My Husband Warm the Bed- 1241

“I believe Alina knows more than we do about Felix’s death.” Reagan had uncertainties in his heart. But then, I don’t understand how Alina knows so much.”

Silvia sighed, “Same here. I don’t understand as well.”

Reagan added, “Perhaps she’s an accomplice to Felix’s murderer?”

“If she’s an accomplice, she wouldn’t be so silly as to hand the clues over to us.” Silvia carefully put Felix’s photo into the book and closed it properly. “I think Alina was probably the one who spread those rumors around school.”

Reagan was astounded. “Alina? Could she do that? Why would she spread such information?”

“Because she has been in love with Felix in secret” It was precisely because of Felix that Alina kept causing trouble for Silvia in school. “I think she must really like Felix. That was why she released the news when she first learned that Felix was killed!”

Reagan was confused. “If she really wanted to avenge Felix, why didn’t she hand the clues over to the police after she got them? She asked me to bring them to you instead.”

Silvia guessed, “Based on the information we got the murderer is someone with power and influence. We can’t imagine how cruel or brutal they could be. Perhaps Alina was worried, so she didn’t dare to hand the evidence over to the police”

Reagan then added, “It’s not like you can do anything even if she gave them to you.

“I think she probably wants to use the powerful figure backing me to find out who the murderer is.” Silvia did not forget the previous time when Alina gave her the photos Mr. Donald had secretly taken. In the end, Jayden found out about it, and Mr. Donald was arrested.

Silvia surmised that Alina wanted Jayden’s help, but. the last time, Jayden fell out with her because of Felix’s photo. What would Jayden think if he knew that Silvia was trying this hard to avenge Felix’s death?

Jayden was an extremely jealous person… Silvia shook her head. No matter what she would rely on her own ability to find the murderer this time. She

would not ask Jayden for help!

“Boss, I know the chances of finding the murderer would be higher if we could get help from Young Master Kyle, but I don’t want you to trouble him this time. After all, the relationship between the three of you is a bit awkward. The truth was unpleasant, but Reagan had to touch on it. “We men generally don’t like our girlfriend’s exes, let alone helping them out.”

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.” Silvia clenched her fists. She had to experience certain things by herself. Others wouldn’t be able to help her. “As long as we find out the truth, every speculation will be answered.”

Reagan looked at Silvia and said, “Boss, I don’t think Felix would blame you in this matter, so don’t be too stressed out about it…

“You don’t have to sugarcoat the facts to me. I understand it.” Silvia knew that Felix had been killed, so if she could not find the murderer, she would not be in peace for the rest of her life. There was no way that she wouldn’t feel the pressure.

It was just that Silvia was shoulder pressure her own, and she want all the friends who loved and cared for her to be worried about her. not

“Jayden went to work, and Sister Silvia went to class. Levi nagged as he looked at Julien, “Tell me, why isn’t Sister Silvia taking us to her school today?” Julien was reading a profound book teeming with esoteric words, He replied

after a long while, “Perhaps she’s angry with you.”

“Angry with me? Why would she be angry with me?” Levi squeezed to Julien’s side and held his small arms, “Julien, let’s go out and find her, okay?”

Julien moved Levi’s hand away and said, “Nope!”

Levi pursed his lips and said, “I know that you want to go out too. Don’t pretend like you don’t! Come with me to find Sister Silvia. In the worst case, I’d just take the blame again.

Julien raised an eyebrow, “Have you forgotten what happened two days ago? Levi asked in confusion, “What happened?

“You forgot! How unsurprising!” Julien cast a dissatisfied glance at Levi. “Don’t

you remember that someone tried to kill us? Is your brain a useless ornament? “I remember it, okay?!” Indeed, Levi was not as meticulous as Julien Levi scratched his head and replied, “Uncle Banks is dealing with it. He’s here for us, so what are you so worried about?”

“Because Uncle Banks hasn’t found any clues yet. He doesn’t know who it is that was trying to kill us. Julien put his book down and remarked with a serious expression, “It seems that the person is not someone easy to deal with. You’d better stay at home with me during this period of time if you don’t want to cause any trouble for Jayden. Don’t think about going anywhere.”

Levi whined, “Stay at home everyday? Not go anywhere? Julien, are you trying to

bore me to death?”

Julien said, “Well, if you insist to go out, I won’t stop you. I won’t suffer any losses even if you were caught and chopped into pieces by the bad guys. But if something happens to you, the family will be in turmoil. For the sake of the adults in our home, I have to be responsible for your safety even if I am unwilling to

Levi huffed and said, “Julien, you’re always so haughty, but you are so talkative when you are reasoning me.

“Son, Mommy is calling. Answer the phone quick!”

In the living room, Mia’s voice suddenly sounded, which made Julien’s little body stiffen up.

Levi was rather pleased to see that Julien was shocked. “My mother is calling.

Julien frowned and said coldly, “Levi, can’t you change the ringtone? Don’t you realize how terrifying that ringtone is?

“I want to change it too, but if my Mom finds out, she’d skin me alive!” Levi stuck out his tongue proudly. Levi deliberately changed the ringtone an hour ago, thinking that he would scare the cheeky Julien with Mia’s voice.

Julien got light-headed when he heard Mia’s voice. He frowned and said, “Hurry

up and answer the phone, Do you think it’s nice listening to it?!”

“It’s fine, let it ring for a little longer” Levi said slowly, “If I pick it up too fast, she would take it that I miss her very much. She might even come and take me


Julien stood up. “I’m going upstairs.”

Levi held him back. “My mom will definitely want to speak to you later. Why are you going upstairs? Wait here.”

Julien looked at Levi’s grip. “Let go!”

Julien’s tone and expression were really scary. Levi was startled. He quickly loosened his grip and watched as Julien headed upstairs. Levi added, “I’m surprised to see that you’re actually scared of someone!”

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