q, he also inherited his father’s personality. He could never get along with anyone.” If it was not because he was forced to, Levi would never want to hang out with Julien

Lemur continued to ask, “Levi, where did you come from? What are you doing here in Madison City?”

“Reagan, Lemur, are you guys done with your questions? Let me tell you, you two better behave yourselves. Reagan and Lemur were like interrogators. Silvia was worried that they would play tricks on the boys, so she was trying to

protect them.

Reagan pulled Silvia away and asked, “Boss, boss, where did you find these


To prevent Reagan from having any nasty thoughts, Silvia decided to use her trump card, “These cuties are from the Kyle family.”

Upon hearing this answer, Reagan and Lemur’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Boss,

Young Master Kyle didn’t look that old to have two sons already!”

If they were really Jayden’s children, that would mean that Jayden would have knocked a girl up at around fifteen years old! Wasn’t that a little too young?! “What are you talking about?” Silvia patted Reagan’s head. “They are Jayden’s


Reagan breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Oh, that’s better. I thought you were going to be a stepmother right after getting married. To be honest, you only look a few years older than them. It’s really not that appropriate for you to be their stepmother

Silvia gave Reagan and Lemur a ferocious glare and emphasized, “I am their sister-in-law.

“Sister Silvia, you shouldn’t say that you’re our sister-in-law when you’re outside. You’re still young and I’m sure that you could still meet many more men in the future. You really shouldn’t commit yourself to Jayden so soon.” Levi was starting to cause trouble again. Perhaps, he thought that Mia Kyle could not do anything to him now, so he was trying to get on Jayden’s nerves.

“Okay, you’re so thoughtful. Levi. Then from now on, as long as Jayden is not around, you can just call me Silvia.” To be honest, Silvia didn’t prefer the boys to address her as Sister Silvia when they were outside too.

“Levi, are you trying to get kicked in the a*s again?” Julien suddenly said in a “Julien, what else do you know other than squealing on me?” Most of the time,

cold voice.

Levi would not be afraid to go up against Julien, unless Julien were to threaten

him with that incident.

“Levi, Julien, are you guys up to a trip to try out some of the delicacies in Madison City?” In order to stop the boys from quarreling, Silvia tried to change the topic. At this point in time, she had completely forgotten about the date that she will be having with Jayden later that night.

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