My Husband Warm the Bed- 1221

Although Silvia had been with Jayden for quite some time now, she had never seen Jayden being so angry. When she heard Jayden’s growl and saw his solemn expression, she nearly ran away in fright.

However, when she thought of the boys who were still waiting for her updates,

Silvia suppressed her fear and stammered, “Young. Young Master Kyle, did

something happen?”

Silvia clearly knew what happened, but she was still pretending not to know. She spoke hesitantly and did not even dare to look into his eyes, afraid that he would see right through her.

“Everything’s fine.” Seeing that it was Silvia, the look on Jayden’s face became much more gentle in an instant. If he were to let her know that the boys had gone missing, she would definitely get more anxious than him. So, he immediately changed the topic. “Auntie Cherry has prepared breakfast for you. Make sure you eat it before going to school.”

“Um.” Silvia was stammering. “Are Julien and Levi up? Why don’t I go wake them up for breakfast? Then we can all eat together

No, that was not her true intention. However, she felt that it was too stressful for her to be with Jayden by herself and she was panicking. So, she thought that she would go back to the boys and come up with a plan to deal with Jayden,

“Just let them sleep in. Don’t worry about them. I’ll ask the driver to send you to school once you’re done with your breakfast, Jayden said as he walked towards her. Silvia was so terrified that she started retreating. “They are growing boys, so they shouldn’t sleep for too long. Moreover, they mustn’t skip breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day. I’d better go upstairs and wake them up now!”

Recalling the ferocious look on Jayden’s face when he was on the phone, Silvia was so scared that she could feel her heart trembling. If Jayden were find out that she had colluded with the boys and fooled him, he would definitely tear her into pieces.

“Why are you looking so scared?” Seeing that Silvia was backing off from him as if she was avoiding the plague, Jayden’s frustration intensified. “Do you think I would gobble you up?”

“No, you, why would you think so?” To tell the truth, Jayden was very scary. She

was genuinely afraid that he would eat her, but she couldn’t say it out loud. If

she were to infuriate him, she would probably lose her life. Jayden strode towards Silvia. Being horrified by his actions, Silvia instantly

turned around and ran off. “I’m still in my pajamas. I’m going back to my room

to change my clothes first.

“You, stop right there!” Seeing that Silvia was avoiding him, Jayden frowned. He did not like this feeling of uneasiness at all!

Silvia had just taken two steps when Jayden’s cold voice sounded from behind. Upon hearing his voice, Silvia felt that her legs were as heavy as lead. It was so heavy that she could not even move an inch.

Did Jayden find out that she was colluding with the boys?

The fact that Jayden would shout at her so fiercely, Silvia was guessing that he had already found out about it. It’s over… She was going to be skinned alive very soon.

Silvia was thinking if she should just tell Jayden the truth and that she had only known about it a while ago. After all, it was the boys who came up with the idea, it had nothing to do with her at all… No, she must not betray them. The boys trusted her so much how could she stab them in the back like this?

When she heard that Jayden was slowly getting closer to her. Silvia was so nervous that she immediately swallowed her saliva. Then, she instinctively raised her hands and confessed, “I’m sorry, Young Master Kyle. I know what I did was wrong. Please don’t get mad at me?”

Boohoo. If she had known that this man would be this scary, she wouldn’t have promised the boys that she would defend them.

Now that she had regretted her decision, could she turn back time and act like

nothing had happened? Jayden walked to her side and placed his hands on her shoulders, making her

look into his eyes. “Tell me, what did you do wrong?”

He was too scary to look at. He was grabbing onto her shoulders so forcefully She had already admitted her mistake, did he have to be so fierce with her?

Silvia wanted to refute, but she was not bold enough. So, she began to explain

the mistakes that she had made like an obedient child, “I was wrong for helping

the boys to lie to you.”

“The boys had pretended to run away from home, and you were part of it. Huh. Silvia Turner, I’m really impressed with that courage you have

there. However, have you ever thought of the consequences before doing that?” Jayden had never expected that Silvia would have anything to do with the two boys running away from home. After all, they were all under his watch the night before, and Silvia was still sleeping when he woke up this morning. She not have the time to get involved in the plan

Now that she had confessed her mistakes, it was indeed a windfall for him.

Jayden, I’ve already admitted to my mistake, what else do you want?” Wasn’t a child who would admit to her mistake a good child? And criminals who turned themselves in would get a reduced sentence? But why had Silvia not received such treatment?

“Go get the boys. I’ll be waiting for you guys in the study. The three of them deserved to be punished. Otherwise, they would definitely cause more trouble in the future.

In the study room

Silvia, Julien, and Levi stood in a row and all three of them were looking down at their shoes. They behaved as obediently and pitifully as they could ever be. D

“Lift your heads up.” Jayden said in a deep voice.

If they thought that he would let them off by not looking at him and acting pitifully, they were absolutely wrong. Jayden would not let them off this time. Under the head of the family’s order, Silvia and the boys slowly lifted up their heads. However, instead of looking at Jayden, their eyes were glancing around. They did not dare to look into Jayden’s eyes.

“Look at me Jayden added.

The trio had no choice but to look at Jayden. When their eyes met Jayden’s cold stare, they were so scared that they were starting to breathe more cautiously.

“God bless us!”

In the past, they had never realized that the head of this family could be this fearsome. If they had known that they might not have done what they did,

In the boys’ hearts, Jayden was a warm big brother who would protect them while in Silvia’s eyes, he was just an idle beast that only knew how to mess around. In short, no one had ever thought that he had such a cold and ferocious side.

Jayden’s cold gaze swept across the three of them, and as he stared at them,

they immediately felt goosebumps all over their body. He then asked

unhurriedly, “Tell me, who was the one who came up with this idea?” There was dead silence in the room. It was so quiet that one could even hear a pin dropping on the floor. None of them had stepped forward to admit that they

were the mastermind

Huh, how dare they keep their silence? Perhaps Jayden was not harsh enough. His voice deepened menacingly as he spoke, “I will give you guys one more


Silvia still refused to say anything.

Anyway, the mastermind wasn’t her. She would never admit to the things that she had never done! Never! She would not admit to it even if she were to get beaten to death!

Julien was dumbfounded.

He was never afraid of a worthy opponent, but alas, his teammate was the weak link

Levi was completely flabbergasted too.

Anyway, he didn’t come up with the idea. No matter what kind of dirty tricks Julien would play, he wouldn’t take the blame this time.

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