My Husband Warm the Bed- 1222

“Huh. It seems like no one is going to admit it.” Jayden sneered, “Since no one is going to do that, then I’m afraid that I can’t be partial to anyone. The three of you will be punished together”

They had to all be punished because no one was willing to admit it!

Upon hearing this, Julien immediately glanced at Levi. In turn, Levi turned to look at Silvia, and she could see the glistening tears in Levi’s eyes. Immediately, her heart melted.

Faced with Levi’s tears, Silvia had agreed to help the boys to deceive Jayden. Now that she saw the tears in Levi’s eyes, she was going to fall for it once again.

Sure enough, she could never resist a cute and naive child who was acting pitifully in front of her. Even if Levi asked Silvia to die for him, she probably would not hesitate!

However, the boys trusted her so much, so how could she chicken out at such a

critical moment? It was time for her to step forward and let them witness what

she was capable of.

She wanted to let them know that in this family, their sister-in-law did have the

power too, and she was absolutely not the party that would only get

bullied. However, her behavior betrayed her. Anyone could tell that she was Silvia discreetly took a deep breath as she clenched her fist. Then, she took a step forward and said impassionedly, “Young Master Kyle, I am the one who


came up with the idea, the boys have nothing to do with it at all. You can just

punish me, don’t drag the boys into this.”

“You were the one who came up with the idea?” Jayden snorted, “Then why

didn’t you admit it just now?”

“It’s because I was scared!” Silvia obviously could not reply with such a cowardly answer, could she? With the boys around, she had no choice but to portray herself as a big sister who could protect them. “I was reflecting on my mistake a while ago so I couldn’t admit it in time. I admit that it was my fault,

you can do whatever you want to me.”

Silvia clearly never wanted to admit it, and yet, she even tried to tell Jayden that she was reflecting on herself. Did she really think that Jayden was a three-year

old who she could fool easily? “Silvia, you’re being too reckless this time. Tell me, how should I punish you?” D

“I-1 was forced to do that, Silvia knew she would still have to receive the punishment regardless of her answers. Hence, she was no longer afraid. He could just do whatever he wanted with her and she would listen to whatever he


Jayden snorted, “Who forced you?

Silvia said, “You!”

“Since when did I force you?” Jayden was surprised.

Silvia could not answer him.

Now that Silvia had kept quiet, Jayden shifted his gaze to the boys. “And you two. Do you know how worried I was for your safety? I know that she’s not smart to think of such a stupid plan, but how could you guys go along with it?”

“Jayden Elias Kyle, you’d better think twice before you speak in front of them,”

Silvia warned. D

Dimnit, how could he just insult her like this?

Couldn’t he save her face a little when the boys were around?

He was lecturing her like he was teaching some kid a lesson. How was she going to face the boys in the future? How could they still trust her and rely on her?

Jayden said with a solemn face, “From now on, I want you to go to the little black room on the third floor and stay there for four hours while you think about what you have done. You’re not allowed to come out until the time is up.”

At that instant, Silvia became so anxious that she started complaining loudly,

“Jayden, how could you do that to me?” How could there be such a domineering and unreasonable man! What century were they living in now? How could he punish her by sending her into a dark

room so that she could reflect on her mistake? Who did he think he was?

An emperor’s son or something?

Jayden said, “If you dare to utter a word before I’ve given you the permission to speak, you will be locked up for another hour

Silvia said, “I have to go to school. I dont have the time to mess around with

you here.

Jayden “Five hours.”

Silvia: “You…

Jayden, “Six hours.”

Silvia finally kept quiet.

This tyrant, this inhuman beast, he was just calling her his baby in such a gentle voice the night before, but now, he had turned into a heartless beast that was

going to torture her.

Jayden said, “You don’t pay attention in class anyway. It doesn’t really make a difference if you actually attend your lectures

Silvia could not refute.

She had completely lost her face because him.

After dealing with Silvia, Jayden looked at Julien and Levi and said, “Julien, Levi, do you know what you did wrong?

Julien and Levi deftly nodded their heads and said, “Yes Jayden, we know.

Jayden walked up to them and gently stroked their heads. “Good. If you know what you did wrong, then make sure you think before you do anything next time, okay? Don’t act recklessly like you did this time.”

“We will, ” the two boys nodded their heads vigorously, looking adorably obedient.

Silvia stared at Jayden, who was obviously biased between her and the boys. She said, “Jayden, I admitted to my mistake and I even took the initiative to do so! Why were they forgiven just like that whereas I would have to be locked up?”

Jayden said, “Because you are the mastermind. The mastermind has to be responsible for their mistakes.”

Silvia retorted, I’m not.”

Jayden, “You what?”

The boys thought that they had disguised themselves perfectly and they would just let Silvia take on the blame this time. However, they did not know that Jayden had already noticed the guilty look in their eyes and the little tricks that they were doing behind his back.

Jayden did not expose them, because he wanted to see how they could

continue with their act.

Silvia said, “I don’t accept it! Please reconsider your punishment

Jayden said, “Okay. Face the wall as punishment for 24 hours. And you not

allowed to eat during this time. Only water is allowed.” Silvia said, “What did I do to deserve this? Isn’t there any justice?”

Jayden said, “In this house, I am the justice”

Silvia said, “No, this is what we call domestic violence. You’re abusing women and we can always call the cops on you.”

Jayden handed the phone to Silvia and said, “Sure, you can call the cops and see if anyone dares to arrest me.

Silvia said, “You bastard, you’re such a big bully!”

Jayden said, “So what if I’m bullying you?”

Silvia said, “You son of a b*tch!”

The little black room was actually a storage room on the third floor, which was filled with some miscellaneous items. Although they were unused, they were still very valuable things. It was considered clean because of the frequent dusting, but the light in the room was very dim, and hence it was called the Little Black Room

“What a heartless b*stard!” Silvia found herself a seat. She was so angry that she constantly cursed Jayden. She was his wife, but he was teaching her a lesson like she was a child. Just thinking about it made her furious,

Sister Silvia, thank you for helping us take on the blame this time. Levi secretly

came into the room with a hot dog in his hand. “Sister Silvia, don’t worry, I will

secretly bring you some food to eat.”

“You’re the best, Levi!” Just as Silvia was deeply moved by Levi’s warm actions, Jayden’s voice suddenly sounded. “Levi, do you want to be locked up with her?”

Upon hearing his voice, the two of them were terrified. They immediately looked around, trying to look for the source of the voice. However, they could not find him in the room at all. Finally, they noticed that there were surveillance cameras and even sound systems in the room.

Levi quickly took back the hotdog and patted her on the shoulder. He comforted her, “Sister Silvia, I really sympathize with you but since you’ve made a mistake, you should be punished. From now on, you should learn from and be a good girl. Everything will be fine if you don’t make Jayden angry.”

Silvia was speechless.

She had a feeling that something was not quite right

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