My Husband Warm the Bed- 1232

“Master Jayden, I’ve already asked Auntie Cherry to prepare a hot water bag for Miss Turner. She will bring it here in a bit…”

“You can leave now!”

Before Dr. Thames could even finish, Jayden interrupted and asked her to go. Dr. Thames was slightly displeased. She wanted to speak up but she realized that Jayden’s gaze was not on her at all.

Dr. Thames was furious like she was on the verge of exploding. However, she

tried her best to hold it back in and said, “Okay, I’ll leave you two here then.”

Dr. Thames picked up her medical kit and took the last chance to assert herself before leaving. “Miss Turner, you can drink more of the ginger tea to warm up your body during your menstruation. I’ll ask Auntie Cherry to prepare it for you, so remember to have it. Indeed, it’s your body and it’s up to you what you want to do with it. But please keep in mind that Master Jayden would be worried if you were to fall sick. So, please take good care of yourself.”

“Thanks, Dr. Thames. I’ll follow your advice and drink more ginger tea. I won’t fall sick and make Young Master Kyle worry about me.” Dr. Thames’ purpose of doing this was to put on a show for Jayden, so Silvia played along. How could she, the wife, lose to a vixen who had been coveting her husband.

However, the moment Dr. Thames left, the smile on Silvia’s face disappeared. She glared fiercely at Jayden and remained silent. Then, she snuggled under the blanket and wrapped herself tightly in it.

“What’s wrong?” Jayden sat on the bed and gently pulled the quilt away. He put the hot water bag that he had gotten from Auntie Cherry on Silvia’s abdomen and asked, “Would you really feel better by putting this on your tummy?

“Yeah. Silvia was still angry with him so she did not want to talk to him. However, when she saw the caring look in his eyes, she could not bring herself to do that to him anymore. “Where did you get this?”

“Auntie Cherry prepared it for you. I saw her when I came back, so she gave it to me.” While answering Silvia, Jayden carried a large bag he had brought back with him and put it on the bed. He unloaded a pile of sanitary pads and said, “

don’t know which brand you were using, so I took all the brands available at the convenience store. Take a look and see if they’re alright”

*You… Looking at the dozens of sanitary pads or even hundreds of them, Silvia

was stunned. It was after quite a while that she had gotten back to her senses. She really did not expect the high and mighty Young Master Kyle would actually go out and buy something like this for her.

Was he not afraid of being laughed at for buying so many at once?

“What’s the matter? You didn’t find the brand that you like? Seeing that Silvia was keeping her silence, Jayden was worried that he did not get the ones that Silvia wanted. “If that’s the case, I will go out and get the ones that you want.”

Seeing that he was being so anxious about it, Silvia felt that her heart was covered in honey. “You’ve already bought so many that I can probably use for more than a year and yet you say that you want to go out and buy more? Are you planning to buy them for your ex-lover?”

Jayden pinched her tender cheek and said, “What nonsense are you talking about again?

Silvia pouted her lips at him. “Your Dr. Thames is waiting for you outside. You

can go ask if there are any brands that she usually uses. If there is, you can give

them to her

“Silvia, are you trying to look for trouble here?” This woman just had the ability to piss him off with just one sentence. Did she really think that he had done this kind of thing for another woman?

“I’m just joking with you. Why are you so sensitive about it?” Silvia held his hand. “I know that you won’t do this for other women, but I’m just worried. I’m afraid that Dr. Thames will steal you away”

Silvia had mentioned Dr. Thames to him more than once, so Jayden felt that there was a need for him to make things clear to her. He did not want her to be worried and bothered by such a thing, so he explained, “Dr. Thames is just a private doctor employed by me. Otherwise, I have nothing to do with her. There wasn’t anything before, and there won’t be anything between her and me ever.”

Jayden had always considered himself as a man of integrity. He would never touch nor would he even want to talk to a woman who he did not like.

If Jayden was interested in Dr. Thames, he would not have gotten together with Silvia. Silvia understood all this but she still wanted to voice her concern, so she said, “You might not be interested in her, but she’s interested in you. Moreover, she would always show up by your side every now and then. She’s beautiful and gentle too. What if you suddenly find her attractive one day?”

“Dr. Thames only sees me as her employer and she doesn’t have any inappropriate feelings for me. That’s something I’m very sure of” The reason

why Jayden was so certain about it was that he had never once looked at Dr. Thames in the eyes, nor had he really cared about her. He thought that since he had no feelings for Dr. Thames, she would not have any feelings for him either.

“Jayden, are you really stupid or are you’re just playing dumb?” Dr. Thames admiration for him was so obvious that anyone could tell that she liked him. How could he be so confident that she was not interested in him?

Was it because he had thought too highly of Dr. Thames, or he had really underestimated his own charm? He was such a capable and good looking man. There was a whole bunch of women who would want to throw themselves at him if they had the chance.

However, Jayden obviously did not notice his own advantage. He did not know how excellent he was, nor did he know how attractive he was to other women.

“Okay, let’s stop talking about Dr. Thames already. Take a look at these first leave out the ones you want, and I will deal with the others later. Jayden had already made up his mind. Since Silvia did not like Dr. Thames, he would definitely not keep by anymore.

Between his employees and his wife, Jayden would choose his wife without hesitation

“Since you have paid for them, I’ll just keep them. I’m not picky anyway. I can use all of them.” Most of the time, Silvia would still feel the pinch when she saw how Jayden was spending his money. If he had so much money to splurge, he should have given it all to her instead.

Jayden said, “Okay. I’ll make sure that I pay attention to the brand you like. I won’t make the same mistake again.”

Silvia asked, “Do you mean that you’re going to buy it for me again?”

Reagan once said that a man buying sanitary pads for his girlfriend was such an embarrassing thing that it could only be done once in a lifetime. Why was Jayden still willing to help her buy them again?

Jayden said with certainty, “If I don’t buy it for you, who else do you want to buy it for you?”

Silvia said, “Do you not think that it’s something embarrassing to do?”

An entire scenario of Jayden buying sanitary pads played in Silvia’s mind. The tall and handsome Jayden the store, looki the varieties of sanitary pads on the shelves. He was totally clueless about which ones he should get, so he tilted his head and looked at the store assistant standing next to him

His sharp gaze terrified the store assistant. She did not dare to approach him and could only ask him from a distance, ‘Sir, i-is there anything I can do for you?”

He pointed to the sanitary pads on the shelf and said, “Pack all these up for me!”

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