My Husband Warm the Bed- 1236

“She didn’t betray me! No! She definitely won’t!” Felix roared, “She told me to wait for her until she grew up, and she would marry me. She wanted to be my wife

Those words still rang in his ears occasionally, reminding him of the promise

between them. Silvia telling him to wait for her to grow up so he could marry


She loved him wholeheartedly. He had just disappeared for a few months, how would she fall in love with someone else? No matter the evidence placed right in front of his eyes, he was not willing to believe it,

Although he saw with his own eyes that she was together with Jayden, he believed that Silvia must have been threatened into complying. That she had no choice but to be with Jayden.

Dr. Thames shook him hard and exclaimed, “Felix, wake up and face reality Don’t live in your fantasy anymore.”

“Reality? Fantasy?” The reality was too cruel to bear, so Felix used alcohol to numb himself. In that way, he would be able to pretend that Silvia was still the girl he knew, the little lass who tagged behind him every day. The little girl who revolved around him like he was the center of her world.

Dr. Thames roared at him, “It’s a fact that Silvia has betrayed you. We don’t have to fall out because of this anymore. Let me remind you, if you want her to come back to you, you have to strive for it. Do you think she will come back to you if all you did was drink yourself into oblivion?”

Felix understood what Dr. Thames said. It was the turning point for their plan and they could not afford any mishaps. Otherwise, all their previous efforts would have been in vain. If they wanted to triumph over Jayden, he should not get drunk every day. He had to pull himself together.

Felix turned around and headed to the washroom to wash his face. He was trying to come to his senses. “Dr. Thames, you said that Jayden dismissed you. If you don’t stay by his side, then our plans.”

“I can’t work for him anymore, but I have arranged everything else. Everything will go according to our plan, and no one can change it” If she coveted a man, she would definitely get him. If she couldn’t get him, then she would rather destroy him than to let him fall into another woman’s hands.

Felix rubbed his temples and slowly said, “We’ve started this, we can’t go back anymore. Keep in mind, continue with your act even if he has dismissed you.” “Yeah, I will.” Dr. Thames concealed the fact that she and Silvia were now on

bad terms because she knew that Felix would lose control as soon as he heard

the word “Silvia”,

She really couldn’t understand this man. Silvia had already betrayed him, but he still regarded her as a treasure. “What’s so good about Silvia? Why must all of you men desire her?”

“What’s good about her? Felix thought of Silvia’s sweet smile. He thought of how she called his name so gently. He thought of many, many things related to

her. “Everything about her is good!”

He had pampered her ever since she was a child. It was indisputable that she was amazing in every aspect!

“No matter how good she is, she belongs to someone else now.” Dr. Thames went into the room and bagged two bottles of wine. “Tonight, let’s drink to our heart’s content. When we wake up tomorrow, we’ll forget everything and continue to strive for our goal.”

Felix took the wine and said, “Speaking of which, what you are doing is even more meaningless than what I am doing. Jayden has never looked at you, and there was no history between you two. Why are you so stubborn?”

Dr. Thames loosened the bottle cap and said, “Yes, he doesn’t like me, but I like

him. My strength is that if I like something, I will get it by all means.” Felix scoffed, “Jayden is not an object you can obtain so easily. He’s the biggest shot in Madison City. How could you ever get him in your hands?

“Let me tell you a story” Dr Thames sat down and said while she sipped the wine, “When was seven years old and my sister was nine, she adopted a dog The dog was adorable and I liked it very much. I wanted it for myself, but my sister wouldn’t give it to me… Guess what happened later?”

Felix said, “You snatched the dog from your sister?

“No, I killed the dog” Dr. Thames’s lips curled into a smile. Her bloodshot eyes looked very frightening. “I used a knife and chopped the dog into halves. The dog died, and its innards were strewn all over the ground. It was extremely miserable and pitiful. My sister was so frightened that she passed out.”

“You were only seven years old?” Felix knew that this woman was cruel and merciless in her manner. She was indeed a good partner to cooperate with, but once she fell out with him, she would be an extremely difficult opponent to deal


“I was still a month away from turning seven, in fact!” When she spoke of this matter, Dr. Thames’s eyes did not show any remorse but a hint of pride to it “From then on, my sister did not have the guts to rob things from me anymore. As long as it’s something I want, she will give it to me obediently

“Do you think you’re happy?” Felix thought that a person who caused even her family member to be terrified of her would definitely be unhappy, and her life would definitely be a failure.

“Every time when I see her personally giving me her favored things when I want them, I feel so thrilled inside. Dr. Thames shook her head and said, “But my obedient sister still did something that displeased me.”

Felix asked, “What’s that?”

Dr. Thames calmly explained about the twisted things she had done before.

“She found herself a boyfriend. That boy was rich and handsome. He was also tall. I said that I liked him and wanted him to be my boyfriend, but my sister was

not willing to give him to me, finally..

Felix interrupted her, “You killed that man as well?’

Dr. Thames sneered and said, “I would be jailed for killing someone. I am not an idiot.”

Felix asked again, “Then what did you do?”

“Well, I made that man seduce me willingly.” When she spoke of this matter, Dr. Thames felt that this was her best achievement, second only to graduating from a famous university.

The man had just expressed his love for her sister and declared that he would love her forever. Yet, the next second, he was having s*x with Dr. Thames, She succeeded in snatching away her sister’s boyfriend. She could not be any

prouder than this.

“He got to enjoy both of you?”

“He’s not that lucky. When he came to see me, I secretly sent my sister a text message. When we were making love, my sister walked in on us. In a fit of anger, she jumped into the river and drowned to death. After that, my parents were depressed. They retired and went back to our hometown.

“Well, that’s your After this story, Felix found that, his previous understanding of Dr. Thames was far from enough. This woman could speak so nonchalantly about such vicious acts, which proved that she had no conscience at all.

He should stay away from such a ruthless woman!

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