My Husband Warm the Bed- 1239

Despite being thick-skinned, Silvia still felt embarrassed. That child’s demeanor did not conform to his age at all.

“Young Master Kyle, I give in. I won’t go between you and your brothers. Silvia’s words implied that Levi deserved to be punished. If Jayden wanted to teach Levi a lesson, so be it. She would not interfere.

“Oh no!”

Levi realized that he was in trouble. He quickly put on a pitiful look before Silvia turned around and left. “Sister Silvia, you can’t leave me. If you do that, I’m going to get a harsh spanking!

Silvia was not a soft-hearted person, but she could not resist these lovely boys. She could not bear to see them suffer, not even a little bit.

“Jayden, forget it. Levi is still a child. Let’s just spare him.” Silvia persuaded Jayden. She clearly knew that Levi was full of tricks up his sleeves, but her heart softened at the sight of his pitiful face.

Jayden said, “Levi, weren’t you acting tough just now? Why did you chicken out so soon?”

Levi said, “I am a wise man. I won’t fight when the odds are against me.”

“He’s almost 12 years old. He’s not young anymore.” Julien, who was usually quiet, suddenly spoke out. He looked at Levi and said, “Naughty kids should be punished. If not, he might disturb you further when you’re in the heat of your passion!”

Silvia was at a loss!

Given the fact that the boys could disturb them when they were kissing, it was possible that they might pop up out of nowhere when she and Jayden were passionate in bed! She had to be more careful in future.

Levi was rendered speechless.

It sounded as if Levi was the one who barged in on Jayden and Silvia kissing,

but it was Julien who dragged him over actually! However, even if Levi disclosed this, no one would believe him.

In their eyes, Julien was a quiet and sensible boy who never caused trouble. Levi on the other hand, was a troublemaker just like his mother, Mia.

As he thought deeper, Levi found himself very pitiful. All these years, apart from Mia, everyone saw him as a troublemaker. He sobbed, “You all don’t care about me anymore. I’m so pitiful. I want to go home and look for my mom…

Jayden said, “Okay, I’ll ask Simon to send you back today”

Levi’s crying came to an abrupt end. He stared at Jayden with wide eyes and said incredulously, “Jayden, I’m just saying it casually. Why do you have to be so ruthless?!”

Julien said, “Spewing nonsense again!”

Levi glared at Julien and snapped, “Julien, what on earth did I do to you? Why do you have to go against me every time?”

Julien said, “You offended Jayden.

Levi understood what was happening. Julien was pushing all the blame on him again. All he could do now was to admit defeat and apologize. Otherwise, they would be sent back to Chatterton Town, “Jayden, I was wrong. I should not have followed Julien over to sneak on you and Sister Silvia.”

Well, since Julien sold him out, he would not let Julien off the hook. He said, “Jayden, no matter where the two of you are publicly displaying your affection in the future, I’ll pretend that I don’t see it. I will not disturb you two again. Julien, you won’t peek at them also, isn’t that right?”

Julien did not expect Levi to pull out this move. His expression changed and he lapsed into sullen silence.

“Great, glad that you two understand. However, Jayden did not let Levi off but carried him upstairs. “Julien, come along.

Julien was cynical in front of Levi, but in front of Jayden, he was a goody two

shoes. He followed without hesitation when Jayden asked him to

Jayden took the two boys to the study and looked sternly at them as he said, “Both of you, stand up straight.”

It seemed that Jayden was really being serious. He could not play hardball with Jayden at this time. Levi quickly apologized, “Jayden, I’m sorry” Jayden grilled him, “Do you know what you did wrong?”

Levi scratched his little head and said, “If you say that I’m wrong, then I must be


“Levi, it seems that you haven’t realized your mistake” Jayden pinched Levi’s ears and looked at Julien again. “Julien, do you know what you’ve done wrong?

Julien shook his head.

Jayden pinched his face. “You’re not allowed to plot against your sister-in-law in

the future.

“Jayden, we. They always thought that they had done a good job in plotting against Silvia. They didn’t expect that Jayden had already seen through it. The boys wanted to deny it, but when they looked into Jayden’s serious eyes, they had to scratch that idea. They could only nod obediently. “We won’t do it again in the future.

“Your sister-in-law is bold and forthright, but she is not stupid. She only allowed you two to scheme against her because she loves you.” Jayden patiently explained to the two boys, “You can’t take advantage of her love for you and scheme against her.

“Jayden, I was wrong” Julien bowed his head and admitted his mistake


“Jayden, admit my mistake too. I’m sorry. I won’t lie to her again in the future. I’ll treat her super well.” made a pledge and was almost trying bind himself in an oath.

“Now that you know what you’ve done wrong, you’re still good boys.” Jayden stroked their heads and led them out of the study room. However, as soon as he opened the door, something heavy stumbled in.

“Silvia, what are you doing?” If Jayden had not reacted at the nick of time and caught her, Silvia would probably have slammed into the ground.

came to tell you that breakfast is served!” Silvia could never admit that she was caught eavesdropping outside the door. She scratched her head awkwardly. “Jayden, go take a bath and change your clothes. Don’t catch a cold.

“Got it. Jayden nodded and glanced at the two boys. They were very perceptive, “Jayden, we’ll wait for you downstairs. Sister Silvia, please prepare the bath for Jayden.”

Just like that, the two boys scurried downstairs. Jayden took Silvia into the room. As soon as she stepped into the room, Jayden pushed her against the wall

“Jayden, what are you doing?

“Silvia.” Jayden suddenly lowered his head and bit Silvia’s lips, lacing their lips together. After a long while, he let her go and stretched out his hand to rub her lips, “What should I do? I want to kiss you again

“Jayden, let me go…” Silvia’s face turned hot from Jayden’s kiss, and she tried to push him away. “Ugh! All you do is kiss me! You’ve kissed twice in the morning, Isn’t that enough?”

“Only twice. If I could, I’d kiss you a thousand times more.” Her lips were like a blossoming flower, emitting an enticing fragrance, temping him to pick it up.

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