My Husband Warm the Bed- 1237

“My style? What’s my style?” Dr. Thames poured another glass of wine and said, “I’m just working hard for my future. What’s wrong with me?”

Dr. Thames smashed the bottle to the ground and roared madly, “Many would do anything to achieve their own goals. I am Just one of them. As my closest

family, why can’t they understand me?”

“Yes, there is nothing wrong with working hard for your goal. This is just how life is. It does not matter what you have done. As a winner, you’re always in the right” Felix finally understood Dr. Thames’s obsession with Jayden. The two of them were the same kind of people, who would attain their goals by all means.

To snatch her sister’s man, Dr. Thames did not even hesitate to hurt her own sister. Dr. Thames even blamed her parents for not understanding her.

Jayden used all kinds of vicious means to get Silvia. If Felix had not been so fortunate at that time, he would have also ended up dead like Dr. Thames’s sister

Thinking of that, Felix clenched his fists. He would definitely take revenge, and he would get back at Jayden with the pain he had experienced. No matter how powerful Jayden’s influence was, Felix had always believed that

as long as he was still alive, there were endless possibilities of revenge!

“Because my wife doesn’t like you!”

After lying on her bed for a long time, Silvia’s mind was still filled with the words Jayden uttered when he dismissed Dr. Thames. She really felt that Jayden was amazingly cool!

Apart from that, she also felt that Jayden seemed to be more handsome and masculine than ever!

In the past, Jayden was just a typical old money heir in Silvia’s eyes. He squandered his father’s wealth to behave oppressively, never caring about the consequences.

To Silvia, Jayden was arrogant and also constantly condescending towards her! He was patronizing to the point that Silvia had lost all confidence!

This time, Jayden dismissed Dr. Thames merely because Silvia didn’t like her.

This lavish treatment was beyond Silvia’s expectation. She was still in disbelief!

To prove that she was not dreaming, Silvia reached out and pinched her own The pain proved that it was true! Silvia rolled happily on the bed. “Young Master

thigh. “Ouch!”

Kyle, oh, Young Master Kyle. You’re usually so vicious. I didn’t expect you to do

something that made me so happy!”

Silvia was happily rolling around on the bed when she suddenly heard the sound of the door handle turning. It seemed like Jayden was here. She immediately hid under the quilt and closed her eyes, pretending that she had fallen asleep.

Perhaps Jayden assumed that she had fallen asleep, so he opened and closed the door lightly. It was so soft that Silvia could hardly hear his footsteps. It was only when he sat down on one side of the bed until it slightly sunk in that Silvia knew he was sitting beside her

She was pretending to be asleep and was afraid that he would see through her! Silvia was a little nervous, and her breathing became irregular. She didn’t know Jayden would notice it!

Just when Silvia was worrying that she would be exposed, she suddenly felt Jayden’s warm breath misting on her face. She could imagine that his face was really close to hers!

He was so close to her, but he didn’t take any further action. What on earth did

he want to do?

She couldn’t see him nor guess what he wanted to do. Silvia was so nervous that her body tensed up, and her breathing became more erratic… It was at this moment that she felt Jayden’s arm gliding beneath her pajamas…

What a beast. She was not feeling well, but he still wanted to touch her while she was asleep… Silvia wanted to reach out and slap away the devil’s claws, but she found that he did not do anything to her at all!

He placed his thick and warm palm on her lower abdomen and gently stroked

it, as if he wanted to pass some warmth to her.

It turned out that he had no other intentions! Silvia had misunderstood him and was now feeling sorry about it

“Silvia… Jayden suddenly lowered his head and said her name in her ear. Silvia,

who was pretending to be asleep, was so frightened that her body went stiff. Perhaps he had realized that she was pretending to be asleep?

When she was in a dilemma of whether to open her eyes or not, she suddenly

heard him say, “Silly girl, you can cause trouble, you can even stir a commotion,

but don’t you ever fall sick!”

Huh! Could she control her illnesses? Did he think that she wanted to get sick? Earlier, her stomach was in such acute pain that she felt like she was dying. Did

he think she wanted that?

Displeasure loomed in her heart and she wanted to complain, and Silvia unwittingly lifted the corner of her mouth. Her soft body leaned into his arms, and while she listened to his calm and powerful heartbeat, she felt particularly at ease. “Jayden, as long as you treat me a little better, I will be in a good mood. Then, I won’t fall sick!”

“Yes, as long as you are not sick, everything else is of no importance!” Jayden was aware that she was pretending to be asleep, but as long as she was happy, he would pretend to not know it.

“Then you also have to promise me that you will take your medicine on time in the future, and take good care of your body” Silvia heard that there would be a change in weather again, she was worried that his old illness would act up again

Thinking of Jayden’s old illness, Silvia recalled Dr. Thames.

Over the years, Dr. Thames had been responsible for treating Jayden. She understood Jayden’s health condition the most. Now that she was dismissed and there was no new doctor taking over, what would happen if Jayden suddenly fell ill?

Silvia suddenly felt that Jayden’s act of dismissing Dr. Thames was using his own life as a wager… He had forsaken his own wellbeing merely because Silvia disliked Dr. Thames?!

Thinking of this, Silvia’s eyes suddenly turned red. “Jayden, are you a fool?”

“What’s wrong?” She was fine just now, but why did tears well up in her eyes so suddenly? Unsurprisingly her mood was even more unpredictable than the weather.

“Do you want to die?!”

“What nonsense are you spouting?”

“Now that you have dismissed Dr. Thames, who would treat you in the future?” Silvia quickly grabbed her mobile phone and stuffed it into his hand. “You should call Dr. Thames. Let her stay with you and take care of you

Yes, Silvia admitted that she loathed Dr. Thames, wishing she would never appear in front of Jayden again. However, compared to her own personal feelings, Silvia cared more about Jayden’s health, and wanted to make sure that he was fine.

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