My Husband Warm the Bed- 1219

In the quest room.

“Wake up, Levi! Wake up!” As soon as Jayden left the room, Julien got up and rolled over. He reached out his hand and pushed Levi, who was sleeping like a log

“Mom, stop touching me. I’m still sleeping!” Levi thought that it was his mother, Mia Kyle, who was waking him up, so he tried to act coquettishly

“Who said that I’m your mother?” Julien frowned. Since he could not wake Levi

up, he had to use some other means to get him up. He reached out his hand

and nipped Levi’s ear, “Levi, wake up or I’ll twist your ear off.”

“Mom, don’t do that. I’m tired, I wanna sleep. Levi reached out his tiny hand and tried to brush Julien’s hand off his ear. However, not only did Julien not loosen his grip, he twisted Levi’s ear even harder.

“Mom, it’s painful!” Levi finally opened his eyes. It was only when he saw that it was Julien in front of him that he had recalled he was still in Jayden’s house.

His mother was not here at all.

At that instant, Levi felt a little disappointed.

“You’re disappointed to see that the person next to you is me and not Aunt Mia, aren’t you?” Julien said with certainty.

Levi kept quiet. The fact that he was calling for Mia in his dreams proved that Levi was missing his mother. Although he would always badmouth her, he still loved her.

With a calm face, Julien looked at Levi and said, “Levi, since you miss Aunt Mia, I can ask Jayden to get someone to send you back to Chatterton Town


“I’m not going back to Chatterton Town.” Levi immediately shook his head and strongly opposed the idea. Although he did miss his parents, what he had done was like a time bomb that

could explode at any time.

No matter how much he missed his mother, he must not go home now if he did

not want to be beaten to death

Knowing that he did not dare to go home, Julien immediately put on a serious

look and said, ‘If you don’t want to go back then get up now.”

Levi was so sleepy that he could even barely open his eyes. He said in a muffled voice, “What for?”

Julien added, “If I’m not mistaken, Jayden is going to send us home tomorrow.

Therefore, we must do something about it before he could actually do that.” “With Sister Silvia here, Jayden won’t dare to send us home.” Levi said.

“Levi, can you just think with your head for once?” Julien looked at Levi with a cold and dissatisfied look, “If Jayden were to tell Sister Silvia that it was our family who asked us to go home, do you think she could refuse it?”

Levi thought that what Julien said was reasonable. He scratched his head and asked, “What do you plan to do then?”

Julien’s lips twitched as a cunning glint flashed in his eyes. “Of course we have

to run away from home!”

Levi instantly understood what Julien meant. So you’re trying to give Jayden a warning by running away. You want him to know that we will still run away from home if he insists on sending us back to Chatterton Town without our permission, right?”

“It seems like you still have a brain after all’ Levi was usually very talkative and he would only use his head to think when he was picking up beautiful girls. Other than that, he would never use his brain and that was why Julien would always complain about him. However, now that he decided to run away from home, he would still bring Levi along with him. That was because he felt that Levi was always reliable during crucial times.

After a tiring bedtime ‘battle’, Silvia slept soundly for the rest of the night. This had happened to Silvia several days in a row.

Sometimes Silvia was glad that she was still young and fit. Otherwise, with Jayden’s impressive stamina, she would probably be burnt out after two nights. That morning, Silvia was still asleep like how she usually would while Young

Master Kyle, who slept beside her, had already woken up.

Having satisfied his desires the night before, Young Master Kyle felt refreshed waking up that morning. Looking at Silvia, who was lying beside him, Jayden could not help but lower his head to kiss her on the forehead. “What a silly girl…

After kissing Silvia, Jayden felt that he was starting to get a little too excited so he quickly got off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash up.

Silvia was especially good at sleeping. Usually, if no one were to take her up, she would definitely sleep in. However, little did Jayden know that Silvia had already woken up too. She was just pretending to be asleep.

Silvia realized that the first thing Jayden had done right after waking up was giving her a morning kiss and she could even feel his strong desire for her.

However, he did not only think about himself…

In the past, she would always think that he had never cared about her and the reason he wanted to be with her was to satisfy his lustful desires. She thought that there was really nothing else between them apart from being extremely

compatible with each other in bed However, she could now start to feel how thoughtful he was to her. Sometimes, she could even notice how gentle he was to her.

For instance, when they were doing it the night before, she felt a little uncomfortable. As soon as she was moaning in pain, he immediately stopped and patiently waited for her to loosen herself up.

Thinking of Jayden’s gentleness and consideration for her, Silvia, who had always been thick-skinned, blushed. She rolled to the other side of the bed where Jayden had just slept in

His scent was still there. His masculine scent was embracing her as if he was holding her in his arms. At that moment, Silvia thought that she could sleep in for a little longer with him “hugging” her like this.

“Knock, knock.”

Jayden went to the boys’ room and knocked on their door. However, there was no response at all. He knocked again and said, “Julien, Levi, the sun’s up. It’s time to wake up.”

There was still no reply. Jayden thought the boys had already woken up, so he went downstairs. “Auntie Cherry, is Julien and Levi having their breakfast now?”

Auntie Cherry shook her head and said, “Master Jayden, Julien and Levi haven’t gotten up yet.”

“They are still sleeping? They must have been exhausted.” Jayden turned around and went upstairs. He at the door the boys’ room and said, “Julien, Levi, I’m coming in.”

Jayden did not knock this time. Instead, he pushed the door open and walked

into the room. “Julien, Le…”

Before he could even finish his words, Jayden realized that there was no one in the room. There was only a note that was being left on the nightstand. “Jayden, we know that we have interrupted your date with Sister Silvia and that you were upset about it, so we have decided to leave quietly. We don’t want you to be unhappy Love, Julien and Levi.”

Those two brats!

That’s right, Jayden admitted that he had thought of sending these two brats home when he noticed Silvia’s attention was all on them. However, it was just a thought at that split second. He did not actually think of sending them back to Chatterton Town.

He had not seen them for so many years, so he really wanted them to stay here for a little longer and hang out with him. With them around, the house did feel livelier. To be exact, it felt more like home.

In the past, he had never regarded this place as his home. It was just a place for

him to take shelter. And it was not until Silvia and the two boys were here that it had started to feel

like home.

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