My Husband Warm the Bed-1218

Silvia insisted on bringing the boys along with her to their date, so it ended up being a group date.

Levi obviously was not aware that he was third wheeling them when he said, “Jayden, why do you look so upset when you’re on a date with Sister Silvia?”

“On a date with Silvia?” Jayden looked at Levi. This little guy just had to rub it in, huh? Did Levi really think that this could be considered as a date when he and Julien were there third wheeling them?

It obviously felt more like a family outing.

Seeing that Jayden was unhappy, Julien said sullenly, Jayden, are we disturbing your date with Sister Silvia?”

Jayden really wanted to throw Levi out of the window when he heard Levi speaking with that tone. On the other hand, Julien’s aggrieved tone made Jayden feel sorry for him. He rubbed Julien’s head and said, “I can go on a date with Silvia anytime we want. You two don’t visit us often, so of course, we’d keep you two company first.

Jayden’s words were nice, but Julien knew that he was just comforting them. If he did not guess it wrongly, Jayden must have been secretly planning on sending them back to Chatterton Town.

Julien took a glance at Levi and gave him a warning look. He was trying to tell Levi not to be too complacent and he should not behave thoughtlessly just because he had Silvia on his side.

After receiving Julien’s warning, Levi pouted his lips. Now that he had Silvia as his backer, he did not believe that Jayden would actually dare to send them back to Chatterton Town

At the dinner table, the three guys were making up a plan of their own, but Silvia was not aware of it at all. She filled two bowls of soup for the two boys and said, Julien, Levi, have some warm soup first. The weather is getting cold now, you two should drink soup to warm your stomach before you start eating.

“Thanks, Sister Silvia!” Levi looked at Silvia and said with a sweet smile, “Sister Silvia, you are so kind to us that we don’t feel like going home anymore. We really want to stay here with you

“I like both of you a lot too. If your parents are fine with it, you two can definitely

stay here for a little longer.” Silvia picked up some of the dishes for Levi and Julien. “These dishes are all the specialties of Madison City. You guys should try it. If you guys like it, we can always come here again.”

Silvia, who never knew how to take care of others, was busy taking care of the boys. Jayden, on the other hand, was being left alone aside and neglected.

It was not only like this during dinner, Silvia had also completely neglected Jayden when they went for the movies. Initially, Jayden had chosen a romantic movie, but since the boys were there with them, Silvia had decided to go for a Hollywood blockbuster instead.

After the movie had ended, Jayden planned to go home. However, the boys said that they wanted to watch the night view at Madison River, so Silvia had agreed to bring them there.

What was there to look at on such a cold day?

However, the two boys were particularly excited. Since Silvia was willing to bring them there, Jayden had no choice but to go along with it.

When they were on their way home after seeing the night view, the boys had already fallen asleep in the backseat. Silvia took off her coat and covered them with it. Then, she pinched their faces lightly and said in a gentle voice, “You two little cuties, you two have been out for the whole day now and you’re finally feeling tired huh?”

Looking at these innocent faces, Silvia thought how wonderful it would be if their child could inherit Jayden’s intelligence or be as smart and good looking as the boys.

Would that be possible?

Would she and Jayden’s child be like these two smart boys?

Silvia couldn’t stop imagining it and soon enough, she was starting to doze off too. When she finally woke up, she was already in Jayden’s arms.

Jayden was carrying her back to her room. Silvia rubbed her face against his chest like a kitten, and then went back to sleep.

But just as she had closed her eyes, she suddenly thought of the boys. She immediately lifted her head and asked, “Jayden, where are Julien and Levi?”

Silvia remembered that before she had fallen asleep, she was still in the car with the boys sitting next to her.

“Huh.” Jayden sneered inwardly.

Did she know how difficult it was for him to take care of the three of them?

After arriving home, he had to carry the boys back to their bedroom and then he had to carry this giant baby”. After working his a*s off, not only did he not receive any comforting words from Silvia, the first thing that he heard Silvia asking about was the boys again.

Now that he was being completely ignored and being disregarded like this, Jayden’s forbearance turned into anger. He kept his silence and lowered his head to kiss Silvia’s lips. D

He wanted to be the only person that she would see, listen to, feel and think about. He wanted to be the only person who she would have in her heart… In this life, she would only belong to him.

This man was starting to kiss her so aggressively as soon as she woke up. What’s wrong with this man? Was he out of his mind?

He began to gnaw on her the moment he had her in his arms. Did he think he was a dog or did he think that she was a bone that he could nibble on?

Silvia felt uneasy so she tried to push him away. However, no matter how hard she tried, he was unmovable.

Silvia did not like being at a disadvantage, so she turned into a little tigress and

copied Jayden. She too, held him and bit him.

After a good fight, Silvia’s lips were swollen while there was a bite mark on

Jayden’s handsome face.

She scowled at him and Jayden was also glaring at her. Silvia suddenly burst out laughing. Her laughter was getting louder and she could not control it at all. “Young Master Kyle, you’re such a jealous man. It seems like you shouldn’t call me a green-eyed monster anymore! You should call yourself that instead.”

Jayden’s face fell. He was a little embarrassed that Silvia had seen right through him. “What nonsense are you talking about?

“Are you not being jealous because of the boys? Silvia shot a playful wink at him. “It’s okay to admit that you’re jealous though. There’s nothing wrong with

being jealous to see your wife being good to someone else anyway”

“Yes, I am being jealous. She was right. She was his wife. He should be jealous, and it was not a shameful thing after all.

The moment Jayden admitted to it, Silvia felt like her heart had fallen into a jar of She snuggled up to him and poked his chest. Jayden, the reason why I’m being so good to them and even took good care of them was not only they’re adorable, it was because they are your family.

Julien and Levi were his family. They came all the way to Madison City to see their brother. Therefore, as their sister-in-law, Silvia had the duty to take care of them and make them happy during their time here.

Jayden had never thought that Silvia would confess her love to him out of a

sudden, so he was stunned at that instant.

Looking at the stupefied look on his face, Silvia tiptoed and kissed the corner of his lips. She said slyly, “I’m going to take a bath now. Would you like to join me?”

Now that his wife had made such an amorous offer and he was also a passionate young man himself, there was no reason for him to reject her offer. He immediately carried Silvia in his arms and strode to the bathroom.

At that instant, Silvia regretted making such an offer. Did she really regret it?

She had underestimated Jayden’s stamina and also overestimated her own endurance.

She swore that she would never make such a stupid mistake ever again.

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