My Husband Warm the Bed- 1244

“Levi, I’m thirsty. Get me a glass of water on the surface, Mia was talking to Levi. However, Mia’s true intention was for Silvia to bring her a glass of water instead.

Some time ago, when Mia was bored at home, she had watched a dramatic series on TV. It was about a girl from an ordinary family falling in love with a rich guy and ended up marrying him.

Just like how Cinderella met her prince, the story was initially a fairy tale, but the reality was rarely that perfect. The heroine of the series thought she was so lucky to have met the man of her dreams. However, on the second day of their wedding, she was accused by her mother-in-law of stealing jewelry.

Of course, it was impossible that the heroine had stolen her mother-in-law’s jewelry. The mother-in-law asked her own daughter to fake the evidence in order to drive the pitiful heroine out of the family.

The heroine didn’t steal the jewelry, but it was found in her room. There was nothing she could do to vindicate herself. What’s more, that family didn’t give her any chance to defend herself before accusing her of being the thief.

It was fine if the others didn’t believe her, but even the man she loved didn’t believe her… Later on, the heroine still stayed at their home, just to prove her innocence.

Mia gnashed her teeth in anger while watching the drama series. She put herself in the heroine’s shoes countless times and decided she would never quietly suffer just to prove her innocence. Mia would set up bombs and annihilate the entire family for accusing her wrongfully!

After marrying Neil, he had restricted Mia when it came to her acting career. So Mia tended to find trouble when she had nothing to do. Coincidentally, she was recently quite idle, and Silvia had provoked her! So, Mia had to put on a dramatic scene for Silvia to ‘enjoy!

Although Mia was not a vicious mother-in-law, she was still Jayden’s elder. Hence, Mia intended to play the role of a twisted and troublesome elder. First, Mia would intimidate Silvia so she would not be rude to Mia anymore in the


Mia had a well- designed script in her mind for this ‘show’, but Silvia did not respond as she expected!

“Sister Silvia, this is our Aunt Mia” It was rare for Julien to drop hints for Silvia. Although he was usually cheeky and scheming, he was just a small fry when facing the women in his family. He could be bullied by them easily.

Alas, it was because all the men in the Kyle family loved the women too much. Although Julien was just a child, he was also a man in the Kyle family. He would just compromise when it came to these women.

Besides, the three women in his family were his closest relatives. If he didn’t

give in to them, how could he hope for an outsider to treat them well like he


Hence, this was the case…

“A-Aunt Mia.. Silvia was not willing to call Mia that, but she had to. Whatever it was, Mia was still Jayden’s elder. Silvia had to show respect since this was her first time meeting Jayden’s family member, apart from the boys.

“Levi, didn’t you hear that I asked you to pour me a glass of water?” Mia

deliberately shouted at Levi, ignoring Silvia. But she darted her eyes at Silvia


“Girl, you better get me a glass of water. If you do so, I might spare you That

was what her gaze indicated.

However, Silvia had no intention of tending to Mia. “Levi, Julien, Jayden is coming back in a moment. Go wash your hands and let’s wait for him to have dinner together”

Silvia knew that Mia was dissatisfied with her, but Silvia just didn’t want to suck

up to her!

Mia was speechless.

How could Silvia treat an elder like this?

Mia was the elder. Didn’t Silvia know that she was dissatisfied with her and was ignoring her? Mia was infuriated Shouldn’t Silvia try to please her?

However, it was obvious that Silvia had no intention of doing so. She completely gave Mia a cold shoulder.

Mia hinted at Levi to cooperate with her. Levi received the instructions did

not do anything about it. He merely looked at Mia with a dismayed face as he

couldn’t bear to hurt Silvia.

It wasn’t just Silvia who was acting against Mia, even her own son was not on her side. Mia felt a fire burning in her heart!

Mia could no longer keep calm. “Young lady, I’m sitting right here. Why are you

ignoring me?”

Silvia said, “I did say hello to you, It was you who ignored me.”

“Then don’t you know that I’m angry?”

“You can take your time being angry. I have to take care of Levi and Julien.

Mia was flabbergasted!

Why did Jayden choose such a sharp-tongued woman?

Didn’t Neil say that men had an affinity for gentle and considerate women? Was there something wrong with Jayden? Why did he fancy such a vicious woman? Mia was filled with anger, but Levi came and added fuel to the fire, “Mom, n, I

don’t want to blame you… But Sister Silvia did greet you just now. You are

wrong for ignoring her

Mia asked, “Levi, are you still my son?”

Levi replied, “Mom, of course I am your son.”

“Little Precious, don’t just stay quiet Tell her that I’m in charge of the household in the Kyle family!” Mia tried her best to act like the head of the family, but no matter how hard she tried, she did not look the part.

Julien coughed and said slowly, “Aunt Mia, I accidentally dialed my father’s number. I think.” Before Julien could finish his words, he heard Mia’s scream, “What? Julien,

what did you say?!”

This was it. Mia was doomed. If her brother, Kevin, found out that she came all the way to Madison City to “bully” her niece-in-law, she would probably be taken back to Chatterton Town and be locked up, despite being a grown-up!

It was already humiliating just to think about it!

“Aunt Mia, do you want to talk to him?”

“Stinky brat, you did it on purposel Mia thought she would be better off dying.

“Dad, Aunt Mia doesn’t want to talk to you… Okay, I’ll pass it on to her for you,” Julien said earnestly. After that, he made a gesture of hanging up the phone. After all, he needed to put up a full show. Mia taught him this, but she didn’t expect that the trick would be used on herself!

Mia asked, “What did your father ask you to tell me?”

Julien said, “He wants you to behave properly, like an elder.”

Mia was speechless.

Was she not behaving like an elder.

Just as she was feeling defeated, she saw Silvia’s delighted face. Mia was even

angrier. “Girl, I’m not done with you!”

Silvia just kept quiet.

The Kyle family was really different from ordinary families.

Jayden’s mood was unpredictable and could change in an instant.

The two boys were young but extremely smart. They concocted a lot of cheeky and intelligent ideas in their minds.

Now, this Aunt Mia was young and good looking, but she obviously had a mental issue, Silvia didn’t provoke her, but yet Mia harboured a serious grudge against Silvia!

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