My Husband Warm the Bed- 1227

“Alina, what do you want? Tell me who the culprit is!” Indeed, Silvia was very eager to get the clues from Alina as she was desperate to take revenge on Felix’s behalf. This was Silvia’s weakness and Alina knew it very well.

“You’re asking me what I want?” Alina continued to laugh hysterically. After a while, she suddenly said fiercely, “I want you to go to hell, Silvia Turner. If you die at this instant, I’ll then tell you the clues that I have now.”

“Huh. I’m afraid that I’ll have to disappoint you. I have no intention of giving up on my life at all.” Silvia’s parents had given birth to her and worked hard to raise her, how could she take her life so easily? She would never do that! Moreover, she also believed that Felix would not want that!

Many years ago, Silvia had been kidnapped and tortured with extreme means and she almost did not survive

Up till this moment, she could still remember what Felix had said to her. He said, “Dying is very easy. You could die by stabbing yourself with a knife, or you could just poison yourself. Instead, it’s more difficult to survive and live life to the fullest extent under all circumstances.”

Because of Felix’s words, Silvia held on until her father and Felix had come to save her. She had been thrown into icy cold waters and almost froze to death!

After that incident, she was completely traumatized. She hid in her room all day and did not dare meet anyone. It was Felix who broke into her room and told her, holding her hands, Silvia, as long as we are still alive, everything that we have experienced will not be a big deal. From now on, let’s live a wonderful life, so that we will leave this world contently in the future.”

Yes, as long as she was alive, there would be hope. Even if Alina had refused to give her the clues, Silvia believed that she could still find out who the culprit was and avenge Felix, who had died a miserable death.

“Huh.” Alina sneered and said, ‘B*tch, since you said that you’re not going to die, it means that you don’t want the clues and you don’t want to avenge Felix anymore, do you?”

“It’s up to myself if I want to avenge Felix. It has nothing to do with you. Don’t call me again in the future. I don’t want to hear your disgusting voice ever again.” Alina was unwilling to provide any clues, and Silvia thought it was impossible for her to get anything out of Alina, so she decided to hang up

“Silvia, if I don’t give you any clues, you will never find out who the culprit is” Alina quickly added before Silvia could hang up. So, Silvia paused.

Knowing that Silvia was still listening, Alina added, “Silvia, why are you still trying to act like a saint? I really feel sorry for Felix. Why did he fall in love with a sitt like you? It had only been a few months since his disappearance, but you’ve already bedded Young Master Kyle. Oh, by the way, I really want to know who’s

better in bed, Felix or Young Master Kyle?”

“If you want to know, then why don’t you go experience it yourself?” Knowing that Alina has no intention of providing her with the clues, Silvia thought that it would be useless to continue on with the conversation. Therefore, Silvia hung up the phone, not giving Alina any more chances to speak

However, Alina refused to give up. She sent a text message to Silvia. “Silvia, you don’t have to worry about how Felix died. Just go keep your Young Master Kyle company and live a good life. And here’s a gentle reminder, take a good look at the people around you, they might be just wolves in sheep’s clothing.

After the message was sent, Alina put away phone and tilted her head to look at the man standing next to her. “You heard everything, didn’t you? I don’t think the call would work out like how you intended it to.

“We’ll know very soon if it worked.” The man stood in front of the window and looked at the vivid lights outside. His gaze was deep and somber. “Silvia, I know you have your own difficulties, and I know that you don’t want to be with Jayden. Don’t be afraid, I will come save you very soon

Felix looked out of the window, and Alina looked at him. This man was someone who she wanted to have all this while but could not get…

In the past, she could not even think of standing next to him this way. Now, her

dream had finally come true. She could finally spend time alone with Felix!

Alina reached out, wanting to grab him, but before she could even touch him, she withdrew her quivering hand. She was a ruined woman, and no longer deserved to be with him!


Just as Alina was withdrawing her hand with disappointment, Felix suddenly called her name, which made her eyes lit up with hope. She put on a faint smile and said, “Hmm? What’s the matter?”

Felix looked back and stared at Alina solemnly. “I want you to be nicer to Silvia in the future. I don’t want to hear you cussing at her anymore.”

After listening to his words, the hope in her eyes began to extinguish.

Eventually, her eyes turned dull and gloomy… Huh. What had Alina been thinking?

In the past, before everything had happened, Felix would never take a look at her because of Silvia. Now, she’s just a woman who Mr. Donald had defiled. It was impossible for Felix to every fancy Alina at all!

After a silence, Alina asked, “Why did you save me?”

She had been violated by Mr. Donald and expelled from University A After knowing about the truth, not only did her father not comfort her, he even assaulted her. At that time, Alina was completely hopeless, so she chose to take her own life.

Just as she was breathing her last breath, Felix suddenly appeared. He saved her and urged her to live on. He even suggested a plan to take down Mr. Donald.

Under Felix’s guidance, Alina found Silvia and handed her the explicit photos that Mr. Donald had taken of the female students. She used Silvia and Jayden to help put Mr. Donald into jail and avenged herself.

After Mr. Donald’s incident, she began to work for Felix.

“I thought that I’ve already made it clear to you, didn’t 1?” Felix shifted his gaze back to the window and said in a cold voice, “Since you’re still confused, Ill explain it to you again. I saved you because I want to use you against Jayden.”

“Okay. Alina smiled, concealing her dejection perfectly

Right from the beginning, Felix had already told her that he saved her because he wanted to use her. However, she refused to believe it and even foolishly hoped that he would change his mind eventually, but it turned out that it was all false hope.

However, she had no regrets being his tool to get what he wanted!

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