My Husband Warm the Bed- 1231

“How could I trouble you, Dr. Thames?” Although they both worked for Jayden, Cherry felt that Dr. Thames was a doctor and her status was superior to a servant’s. How could Cherry let Dr. Thames do her job?

Dr. Thames smiled as she said, “Not at all, Auntie Cherry. On the contrary, I’ll

have to trouble you to prepare a hot water bag for Miss Turner.”

“Okay, I should go get it ready now. Otherwise, Master Jayden is going to worry about Miss Turner again, Auntie Cherry handed the cup of ginger tea to Dr. Thames and hurriedly left, for fear that she would delay even for a second


It was Dr. Thames who had asked Auntie Cherry to pass her the ginger tea. However, when Auntie Cherry actually handed it to her, she was exasperated Why should she be the one serving that b*tch?


Why should she be the one?

Dr. Thames was howling inwardly, but she did not dare to show it on her face. She had to continue to pretend to be the gentle, considerate and kind Dr.



When Silvia heard that someone opening the door, Silvia immediately poked

her head out from the blanket. “Jayden, you.

Before she could even finish, Silvia saw that the person who was entering the room was not Jayden, whom she was expecting. Instead, it was Dr. Thames, the last person she would ever want to see. “Miss Turner, it’s me, not Master


Silvia’s face fell. “Who let you in?”

“Who let me in?”

“Don’t you know that if it weren’t for you, the hostess of this house would have been me? It’s up to me to decide which room want to go to. Who are you to question me?”

This was what Dr. Thames thought, but she did not dare to say it out loud. In

front of Silvia, she continued her role as a sensible and beautiful doctor. “Miss Turner, Master Jayden said that you were unwell, so he asked me to take a look at you. This is the ginger tea that Auntie Cherry had prepared for you. You should drink it when it’s still warm, I’m sure that you’ll feel better after drinking it.”

“Ginger tea?” Silvia’s gaze shifted from Dr. Thames’ smiling face to the cup in her hand. “Are you sure that this is ginger tea, and not some poison that you’ve prepared for me?”

Speaking of which, Dr. Thames had never done anything hostile to Silvia. No matter whether Jayden was around, Dr. Thames had always treated her with utmost respect. Logically speaking, Silvia should have liked Dr. Thames.

However, Silvia’s intuition told her that Dr. Thames was coveting her Jayden. Therefore, she must not be good to Dr. Thames, or else she might fall into her trap

“Miss Turner, if I really wanted to poison you, I would not be that stupid to do it in such obvi way, right?” Dr. Thames put on a gentle smile and placed the cup of tea on the nightstand. “What’s more, I’ve never thought of doing you any harm, Miss Turner.”

“You’ve never thought of doing any harm to me?” Silvia was certain that Dr. Thames was faking it, but she still sat up and drank the tea that Dr. Thames had brought over for her

Silvia didn’t believe that Dr. Thames had never actually thought about it. On the other hand, she absolutely believed that a smart woman like her would never spike the ginger tea

Dr. Thames was the one who handed the tea to Silvia. If anything were to

happen to Silvia after she had drunk it, Dr. Thames definitely would be the one responsible for it. Hence, Silvia was sure that Dr. Thames would not execute such a stupid plan on her. Seeing that Silvia had finished the entire cup of tea, Dr. Thames smiled and

said, “How are you feeling, Miss Turner?”

No matter what Silvia said to her, there would always be a polite smile on Dr. Thames’ face. A person who never showed her emotions was the scariest. Silvia imitated Dr. Thames and smiled faintly. “I don’t feel unwell. I just suddenly thought that the air in the room was contami ted…”

When Dr. Thames heard what Silvia had said, her body stiffened. However, it only happened at that split second. She immediately got back to her senses

and asked, “Miss Turner, do you need me to open the window to let some fresh

air in?”

“There’s no need to do that” Silvia knew that Dr. Thames was a scheming woman so she wouldn’t get irritated that easily. She did not want to waste time talking to Dr. Thames too, so she said. “Dr. Thames, thanks for the ginger tea. Since I’ve already finished the tea, perhaps, you can leave now?”

Dr. Thames said with composure, “Miss Turner, are you not planning to let me do some checks on you?”

Silvia waved her hand impatiently. “I’m fine now. You don’t have to do that

“It seems that your condition is not as bad as how Master Jayden had described.” Dr. Thames looked at Silvia and said, “Miss Turner, were you acting to be in pain to test whether Master Jayden would be worried about you?

“Dr. Thames, since you’re so interested in our affairs, there are two things that I feel like should tell you about. Firstly, from now on, please address me as Mrs. Kyle. Secondly, dont ever try to probe into me and my husband’s affairs ever again, or else I will make you disappear from his side forever Silvia said in an imposing manner.

She was Jayden’s legal wife and the rightful Mrs. Kyle. How could she tolerate a woman to act so atrociously in front of her?

“Miss Turner, I’m not interested in your affairs at all. As she spoke, Dr. Thames noticed something through the corner of her eye. She immediately changed the topic and said, ‘Miss Turner, Master Jayden really loves you. Please cherish his love for you and don’t let him down.”

Dr. Thames did not know that Silvia had also noticed the person who was quietly approaching the room.

Silvia could tell that this was not what Dr. Thames had intended to say to her. It was because she had noticed Jayden coming over that she had changed her words out of a sudden… Since Dr. Thames wanted to play, Silvia was willing to go along with it

Silvia curled her lips and chuckled, “I know that Jayden loves me and I also want to be good to him, but I don’t know how to be good to him. Dr. Thames, since you’re older than me, could you please teach me a thing or two about it?”

Silvia had read about scenarios like these in soap operas. She was cleverer than Dr. Thames at such tricks. Just when Silvia finished her words, Jayden happened to step into the room.

When she saw Jayden, Silvia pretended to be surprised. However, Dr. Thames’s

quick response even more unexpected than Silvia’s. “Master Jayden, Miss Turner was just talking about you and you’re here! It seems that your minds are in sync.”

Silvia was dumbfounded.

Seemingly, this Dr. Thames was a master at facades!

Jayden did not respond to Dr. Thames. Instead, his gaze was fixed on Silvia. When he saw Silvia was looking at the bag in his hand, he felt a little embarrassed and immediately hid it behind his back.

They looked at each other so affectionately, completely neglecting Dr. Thames: So, she furtively clenched her fists and said, “Master Jayden, Miss Turner’s feeling a lot better after drinking the ginger tea.”

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