My Husband Warm the Bed- 1225


Silvia’s cell phone which was placed on the table suddenly rang.

She had a chicken drumstick in her hand and could not answer the call. Levi, who was very sensible, answered the call and turned on the loudspeaker. As soon as the call was connected, Silvia could hear Reagan screaming on the

phone. “Boss, are you coming to the campus today?”

“What’s the matter? It was already one o’clock in the afternoon and it would take her more than an hour to get to school, so there was no point for her to go anymore. Moreover, she did not intend to go to school that day anyway.

“Just come. I’ll tell you about it when we meet up.”

“What is it that you can’t even tell me through the phone?”

“I’ll tell you when you get there.” Reagan hung up the phone after that. “Reagan, I see that you’re getting bold nowadays huh? You actually dared to hang up on me.” Although Silvia was extremely dissatisfied with Reagan, she

still rushed to the university as fast as she could.

When Silvia arrived at the lecture hall, the students who were gathered in a group dispersed in an instant. When they returned to their seats, all of them were looking at Silvia with a sympathetic and complicated look in their eyes.

Silvia’s scalp turned numb from all the staring. She quickly sat next to Reagan and asked in a low voice, “What’s going on? Why are they staring at me like that? Do I look prettier today?!

“Boss, Lemur and I really wanted to hide it from you at first, but it looks like that’s impossible.” Reagan, who had always been boastful, would rarely look so serious. Looking at his expression, Silvia became even more curious. She knocked Reagan on the forehead and said, “Don’t leave me hanging like this. will you? What’s there that you can’t tell me about?”

Reagan took a glance at Lemur. After a deep breath, Lemur said unhurriedly, “Boss, there’s been a rumor about Felix going around the campus recently.”

“What about him? Tell me everything that you know.” Silvia knew that there were rumors about Felix going around the campus, but she did not know much about it because no one had talked about it in front of her. Reagan and Lemur also did their best to keep it as a secret from her, so she really didn’t know much about


“Felix, he…” Lemur’s words were already on the tip of his tongue, but he hesitated. He said, “Boss, promise us that you’ll keep calm no matter what,


“I can’t keep calm anymore when I hear you talking like this. Silvia was an impatient person. Regan and Lemur’s hesitation was really driving her crazy.

Since Silvia was going to find out about it anyway, Lemur decided to go all

out. “Boss, judging from the news and evidence that we have gathered recently,

we are guessing that Felix was murdered a few months ago.”

Although Felix had vanished for more than half a year now and Silvia had not heard of any news regarding him since then, Silvia still wanted to believe that he was still alive.

At this moment, when she was completely unprepared, she had received the news that Felix was murdered. Silvia felt as if a sharp knife had pierced into her heart, and it was so painful that she could barely breathe.

In a split second, she had completely lost her strength. She had become so weak that it was difficult for her to sit steadily, and her whole body began to slide towards the ground. Fortunately, Reagan and Lemur were quick enough to hold her up.

Reagan said anxiously, “Boss, you have to stay strong. If Felix was really killed, we have to find the murderer and avenge him, so you must stay strong.”

Silvia understood what Reagan was trying to tell her, but she really did not want to admit that Felix was already dead. She hoped that Felix was still alive and that Felix could find his own happiness.

For the past months, she had been praying for him. She prayed that Felix would still be alive somewhere in this world. She hoped that he was living a better life than her. However, the harsh reality of life had come for her.

Silvia tried her best to control her emotions, and it was until a long time had

passed that she could calm herself down a little. She asked, “Where did you

guys get this news? Is it reliable?”

“We won’t tell you about it if it isn’t reliable.” Reagan flipped open a book and took out a photo. He handed it to Silvia and said, “Someone mailed this photo to you, so we’ve collected it for you.”

Silvia took over the photo with trembling hands. As soon as she picked it up and had a look at it, she could feel as if someone had taken a knife and stabbed it right through her chest.

There was a man lying in this photo with his beige-coloured tee-shirt covered in blood. And Silvia’s eyes turned bloodshot too…

The man in the photo was in a bad condition. He was badly wounded except for

his face. His face was particularly clear, and with one glance, Silvia could

immediately recognize the man in the photo.

It was Felix! Her Felix! It was her Felix that she had been missing day and night!

“Felix. No, it can’t be him, it mustn’t be him. Silvia was hoping that she had seen it wrongly and that all of this was just in her imagination. She was so scared that she threw away the picture and hoped that all of this had never happened.

However, she knew better than anyone that this could not be fake. If it had not happened, Felix, who had always been by her side protecting and doting on her since she was a child, would not have disappeared from her life without a trace.

Silvia should have known that Felix must have encountered something awful like her father, that he had disappeared without leaving a word. However, she had chosen to deceive herself. She would rather believe that he had abandoned her than believing that he was dead.

“Boss, there were some rumors spreading around recently saying that Felix was being forced to leave Madison City because he had offended some big shot..” Speaking of which, Reagan was starting to speak in a strangled voice. “I didn’t expect that that person would be so vicious. Not only did he drive Felix out of Madison City, he even killed him. Felix is such a good guy, but the person who killed him was so cruel..

“Who on earth was it?” After a long pause, Silvia clenched her fists and squeezed out such a sentence through her lips.

“All the sources we’ve gathered were all talking about the big shot but no one knew who it was, But there were quite a few big shots in Madison City, so we’ve made a list out of it. We planned to go through the list with you” At such a crucial moment, Reagan and Lemur were relatively calm.

Lemur continued, “Since you have been by Felix’s side for so many years, we figured that you would know who Felix has interacted with and the people that he might have disputes with, in recent years.”

“Someone I know?” The Turner family and the Xavier family both had their own companies and each of them had hundreds of employees. They had always lived a comfortable life and were highly respected in Madison City too.

However, their families were still far from being considered as the upper class, so they had almost never come in contact with the rich and nobles. How could Felix have offended them?

However, even if Silvia didn’t know who the big shot might possibly be, she wouldn’t give up on it. Since Felix was gone, she would definitely find out who was the one who killed him and she would avenge him. “Reagan, Lemur, I want you guys to start sorting out the names now and hand me the name list before the class ends.”

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