My Husband Warm the Bed- 1220

Jayden immediately took out his mobile phone and called Julien. To his

surprise, the boys actually dared to switch off their phones. Jayden clenched his fists in exasperation. The boys were really asking for a


Since Jayden was unable to get hold of them, he immediately called Stanley Pierson on the phone. “You said your men saw the kids, where are they now?”

Stanley had just woken up when he received Jayden’s call. He was stunned for

a moment, but quickly came back to his senses and responded, “Sir, they left

after you went home last night.”

The reason West Side could attract the upper class was not only for its great living conditions but also for its safety. The security system that was employed at West Side was top notch.

For the past three years, Stanley’s subordinates had never interfered with the security work at West Side. After seeing Jayden and the others off the night before, Stanley then asked his men to withdraw from West Side

At this time, he suddenly received a phone call from his boss, asking about the boy’s whereabouts. He was the one who asked the men to leave… Thinking about the possible consequences, Stanley was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat. “Sir, did something happen to Master Julien and Master Levi?”

“Did I ask you to withdraw your men?” Jayden’s voice became colder, “I want you to send your men to the airport, the train station, and the passenger terminal to find them right now. I don’t care whether they have left the city but I want you to find them. If anything happens to them, you’d better worry for yourself.”

Stanley wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and said repeatedly, “Yes, yes, yes… I’ll send someone out now. I’ll definitely find them and hand them over to you unharmed.”

After hanging up the phone, Jayden made another phone call. “Simon, Julien and Levi ran away from home. Send out all your men and don’t let them fall into the hands of those who had been targeting them.

Of course, Julien and Levi were very bold kids if they were able to come to Madison City all the way from the Chatterton Town. This was not something any other ordinary child could do. However, what Jayden worried the most was

not about them getting lost. Instead, he was worried about the enemies that were lurking in the dark and covetously eyeing on them.

If the boys were taken away by those guys, how was he going to face their

family in Chatterton Town?

Jayden, who had always been calm, had never expected that Julien and Levi would plot against him. When he saw the letter they had left for him, he could not think of any other possibilities and immediately dispatched his men to search for them.

However, two boys did not go anywhere else. They were just hiding in Silvia’s room. After confirming that Jayden had gone downstairs, the two of them covertly ran to Jayden’s room.

They looked around and saw that their target was still sleeping.

Julien gave Levi a knowing look and Levi immediately knew what Julien

meant. He crept onto the bed and pulled Silvia’s ear. After waking Silvia up, he blinked his eyes and started shedding his crystal-like tears. As soon as Silvia opened her eyes, she saw that Levi was sobbing. At that

instant, she felt a lump in her throat. “What’s wrong, Levi? Why are you crying?” Levi was not as chatty as he used to be anymore. He continued to shed tears and refused to utter even a word.

“Don’t cry, Levi. Tell me what happened.” Silvia held his tiny face and wiped off his tears. However, the more Silvia wiped it off, the harder he was crying. Looking at him, Silvia was so distressed that she immediately pulled him into her arms.

Levi continued to cry sorrowfully and it was so heartbreaking that Silvia almost cried too. “Please don’t cry, Levi. If you continue crying, I think I’m going to cry very soon.”

“He doesn’t want to go back to Chatterton Town.” At such a crucial moment,

Julien, who was calm, made such a statement.

This was their plan. They wanted to make Silvia feel distressed by having Levi cry in front of her and Julien would then tell Silvia why Levi was behaving that way.

“If you don’t want to go back, then don’t go back. Jayden and I can afford to take care of you two.” Silvia stroked Levi’s head and continued, “Don’t cry anymore, okay? You can stay in Madison City for as long as you like.”

Levi continued crying while Julien explained, “But Jayden wants to send us

back home.”

“Why would he want to do that?” Silvia was a little surprised. After that, she explained, “You have no idea how happy Jayden was that the two of you could come over to see him. Why would he want to send you two home?”

Julien pursed his lips and said dejectedly, “Jayden likes you and he wants to spend time with you alone. He was upset about us because we were third wheeling you two and that was why he wanted to send us home.”

Julien was usually very quiet so this was the very first time Silvia heard him speak so much! He even sounded a little aggrieved, which almost broke Silvia’s heart! She said, “No Julien, Jayden will never want to drive you two away”

Julien kept quiet.

There was no need for him to say anything else. At this point in time, all they had to do was to continue to put on a sullen and aggrieved look on their little faces.

“I’ve already made it clear to him but why is he still being like this? Silvia believed their words, so she immediately got out of the bed and said, “You don’t

have to worry, I’ll talk to Jayden about it.” Julien stopped her. “No, Sister Silvia! You mustn’t tell Jayden about it.”

“But how can I let him do you wrong like this? You boys are his brothers, how could he not feel sorry for you two at all?” Silvia had really gotten mad. She was angry and distressed at the same time,

How on earth could there be a man this petty? She had already explained it clearly to him the night before but he still insisted on sending the boys home. Was he happy to see them being sad?

“Sister Silvia… Levi wiped off his tears and sald in an aggrieved voice, “We left a note for Jayden and pretended like we had run away from home, so Jayden has already ordered his men to look for us.

“You.. Silvia was really speechless. She did not know if she should be angry at them for lying to Jayden or she should compliment them for being smart to think of such a trick. However, it was fortunate that the boys did not actually run away from home but instead, they came to her. Based on the trust they had in her, Silvia had made up her mind that she would protect them no matter what. She would never let Jayden bully them.

Silvia said again, “How about this. You two can go to my room and wait there. I’ll go downstairs and check out the current situation. After that, we can.

come up with a plan together. I promise you two that I’ll never let anyone do you


This was exactly what the boys wanted.

The reason they had put in so much effort to put on such a show was to ensure that Silvia would take the bait. Now that the fish had taken the bait, Julien and

Levi began to exchange glances.

Was it a little mean to lie to their silly sister-in-law?

However, in order to remain in Madison City, they could only do this, Therefore, both of them had decided that they would treat her well after this matter was settled.

Silvia went out of the room. After confirming that there was no one outside, she asked the boys to go over her room. Then she said, “Stay here and don’t come out, okay?”

“Okay” In fact, the boys knew much better than her when it comes to what they

should do

Silvia went downstairs and saw that Jayden was on the phone in the living room. “I’ll give you another half an hour. If you can’t find them in half an hour, you guys can just go to hell.”

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