My Husband Warm the Bed- 1217

Levi, who was bright, understood Silvia’s intention very clearly, so he played along and said cheerfully, “Sure, Sister Silvia! One of my favorite things to do is to try out all the delicacies from different places.”

Silvia rubbed Levi’s head and looked at Julien who rarely spoke. She asked in a gentle voice, “Julien, do you want to come with us?”

Julien was like his father. He would rarely talk to strangers. Since he had just known Silvia, she was still considered a stranger to him. Despite that, he was quite fond of this beautiful sister-in-law, so he nodded forcefully.

After Julien had accepted her offer, Silvia was so happy that she held both Julien and Levi’s hand on each side and said, “Alright, let’s go!” Reagan and Lemur walked up to Silvia’s side and said, “Boss, we want to join


Silvia looked at them and thought for a while. “Sure, it’s good to have you guys too, you can help me take care of the boys.”

Reagan and Lemur did not know what to say.

It seemed like their place in their boss’ heart was no longer as before. If it went on like this, their boss might not even remember who they were in the future. But what could they do about it? It was not only their boss who could not resist

the charming boys, even Reagan and Lemur themselves adored them. Then, when the group was about to leave the campus, Jayden, who Silvia had completely forgotten about, called her on the phone. “Silvia, I’m waiting for you

here at the campus entrance. Where are you guys going?”

“You’re at the entrance?” Silvia looked around and saw Jayden’s flashy car. She thought that she might be blind not to notice it in the first place. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you were going to pick me up? I didn’t even know that you were coming over. You would have missed us if you came a little later.”

“I didn’t tell you in advance?’ That very afternoon, both of them had already agreed that they would go on a date like how a normal couple would. However, judging from what this silly woman had said, she had obviously forgotten about it. Jayden raised his eyebrows discontentedly. It seemed that he was being too lenient to her nowadays that she even dared to forget about their date.

“Did you? Why can’t I remember it at all?” Silvia muttered to herself and hung up

the phone. She looked back at Reagan and Lemur and said, “Reagan, Lemur, I’m sorry! Young Master Kyle is here to pick us up. We can’t go with you guys anymore.”

Reagan said, “Boss, just remember that this isn’t the first time you’ve stood both of us up. Make sure you make it up to us in the future

“Okay, okay. I’ll treat you two to a nice meal some other day, okay? Silvia said as she walked away with the two boys. Reagan and Lemur ran after them. “Levi, remember to come visit us often, okay?

Levi said sweetly, “Sure, Reagan, Lemur. Goodbye!”

Reagan and Lemur were overjoyed. “Goodbye!

Reagan and Lemur followed the trio and sent them to Jayden’s car. If it weren’t for the fact that Young Master Kyle had no intention of inviting them to get in the car, Reagan and Lemur would have already forced themselves in.

Usually, Jayde would be the one driving the car, and Silvia would sit in the front passenger seat. However, with Julien and Levi around, Silvia gave up the front passenger seat and squeezed into the back seat with the boys.

“Julien, Levi, let me put on the seat belt for you two.” After getting in the car, Silvia was so busy fastening the seat belts for the boys that she had no time to take a look at the Jayden who was sitting in the driver’s seat.

After helping the two boys to fasten their seat belts, Silvia looked at Jayden. “Young Master Kyle, we are ready. You can start driving now.”


Not only did she ignore him, she even treated him like he was their chauffeur So, Jayden made sure that he remembers how Silvia had treated him this time. After all, he had all the time to settle the score with her later that night.

Before Jayden started the car engine, he looked back at the boys who were

sitting in the back seats and said, Julien, Levi, tell me, what do you guys want

for dinner?”

In front of Jayden, Julien was like a fanboy. He was not as cold as he used to be in front of the others and he would answer all the questions that Jayden had asked him. I’ll eat whatever you want to eat. I’m not picky.”

“Yes, we’ll eat whatever you want to eat.” Levi echoed while nodding his head. Jayden would never let them have shabby meals anyway, so they would just eat whatever Jayden had decided on

“Boys, does it mean that if I’m not eating, you boys are not going to eat too?” “That’s right.”

Jayden said helplessly, “Just tell me what you boys want for dinner. I’ll ask Auntie Cherry to prepare them for you two.”

Julien responded immediately, “Brother, why are you asking Auntie Cherry to cook for us? Does it mean that you won’t be eating at home with us?”

“I’m going on a date with Silvia tonight” It was the first time for Jayden and Silvia to go on a date together, so he had decided to send the boys home first.

They couldn’t be letting these boys to third wheel them, right? “Oh.” Julien lowered his head. He was obviously displeased, but in order not to

make things difficult for Jayden, he chose not to complain about it.

Jayden, now that you have Sister Silvia, you don’t want us anymore, right?” Levi looked at Jayden and then looked back at Silvia who was sitting beside him. He pursed his lips and said aggrievedly, “Sister Silvia, are you going to abandon us too because you have Jayden now?”

Silvia looked at Levi and patted his tiny face. “Of course not, Levi. Why would I ever want to do that? I’ll never abandon you two, Levi. If you’re staying at home,

I will stay at home with you two.”

Levi threw himself into Silvia’s arms. You’re the best, Sister Silvia”

Jayden was dissatisfied. “Silvia, did you ask for my opinion before agreeing to

his request?

Silvia asked, “Is your opinion important though?”

Jayden said, “We’ve already made plans this afternoon but now you’ve decided not to go on with it. Tell me, are my opinions not important at all?”

Silvia, “Did I say that I’m not going? I’m saying that if I’m going, I’ll bring both of them along with us. Or else, i’ll just stay at home and keep them company”

Jayden was speechless.

Silvia said, “You have two options now, choose one.”

Jayden answered, “Silvia, you’d better not push my buttons!”

“Jayden, how can you be so fierce to Sister Silvia?” Levi told Jayden off, “If Dad were to yell at Mom, she would definitely make him kneel down and admit his mistakes”

Although the latter part of the sentence was a little exaggerated, Levi was just trying to help Silvia out.

“You little brat, won’t you feel guilty saying that? Aren’t you afraid that your father will beat you up?” Jayden had decided inwardly that he would get someone to send the boys back to Chatterton Town the next morning. He did not want anyone to interrupt his date with Silvia.

“If I’m going to get beaten up because was telling the truth, then there’s nothing I can do about it” Levi dared to talk bad about his father because he knew that his mother Mia would protect him! Neil would never dare to do anything to Levi!

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