My Husband Warm the Bed- 1235

“I heard from Butler Banks, so it should be true. Otherwise, with Master Jayden’s personality, he would never bring a girl back home after meeting her only once. I think the reason he took Miss Turner home was that he had long been interested in her” Auntie Cherry regarded Dr. Thames as someone she could trust, so she just shared her thoughts freely.

“He’s long been interested in Miss Turner? Then why didn’t he bring her home earlier? Dr. Thames could not get her head around this point.

“Err… Well… Auntie Cherry only said it casually, her words failed her if she was asked why. These are all unfounded opinions. We can’t possibly guess Master Jayden’s thoughts.

“Auntie Cherry, Master Jayden won’t like us discussing his private matters. It’s okay that you spoke to me about it, but remember not to tell anyone else.” Dr. Thames’s advice seemed to be out of concern for Auntie Cherry. But in fact, she was pushing the blame on Auntie Cherry and stripping herself of any responsibility

Auntie Cherry said, “Dr. Thames, we have been around Master Jayden for many years. We get on well with each other, so that is why I told you so much. I dare not say a word in front of others”

“Of course, I know.” Dr. Thames smiled and said, “Auntie Cherry, I’ll be off now. You should also get some rest earlier. It’s getting cold these days, remember to put on more clothes. Don’t catch a cold!”

“Yes, I will. Dr. Thames, you have to take care of yourself too.” Auntie Cherry was elderly, but she had no children. Few people showed concern towards her, so Dr. Thames’s passing remarks touched her so much that her eyes reddened.

Auntie Cherry was moved, but Dr. Thames did not really care about Auntie

Cherry at all. On her way back home, all she could think about was Jayden and


Jayden had a weird temper. Although he was a businessman, he never attended social events. Hence, he would not have gone to the black market for no reason.

Dr. Thames had been by Jayden’s side for many years. She had only seen him go to the black market once, and he happened to meet Silvia that time. It was not a spur of the moment that Jayden suddenly took his men to the

black market, nor was it a coincidence. He must have received some news and rushed to save Silvia from Norman.

Yes, Dr. Thames should have thought of it earlier, but she had never ventured in

that way. She had been foolishly thinking that it was Jayden’s first time seeing

Silvia at the black market.

According to Dr. Thames’s understanding of Jayden, Jayden’s character was quite eccentric. During these years, apart from working, he did not pay much attention to anyone. Only by seeing Silvia once, he had already remembered her and formed a good impression of her. This possibility was very low.

Since she could not get a breakthrough from Jayden, Dr. Thames changed her target to Silvia. She admitted that Silvia was pretty, but there were innumerable beautiful women in the world. Why would Jayden, such an excellent and powerful man choose Silvia among a throng of beautiful women?

There must be some secrets that she didn’t know.

Dr. Thames had many unanswered questions in her mind. With these questions, she once again rushed to Felix’s temporary residence.

She was on the way.

These days, Felix wasn’t doing well. He couldn’t fall asleep even when it was late into the night. All he could think about was Silvia. He kept replaying in his mind the little things between them in the past.

When he thought that the girl he had doted on was taken away by another man,

he felt as if there was a fire burning in his heart. He could not bear the pain,

His mind was filled with memories of Silvia. Since he could not fall asleep, he simply got up picked up a bottle of white wine from the bedside, and guzzled it like water

“Knock knock!”

He was drinking when the door was suddenly knocked on. He paused for a moment before he continued to down the whole bottle. After finishing the bottle, he came to the door and saw the woman outside through the peephole.

He opened the door and let Dr. Thames in. “It’s so late. What are you doing here?”

Dr. Thames said, “I am here to tell you that since your woman does not like me,

Jayden has already dismissed me.

“What did you do to her?” As soon as Dr. Thames finished her words, Felix was

so flustered that he grabbed Dr. Thames by her collar and stared coldly at her. “I

warned you that if you dare to touch her, I’ll never let you go.”

“You’re that unwilling to part with her? You’re that worried about her?” Dr. Thames looked at Felix’s hand and threw him a series of questions. “Felix, are you sure you still want her?”

Felix slowly loosened his grip. He said between his gnashed teeth, “Yes! She

was mine in the first place. Why can’t I have her?”

Dr. Thames continued, “Felix, you have to understand. Silvia is no longer your woman. She is no longer the Silvia who loves you. She walked away with another man, and she doesn’t love you anymore. Jayden has done everything that you wanted to do for her in the past. Every night, the woman you love making love to the man you hate!”

“So what?” Felix clenched his fists, his gaze sinister and terrifying. “As long as she’s willing to return to my side, I won’t care about what happened in the past.” “You really don’t care? Can you really do that?” Which man could stand his

beloved woman having sex with another man? Dr. Thames knew the mind of

men too well. They would definitely mind!

“I wouldn’t mind anything as long as she comes back” Felix said it to Dr. Thames, but it was also for himself. He wanted to convince himself that as long as Silvia returned to his side, he would not care about what had happened during this period of time.

Dr. Thames sneered and said, “You are such a fool!”

Felix gave a mocking smile. “‘Fool? Am 1? I really hope that I can be a bit more foolish and ignorant. I won’t have to suffer every day. I won’t have to rely on sleeping pills!”

Dr. Thames looked at him for a long time before finally asking, “Felix, if she doesn’t want to come back to you, what are you going to do?”

“No, she won’t. She isn’t willing to stay by Jayden’s side. As long as she knows that I’m still alive, she will definitely return to my side!” Felix continued to emphasize. Perhaps he was trying to convince Dr. Thames or perhaps. himself.

“Felix, she betrayed the feelings you shared between the two of you. Why are you torturing yourself like this?” Dr. Thames sniffed the strong smell of alcohol on his body and looked at the wine bottles in the room. She sighed, Don’t torture yourself anymore. If you go on like this, how could you take on Jayden Kyle?”

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