My Husband Warm the Bed- 1234

Silvia was unfazed as she looked at Dr. Thames’s fierce gaze. Instead, she gave Dr. Thames a brilliant and harmless smile, indicating that she would be happy to see her gone

Silvia’s smile ignited the fire hidden deep in Dr. Thames’s heart. Since Silvia was

convinced that Dr. Thames wanted to snatch Jayden away, her pretentious act

would all be in vain.

Dr. Thames walked up to Silvia and whispered softly, as if it was meant only for Silvia’s ears, “Silvia, keep your excitement down. We can’t be sure who will end up as the winner in the end.

“Huh?” Silvia pursed her lips and smiled gently. She also whispered in Dr. Thames’s ears, “He is my husband! Anyone who wants to take him away from me is my enemy”

“Huh..” Dr. Thames sneered and said, “You bitch, don’t get carried away. Without his protection, you are nothing. It will be so easy to send you to hell.”

Silvia smiled brightly. “You are right. I’m nothing without his protection, so thank you for your warning. I’ll hold on tight to him and never let go.” m

Not only was she chased away by Jayden, but Dr. Thames was also unable to gain the upper hand in the debate with Silvia. Dr. Thames had never been humiliated like this before. She tried to calm herself down and said, “Great, you better hold on tight to him. If not, I will make you die in the ugliest possible way”

“Of course… Silvia nodded like a good student. “I will remember Dr. Thames’s hospitable advice and will never let myself die before you

“Let’s wait and see! This b*tch was useless, but she had a sharp tongue. Dr. Thames couldn’t take advantage of her. She was so furious that she turned

around and left

She kept telling herself not to be angry, not to be triggered by Silvia’s words. Even though Silvia had a sharp tongue, she would just tear her mouth apart one day to vent her anger

“Dr. Thames, you don’t look good. Is Miss Turner in bad shape?” When she walked to the first floor, Dr. Thames met Auntie Cherry who thought that something had happened to Silvia

All about Miss Turner again… Everyone in the family was focused on that b*tch. Did they ever show regard for Dr. Thames? Obviously, no one cared about her, even Auntie Cherry, the servant. It was

obvious that Dr. Thames was angry because of Silvia, but Auntie Cherry still

cared about that b*tch.

“Dr. Thames, is Miss Turner’s condition that serious?” Seeing that Dr. Thames’s face was turning more and more gloomy, the first thing Auntie Cherry thought of was still Silvia. When she thought of that and how Jayden would be worried for her, Auntie Cherry’s heart was dangling too.

“Miss Turner is fine… It’s just that I’m not feeling well.” Dr. Thames strained for a long time before she finally managed to say these words calmly.

“Thank God! Fortunately…. Auntie Cherry cried out. She was slow to realize that Dr. Thames was not feeling well. “Dr. Thames, I mean, it’s fortunate that Miss Turner is fine… Are you not feeling well? Do you need me to get a doctor for you?”

“I’m fine. Dr. Thames clenched her fists. Just now, she also branded Auntie Cherry as another who invoked her wrath. When she became the hostess of this family one day, the first thing she would do was to get rid of this dense old woman. “By the way Auntie Cherry, is Miss Turner taking medicine to regulate her body these days?”

“Yes. Miss Turner is taking some medicine, but not like ordinary patients. Instead, it’s added to her favorite food. She gets to treat her body and enjoy her food at the same time.” Auntie Cherry could go on forever when it came to this subject. “Master Jayden cares so much about Miss Turner. He really went out of his way for everything. I’m so happy to see the two of them being so in love.

Auntie Cherry saw how good Jayden was treating Silvia. Out of delight, she wanted to share this happy news with Dr. Thames, who was her colleague of sorts. Alas, Cherry did not realize that Dr. Thames was not as she seemed…

Auntie Cherry’s words were like a needle piercing into Dr. Thames’s heart, but she could not let others see the pain in it. “Master Jayden treats Miss Turner well, but she… Dr. Thames pretended to have spilled the beans and quickly swerved the topic. “Auntie Cherry, who is the doctor who prescribed the medicine to Miss Turner?”

Auntie Cherry did not suspect anything and answered honestly, “It’s the famous Dr. Jones from First People Hospital.

“I see. Dr. Jones is well known for her skill and ethics. I believe that Miss Turner

will soon recover and give birth to a child for Master Jayden.” Dr. Thames did not want to hear about Jayden’s love for Silvia anymore. She raised her hand and looked at the time. “It’s getting late. I am going back. Auntie Cherry, you should rest early as well”

“Dr. Thames, let me walk you to the door.” Thinking that Dr. Thames still came to see Silvia at such a late time, Auntie Cherry sincerely expressed her gratitude to Dr. Thames. She thought that she should send Dr. Thames to the gates at least.

Since Auntie Cherry wanted to see her off, Dr. Thames did not refuse. Along the way, she did not speak because Auntie Cherry had been enthusing over the things Jayden had done for Silvia.

Finally, they arrived at the gate at the courtyard. Dr. Thames looked back at Auntie Cherry and asked, “Auntie Cherry, why do you think Master Jayden likes Miss Turner?”

Auntie Cherry smiled and said, “Miss Turner is witty and kind. She is very


“That’s how you perceive her to be… Dr. Thames smiled and said, “What I’m trying to say is that Master Jayden is powerful and influential. He is never short of any experience when it comes to women. Why would he suddenly be interested in such a young girl whom he had only met once?”

Auntie Cherry sighed, “Perhaps this is fate. Meeting the right person at the right time.”

Dr. Thames said, “Fate is an amazing thing.”

“I heard from Butler Banks that Master Jayden had met Miss Turner two years ago, but I didn’t know where that was.” Auntie Cherry was not usually talkative. She spoke so much to Dr. Thames because she also wanted to share her joy about the matter.

“Is that so?” Dr. Thames had been by Jayden’s side for three years. She was clear about everything that had happened around him, but she had never heard that Jayden first met Silvia two years ago.

She always thought that it was the first time for Jayden to see that b*tch at the black market. She thought that he wanted to save her because of her pretty

face. D

It seemed that this was not the case.

Since he had met Silvia two years ago, then it was not a coincidence for Jayden to meet Silvia when she was being auctioned off at the black market.

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