My Husband Warm the Bed- 1230

“As long as I am here, I’ll make sure that you’ll never have to experience the pain again” Jayden carried Silvia back to the room and gently put her on the bed. “Lie down and don’t move. I’ll try to think of something to deal with your cramps.”

“I’ll probably be fine after some rest. You don’t have to be too anxious about it.” Silvia had never experienced such a situation, nor would she pay attention to such things before this. So, when she got the cramps, she was at a aloss. Fortunately, Jayden was by her side. She had his chiselled chest to lean on. With him by her side, she was starting to feel a little better.

“Lie down and don’t move: Jayden pulled the quilt and covered it over her body. After that, he turned around. When he was about to leave, Silvia quickly reached out her hand and grabbed him. “Umm..”

Silvia’s face was already flushed and she still could not speak her mind. However, Jayden was being very patient with her. “What’s the matter, just tell me about it.”

“Well… I ran out of pads at home and it’s not quite convenient for me to go out and get them now. Could you please go get some for me?’ After hesitating for a while, Silvia finally said it in embarrassment

After all, a man, especially a young master like Jayden, would probably feel ashamed to do that, so he might actually refuse her. However, he was the only person Silvia could ask help from at this moment. After saying her request out loud, she anxiously waited for Jayden’s reply.

“You’re unwell! So why are you bothering about makeup pads? Auntie Cherry will get some for you next time. By the way, let me ask Auntie Cherry to prepare some hot soup for you. It will warm your stomach and you’d feel better after that” Hearing his answer, Silvia suddenly felt all the energy in her body drained away…

She was telling him that she needed sanitary pads, but he completely misunderstood her and thought she wanted makeup cotton pads! Silvia was flabbergasted

Did she have to explain it that literally to him so he would understand?

“Don’t glare at me like this, be good, Jayden stuffed her hand under the quilt and ignored the exasperated look on her face. “Wait here, I’ll ask Auntie Cherry

to get it ready now.”

Silvia was totally speechless.

How could this man be so slow witted?

After stepping out of the room, Jayden did not look for Auntie Cherry first. Instead, he dialed Dr. Thames phone number. “Menstrual cramps. How should I deal with it?”

Dr. Thames, who was on the other end of the call, did not expect Jayden would ask her this question. She was stunned for quite some time before she had finally come back to her senses. “Master Jayden, is Miss Turner not feeling well?”

“Yes.” Jayden nodded

“It’s quite a common symptom among women. You can make her some ginger tea for her..” Speaking of this, Dr. Thames suddenly paused. “Master Jayden. why don’t I go over and have a look at Miss Turner? It’s usually not a big deal to have cramps, but it’s also something that we shouldn’t overlook. Miss Turner is still young, we should treat it now, or else it might become a bigger problem in

the future.”

There were two reasons why Dr. Thames had offered a medical visit. One of the reasons was that she did not want to miss any chance to meet Jayden, while the other was that she must show concern for her employer’s wife. Otherwise, how could she be considered as a qualified private doctor?

“Be here in ten minutes. After saying that, Jayden hung up the phone. In front of Dr. Thames, he would always be a man who was as cold as ice. He would even omit all the extra formalities whenever he spoke to her

The moment Dr. Thames realized that Jayden had hung up on her, she was so furious that she immediately threw her phone away. “Dmn it. Silvia, you little btch, just wait and see. I will definitely get rid of you soon.”

After venting her anger, Dr. Thames calmed down. She picked up the mobile phone that she had thrown away and said to herself, “Little bitch, just f*cking wait and see what I’ll do to you.”

It wouldn’t be long until she could finally get rid of the thorn in her side and get the man she had always wanted. Jayden was hers, and he could only belong to her. No one else could touch him.

Auntie Cherry, who was preparing to return to her room, saw that Jayden was coming down the stairs. She quickly turned around and asked politely, “Master Jayden, is there anything else I can do for you?’

“I don’t know why Silvia would ask me to go get her makeup pads or something in the middle of the night.” Jayden told Auntie Cherry. “By the way Auntie Cherry she’s having cramps. Do you know what she should eat on her period?”

Auntie Cherry was a woman, and some things, only a woman could

understand. Why would Silvia be in the mood to think about makeup pads when

she was having menstrual cramps?

Thus, Auntie Cherry was absolutely certain that the pad’ Silvia was referring to must be sanitary pads. It just so happened that Jayden was ignorant about it and actually thought that Silvia wanted him to go get some ‘pad’ at this hour.

It was really funny to even think about it, but Auntie Cherry did not dare to laugh. She could only hold it in and said, “Master Jayden, I think Miss Turner does not need that… But something else instead…

“What does she need?” Jayden raised his eyebrows in confusion. “Master Jayden, if I’m not mistaken, Miss Turner needed some sanitary

products.” Oh no, Auntie Cherry could not hold her laughter any longer. She had to find a way to get out of that place, or else she might get punished if she were to let out a laugh. “Master Jayden, I’ll go out and buy some for her now.”

Now that she had already explained it to this extent, there might actually be something wrong with Jayden’s head if he still could not get what she meant.

He spoke nonchalantly, “Auntie Cherry, could you please go keep an eye on her for me? I’ll go get it myself. Jayden thought that if it was something that Silvia needed, it would be better for him to get it himself.

After watching Jayden leave the house, Auntie Cherry immediately went to the kitchen to make a cup of ginger tea for Silvia, Just as she was stepping out of the kitchen, she bumped into Dr. Thames, who was rushing over. “Dr. Thames, why are you here at this hour?”

“Master Jayden called me and asked me to have a look at Miss Turner.” in Dr. Thames’ opinion, there was no need for her to explain to a servant like Auntie Cherry. However, as long as she had not gotten her hands on Jayden, any inappropriate action would make these people a stumbling stone to her road to success. Hence, she would not offend Auntie Cherry and she would still answer


“I see. In front of Auntie Cherry, Dr. Thames had always played the role of a

professional and intelligent doctor, so Auntie Cherry had always had a good impression of her. “I’ve prepared some ginger tea for Miss Turner. Let’s go see her together.”

“Is this for Miss Turner?” A ferocious look flashed in Dr. Thames’s eyes as she looked at the cup of tea in Auntie Cherry’s hand. “Auntie Cherry, where is Master Jayden? Is he not home?”

“Master Jayden went out to get some supplies for Miss Turner.” When it came

to this matter, Auntie Cherry’s face was full of smiles. “Master Jayden really

dotes on Miss Turner. He even went to buy sanitary products for her.” “Yeah, he really doted on Miss Turner.” When Dr. Thames heard these words, she really wished that Silvia would die at that instant. However, she still had to put on a friendly smile. “Auntie Cherry, I’m going up to see Miss Turner now. I’ll

take this tea to her then.”

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