My Husband Warm the Bed- 1224

There was a high-definition surveillance camera in the room, so Jayden could

see Silvia’s every move and even every subtle change in her expression. This woman was really something else. She was already being locked up but she could lie on the table and sleep so soundly. She obviously did not take

the punishment seriously.

Did she really plan to get locked up for 24 hours and not do anything at all to get herself out?

The Isolated Silvia, who was undergoing punishment, looked relatively calm. On the other hand, Jayden, who was the one who executed the punishment, could not sit still at all. He came to the room and woke Silvia up.

Silvia said in a daze, “What are you doing, Jayden? Leave me alone, don’t

interrupt my sleep, okay?”

Jayden’s face darkened, “Isn’t it better to sleep in your room?”

“Oh well, that’s true.” Silvia was still in a daze, so she did not grasp the meaning

behind Jayden’s words. Just as she got up to return to her room, she asked, “I’ve got such a nice room, but why am I sleeping here? I really should go back to my room and continue with my sleep then.

“Silvia Turner!” This woman actually dared to go back to his room without his permission. Jayden wanted to strangle her!

The moment Jayden roared at her, Silvia was scared out of her wits and finally sobered up. Looking at the fierce look on his face, Silvia felt particularly wronged. “Do you have a problem with me reflecting on my mistakes here?”

“Are you sure that you were reflecting on your mistakes though?” Silvia did not look like she was reflecting on her mistakes at all but she actually had the nerve to say that she was

Silvia pursed her lips. “Of course I am. What else could I do here then? Jayden was speechless.

Silvia added, “I apologized to you and I’ve even received my punishment. What

else do you want me to do?

Jayden said, “Alright, since you said that you’ve realized your mistakes, then tell me, what did you do wrong?”

That’s right, what did she do wrong?

Silvia thought about it and realized that she had not done anything wrong.

If she had to say that she had done something wrong, it would be that she was

blind and soft-hearted. How could she actually believe it when this man told her that he liked her? Humph, he probably meant that he liked to torture her


Silvia still did not answer. As Jayden had expected, she had not realized her mistake. “Since you haven’t realized what your mistake was, then you should stay and continue reflecting on yourself here. You can leave once you’ve realized what you did wrong.

Silvia asked, Then why don’t you just tell me what my mistakes were?”

Jayden was speechless.

Sure enough, it was even more difficult for this woman to realize her mistakes than to reach for the stars

“Okay, whatever you want. I’m not afraid of you. It’s not like I’ve never been locked up before” She had been locked up in the villa next to Jayden’s house for a week when he first purchased her! Compared to that period of time 24

hours was nothing to her.

“Huh, Silvia Turner!” Jayden slammed the door and left the room in anger. “B*stard, I didn’t even blame you for locking me up in this dark room, but you still have nerves to get mad at me huh? Do you think I am born to be bullied by you?” Silvia had decided that she would not let this go easily

If Jayden did not apologize to her, she would never step out of this room, even if it meant that she would starve to death

However, not too long after, Silvia walked out of the room and went to the dining room on the first floor.

Silvia was really not to be blamed for surrendering like this. She had no choice,

she was really starving. Once she was hungry, she could really compromise her

principles, and she would never care about her image when she ate.

Levi put all the food he had in front of her and said, “Sister Silvia, you should slow down a little. Auntie Cherry prepared all these for you so you don’t have to worry that we will take it away from you.”

“Levi, Julien, thanks for saving me. Auntie Cherry, thanks for preparing all this delicious food for me” Not long after Jayden had left the two boys ran over and told her that Jayden had left the house so they were there to bust her out

of her prison.

Silvia didn’t agree at first, but as soon as she heard that there was delicious food waiting for her downstairs, she immediately left everything behind and went straight to the dining room with the boys.

“Miss Turner, you really should slow down, don’t choke! There are still some left in the kitchen if these are not enough for you” Auntie Cherry did not tell Silvia that it was Jayden who asked her to prepare all these for her, If her master did not ask her to do so, how would she dare to prepare so much food for Silvia who was still undergoing her punishment?

Silvia said sweetly, “Auntie Cherry, you are really my angel.”

“Sister Silvia, didn’t you say that I am your angel?” Levi said, while looking a

little jealous.

“All of you are my angels!” Silvia picked up a drumstick and ate happily.

“What is Jayden to you then?” Levi blinked his eyes and asked.

“Jayden?” The moment Levi mentioned this conscienceless man, Silvia began to gnaw on the drumstick ruthlessly. “Jayden is a hooligan, a devil, and my kryptonite.”

That man was really a cold blooded beast. He knew that she could never deal with hunger but he deliberately starved her in a way to punish her. Where was his conscience?

Levi consoled Silvia, “Sister Silvia, don’t be angry at Jayden anymore. We’ve

already thought of a way to get back at him.”

Silvia devoured the entire drumstick and asked, “What do you guys plan to do?” Levi added, “The three of us will run away from home together. We’re going to use this method to protest against Jayden’s tyranny.”

“That’s a good idea. But, umm, I think we’d better not do that. He’ll be worried he can’t find us.” It was true that running away from home could scare Jayden and it would also make them feel better, but she really did not want to see Jayden being worried because of them

Listening to Silvia’s words, Levi understood everything in an instant. Although Silvia would always say that she hated Jayden, in fact, she still cared about him. It looked like it was time for him to bring the news to his family back home.

Levi asked, “Sister Silvia, don’t you want to protest against Jayden’s tyranny?” Silvia said, “Yes, I do. But we shouldn’t rush into it. Moreover, I have plenty of

ways to deal with him.”

“Okay, we’ll listen to you.” Levi took out his mobile phone with a smile on his face “Sister Silvia, let’s take a selfie together.

Even though these two boys had plotted against her, Silvia still had not put her guard up against them. When Levi asked her to take a picture together, she immediately cooperated without asking about it. However, little did she know

that Levi was going to send the photo to Mia.

After sending the photo, Levi followed up with a text message. “Mom, this beautiful woman is the person you’ve asked me to look for. She’s Jayden’s wife. Soon enough, Mia replied with a message, “You little brat, tell me more about

what you know. I want every single detail of it.”

Levi replied, “Her name is Silvia Turner. It’s such a beautiful name, isn’t it? Hehe! Mum, she’s really nice to Julien and me. I like her a lot!”

Mia sent another message, “I want to know how Jayden met her, and if she

likes him too. Levi, don’t forget what I’ve asked you to look into, otherwise, I’m no longer your mother!” Levi thought indignantly, “How dare Mom think of me as incapable? If anything,

I should be complaining about her!”

However, Levi knew that if Mia were to hear this, she would definitely come all the way to Madison City to beat him up. Therefore, he replied in an obedient tone, “Mum, please give me two more days. I will find out all the details that you want to know

Mia replied, “Okay, my good son!”

Levi thought to himself, “Humph! You’ll only call me your good son when you need my help. But when I’m not of any use to you, you will call me a brat!. I really don’t want a mother like this!”

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