My Husband Warm the Bed- 1240

“Jayden, did you smear honey on your lips this morning?” Jayden usually didn’t talk much, but now his words were so cloying that Silvia couldn’t stand it. “Yeah, it’s possible that I did. Do you want to taste it?” Before she could answer

him, his lips covered hers again, like he was savoring an addictive dessert.

“Jayden, stop it… Silvia wanted to stop him, but her voice was trapped. Her lips were fully occupied by his!

Jayden’s masculine pheromones messed up her rationality. She could not

refuse his kiss, so she could only fall into his passionate embrace

Later, Silvia didnt even know when this lingering kiss came to an abrupt end. Anyway, the only thing she could recap for the whole morning was the way

Jayden kissed her.

His titillating lips!

His overbearing kiss!

His firm hands!

He was so hot that he almost scorched her!

“Boss, Boss. what are you thinking about?” Suddenly. Reagan’s voice woke Silvia up. She scratched her head awkwardly and asked, “What happened?”

“Nothing.” Reagan stared at Silvia.

“Then, why are you shouting? You frightened me!” Silvia glared at him discontentedly and flipped the book open. However, she did not even notice that the book was upside down because her mind was still replaying how Jayden, that son of a b*tch, had kissed her!

“I’ve been calling you for really long, but you wouldn’t answer me. If I didn’t shout, would you have heard me?” Reagan curled his lips seeing Silvia’s radiant expression. “Boss, there must be a lot of R-rated things on your mind

“What are you talking about?” Reagan’s guess was spot on, making Silvia glare at him. “What do you want to talk about?

Reagan handed a letter to Silvia. This morning, I bumped into Alina the moment I left home. She asked me to pass you this letter and said that you would thank her for this.”

“Alina asked you to pass it to me? Silvia immediately thought of what

happened the previous night. She hurriedly opened the envelope. There was a photo in it… It was a photo of Felix.

It was different from the previous day’s photos. In this one, Felix was in a beige

casual suit Silvia was most familiar with. He was neatly dressed, not unlike a

charming prince from a royal portrait

The smile on his face in the photo was dazzling, overpowering even the sunshine. Especially his bright eyes, when Silvia looked at them, she could discern the tenderness in his gaze.


“Boss, why does Alina have a photo of Felix?” As he spoke, Reagan glimpsed several lines of words on the back of the photo. “Boss, there are words on the back of the photo.”

Silvia immediately turned the photo over. With just a glance, Silvia could confirm that it was Felix’s handwriting. She used to read his handwriting every day, and there was a time when she imitated him, making her very familiar with his script

“Silvia, when you see this, I may have already passed away. Don’t be sad. I’ll love

you no matter where I go.”

“Silvia, I seem to have been targeted by someone. I don’t know who they are, and I don’t know why they are looking for me. They terrify me. It’s a fear I’ve never encountered in my twenty-two years of life I feel that I have fallen into their trap, and now they’re closing into me. I may be doomed.

“Silvia, your father left you not long ago. I yearn to take good care of you and protect you. I won’t allow Norman’s gang to bully you. But now, can’t even guarantee my own safety. I am really good for nothing!”

“Silvia, I want to tell you that if anything happens to me, you must take care of your mother and yourself. You have to know, your Dad and I can’t fully rest when thinking about you.

“Silvia, the people who are targeting me, they’re mysterious and powerful. From what I have seen these days, I definitely can’t escape as long as they don’t let me go.”

“Silvia, you must remember this. Even if you find out who the murderers are, you must stay far away from them. You must never approach them. Please live a good life, on behalf of your Dad and me.

“Silvia, as long as you are alive, there will be infinite hope and possibilities! No

matter what kind of situation you encounter, you must live well.”

Mysterious and powerful…

The first person that came to Silvia’s mind was the most mysterious person in Madison City… The legendary Mr. Kyle, who commanded the economy of

Madison City.

But how could that be possible?

There was no enmity between the Kyles and the Xaviers. They had not even met Jayden before so there was no reason for them to target Felix. It must have been someone else who was targeting Felix

It was possible that the culprit was trying to cover up their identities, so they pretended to be mysterious and deliberately misled Felix

“Felix, you noticed these strange occurences before you disappeared, but why didn’t you tell me? If you did, we could have figured a way out. Then maybe. Thinking of the bloodied person in the previous photo, Silvia’s heart ached again.

Since things had veered in the worst direction, it was likely that Felix was already murdered

Silvia placed Felix’s photo on the spot closest to her heart, “Felix, you left this

clue in hopes that could find your murderer, didn’t you? Don’t worry, I will

definitely find out the truth, and avenge you.”

“Boss, we’ve already analyzed all the influential figures in Madison City yesterday, but we haven’t found any clues. We’re about to give up. Now that we have the letter from Felix, shouldn’t we continue to look for clues from yesterday’s name list?” Reagan also wanted to unearth the identity of the big shot who killed Felix.

“Yes, continue to search for clues from the name list.” Silvia bit her lip and said, “Reagan, let’s just keep this investigation in the dark. Don’t stir up any attention from the teachers and students. We don’t want to alert the enemy.”

“Boss, I know. I’ll keep my lips sealed tight.”

“By the way, did Alina tell you anything else this morning?

Reagan thought for a while and said, “No, nothing else.”

“Okay. If she asks you to bring me something next time, refuse her and tell her

to come to me personally”

“Boss, do you think Alina knows something?”

“Obviously Silvia said firmly, “Alina must have held a lot of information we haven’t got our hands on. She is the only breakthrough we have in this case. As long as we get a breakthrough the following matters will be easier to deal with.”

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