My Husband Warm the Bed- 1242

Levi watched as Julien’s back slowly disappeared. When he was about to answer the phone, the ringtone stopped.

“Oh no!”

He would be given an earful again in a short while

Just as he was thinking about it, Mia called again. This time, he didn’t dare delay any longer. He rushed to answer the phone and greeted in a sweet voice, “Mom.”

The first thing Levi heard was not the tender and caring voice of a mother to her son, but a high pitched shriek. “Brat, why did you take so long to answer the phone?”

Levi knew that a bomb was about to drop on him, and alas, he nearly went deaf from it!

“I was in the bathroom.” Levi lied without batting an eye. “Mom, it should late at night in Chatterton Town now. Why aren’t you enjoying your beauty sleep?”

“Brat, even without my beauty sleep, no one can compare with me in terms of appearance” Mia didn’t care for her son’s wellbeing at all, and she immediately asked frankly, “Levi, which university does Silvia go to? Which class is she in?”

“Mom, what do you need such information for?” Just as he asked, a thought surfaced to his mind. “Mom, a-are you here in Madison City? “I just left the airport, and now I’m in a taxi to the city.” Levi could tell from Mia’s

voice that she was a little tired. It seemed that she had just traveled on a long

distance flight

“Mom, you came to Madison City just like that. Does Dad know about this?” Just as expected, Mia was very aggressive when it came to such matters, so it wouldn’t take long for Neil to come after her.

“Brat, do you think I need his approval to come visit my nephew’s wife?” Mia yawned and said, “Send the details over quickly!

“Mom, look at you. You just took a ten-hour flight. You must be tired. Why don’t you come over and sleep at Jayden’s house? Sister Silvia will be right here as soon as you wake up.” Usually, Levi was the one causing trouble. However, when he was with Mia, he would play the role of an adult.

“Brat, stop talking nonsense. Just send the details to me” Mia was always so

reckless in front of her son, and she never cared if she would set a bad example

for him.

Levi couldn’t dissuade Mia, but he was worried of Mia disturbing Silvia at school. He was so anxious that he had a slip of the tongue. “Mom, Sister Silvia

doesn’t know you. What if you scare her?

As soon as Levi said that, Mia shouted loudly, “Stinky brat, what are you talking about? Your mother is so beautiful and gentle. How would scare her?”

“Don’t underestimate yourself. When Julien heard your voice just now, he scampered away. Of course, Levi could only think these words in his mind. He did not dare to say it out loud. He patiently tried to dissuade Mia, “Mom, Jayden doesn’t like people disturbing Sister Silvia. You should come to the

house first.

“Send it to me within one minute or I’ll take you back to Chatterton town.” After saying that, Mia hung up the phone. Faced with the disconnected call, Levi shook his head helplessly. Although he was reluctant, he still sent the detailed address of Silvia’s university and her class information to Mia.

If he didn’t…

It was possible that he would really be skinned alive!

In Levi’s family, he was evidently the youngest and the most in need of care. However, in reality, both he and his father had to give way to Mia. Mia was the one that was being cared for!

Forget it. After all, Levi was a real man. He should give in to girls when the time called for it

Meanwhile at University A’s Finance Faculty, in the Third Year’s Class B…

Mia referred to the clues Levi sent her and successfully arrived at University A. When she thought about how she was finally going to meet her niece-in-law, she was overjoyed. She gave the taxi driver a generous tip of 50 dollars.

The driver was delighted when he received the tip. He hurriedly got out of the car and opened the door for Mia. He took his luggage and asked, “Hey gorgeous, are you a student from this university?”

Mia’s son was almost twelve years old. It was obvious that the taxi driver was praising Mia for looking young when he asked if she was a student here. Mia was thrilled to be praised for her young appearance. She gleefully tipped

another 50 dollars to the driver and said, “Yeah, I’m a senior here. Thank you for

sending me!”

An idea flitted across Mia’s mind. She could pretend as a student of the Finance course and sneak into Silvia’s class. She would secretly observe and see if Silvia was as good as Levi told her.

With this thought in mind, Mia couldn’t wait any longer. She rushed to the class,

and it had just started when she arrived.

In the class, some students were paying attention, some were whispering


each other, and some were sleeping on the table… Mia’s eyes scanned the surrounding but she didn’t find the person she was looking for.

Where was she?

Did Levi lie to her and give her the wrong information?

No, he wouldn’t!

Mia immediately denied this idea.

Levi was usually quick-witted and had more devious ideas than Mia. However,

he didn’t have the guts to mislead her unless he was asking to be punished. If Levi didn’t give Mia the wrong information, and Silvia was not there, was it

possible that Silvia was skipping class?

It couldn’t be. Silvia was a sensible adult. Why would she skip any classes?

Just as Mia was lost in her thoughts, a slender figure suddenly appeared in her line of sight. She opened her eyes wide in surprise. “Karen Joy?”

Why was Karen Joy there?

Mia didn’t tell anyone that she was coming to Madison City. Even if Neil and the others found out and sent someone to chase after her, they would only be here in another few hours. It was impossible for Karen Joy to arrive just after Mia did.

“Sorry, you are?” Silvia saw a strange woman staring at her, mistaking her for

someone else. She stopped to look at her.

Silvia stopped to look at the woman because she felt that the woman seemed familiar. However, Silvia could not recall exactly where she had seen her.

“It’s you. It’s you…. Girl, we’ve met before. Do you still remember me?” When

Silvia turned her head, Mia recognized who she was

Mia clearly remembered that a few months ago, In the few days before Karen Joy’s wedding, she met this girl by accident outside a shopping mall. At that time, Mia mistook her for Karen Joy and was regarded as a human trafficker by


“Sorry, but I don’t know you.” Silvia smiled apologetically and turned to leave.

“You really don’t remember me?” Mia grabbed Silvia. “Let me give you a hint You went to Chatterton Town a few months ago.”

Silvia was still in a state of stupefaction

Mia continued to remind her, “It was raining heavily that day. Outside a shopping mall in Chatterton Town.”

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