My Husband Warm the Bed- 1238

She suddenly flew into a rage because she was worried about his health!

“This silly woman, how could she be so adorably foolish?” Jayden pulled her into his embrace and hugged her tightly. “Silvia, haven’t I told you how silly you are? But you still don’t want to admit it. It’s not like there’s only Dr. Thames in this world. I can still hire other doctors.”

“There are a lot of capable doctors in the world, but none of them know your condition like Dr. Thames. Silvia removed his hand from hers, slipped out of his embrace, and complained, “You dismissed Dr. Thames in such a hurry that she hasn’t briefed anything to the other doctors. You can’t do that! You should call her and keep her here!”

Jayden said, “I will get someone to fetch my medical records from her tomorrow. I will give my utmost cooperation to the new doctor and go through a comprehensive physical examination. I promise! I will get better as soon as possible.

“Jayden, do you think seeking medical treatment is the same as doing business? Do you think you’d get better just because you said so?” Jayden often teased Silvia as being silly, but yet now she felt he was the actual fool!

He did not follow the doctor’s instructions and take the medicine prescribed. Even if he was Superman, he would eventually fall sick if he tortured himself like that

“I will try my best.” Jayden understood his health clearly. In the past, because he had given up on the treatment, he would develop a fever whenever the weather was cold. Now that there was someone who cared about him whom he also cared for, Jayden wanted to rid himself of this illness. He would cooperate with the doctor’s treatment so that his condition could improve greatly.

Seeing that he was behaving languidly, Silvia was so angry that she stomped her feet, “Jayden.”

“Good girl!” Jayden rubbed her head and said, “I know what I should do. Go to

sleep, you have to get up early tomorrow.”

Silvia slapped his hand away and said aggressively, “Jayden, I’m being serious here. Don’t talk down to me like I am a child. I’ll get angry

Jayden explained seriously, “I am also serious. Since Dr. Thames has been fired,

I won’t let her come back. I have already contacted the new doctor. He’ll give me a physical examination tomorrow.”

Silvia asked, “When did you decide to fire Dr. Thames?

“Tonight.” It was precisely when Jayden heard Silvia ask Dr. Thames to refer to her as Mrs. Kyle that he decided to fire Dr. Thames and never employ her again Silvia questioned, “You only decided to fire her just now, but you’ve already

found a replacement doctor?

Jayden raised his eyebrows and said, “Are you doubting my capabilities?

Silvia said, “What does this have to do with your capabilities? How did you get a doctor this late at night?”

“Well, naturally someone did it for me. Don’t worry.” Jayden pulled her into his arms and patted her gently on the back coaxing her to sleep like she was a child. “Silvia, when you have enough money and enough power, you will find that many things are much easier than you think.”

In Silvia’s opinion, it was very difficult to find a good doctor. However, for someone at Jayden’s status, hiring an excellent doctor was as simple as making a phone call

Jayden merely made a phone call to his assistant, and someone would naturally sort things out for him.

“Oh.” Silvia gently responded. He was right. She was not at a similar status as

him, so she perceived many things as difficult. However, these matters were a

piece of cake for Jayden.

Hiring a personal doctor was really simple for someone as rich and powerful as Jayden. Clearly, Silvia did not realize it.

Thinking of this, Silvia eased her mind. Lying in his arms and listening to his steady heartbeat, she gradually fell asleep.

When Silvia woke up the space on the bed next to her was already cold.

Jayden must have been awake for a long time. When she got up, she felt a little disappointed when she did not see him.

However, the feeling disappeared when she saw a note on the bedside table.

“Silvia, I went for a jog. I’ll have breakfast with you when I come back.”

Indeed, he was becoming more considerate to her, leaving her a note to notify her of his jog.

Silvia tidied up and went downstairs. Jayden just returned from his jog and was drenched in sweat on such a cold day. Silvia quickly handed him a dry towel and said, “Dry yourself. It’s easy to catch a cold in this weather. Take care of your body.”

“Yeah, I will! Silvia helped to wipe the sweat off Jayden. Unconsciously, she was very close to him and her pink-tinted face was swaying in front of Jayden’s eyes. His Adam’s apple bobbed slightly and he lowered his head to kiss her lips, tasting them carefully

“Hey… Silvia wanted to push him away, but like before, he stood firmly in front of her. As long as Jayden did not let her go, she had no way to push him away.

As they kissed, Silvia got in the mood and closed her eyes, savoring the kiss.

After a long time, when Jayden finally let go of her, Silvia looked down and saw the two young boys staring at them with eager eyes. She didn’t know when they showed up and how long they had been watching!

How could she let the boys watch something so inappropriate? What if they were poorly influenced?

Jayden clearly knew that there were two kids in the house, but he did not

restrain himself and made out with her in a public space! Now, Silvia was too

embarrassed to explain it to the boys.

Silvia cast a reproachful look at Jayden.

Silvia did not expect that the boys would do something shocking next.

Levi stepped forward like a little adult. “Jayden, that’s not how you kiss a girl” Jayden’s face darkened as he said, “Levi, who gave you permission to peek at us?”

“Jayden, you’re wrong. We weren’t peeking. We were openly watching Levi pursed his lips. “This is the living room, not a private space. You two were kissing here. We did not even complain about your inappropriate behaviour, and yet you’re blaming us for peeking?”

Jayden, “Levi, do you want a good spanking?

Levi said, “Jayden, since when did you learn to be like my Dad? He always threatens me like that, but he never follows through. Now I’m not afraid of him anymore.”

“You kid, you’re really something.” Jayden grabbed Levi and lifted him up with both hands. Today, I’ll show you if I’m playing around or being serious.”

“Jayden, don’t scare him! Silvia was afraid that Jayden would hurl Levi away.

After a moment’s thought, Levi looked at Silvia with dissatisfaction and said, “Sister Silvia, you are not cooperative enough!”

Silvia was completely flabbergasted.

Levi added, “Whenever my Dad kisses my Mom, she would respond aggressively.Sister Silvia, if you don’t understand, I’ll teach you another day.”

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