My Husband Warm the Bed- 1245

Ever since she was a child, Mia had always been a mischievous person. Before her marriage, her parents and older brother doted on her, and after marriage, she had Neil. Although she was well into her thirties, she never knew how to hold back her temper.

Most of the time, she just did whatever she wanted. Neil gave her the carte blanche as long as she did not hurt anyone. He valued her happiness over anything else.

This trip to Madison City was something that Mia had come up with on the spur of the moment. She didn’t tell anyone and left hastily. Her main purpose was to check Silvia out on Kevin’s behalf.

She was a dauntless, hot-tempered person. This time, she happened to meet Silvia, who was equal to her! When Mia and Silvia bumped into each other, neither of them was willing to give in. They were bound to quarrel to no end!

Seeing that the conflict between the two of them had grown intense, Julien hurriedly pacified the situation, “Aunt Mia, you’re the elder here. My father said that you should behave like an elder. Don’t argue with others.

“Stinky brat, I watched you grow up. You’ve only known her for a while, but yet you’re taking her side.” Initially, Mia wanted to bask in the privilege of an elder, but it was a futile attempt!

If it were in the past, Silvia would have happily put up a fight with anyone who was provoking her. However this woman, Mia, was Jayden’s elder.

Silvia was part of the family now that she had married Jayden. Sooner or later, she would have to visit Jayden’s family. To leave a bad impression, Silvia held back her feelings and said, “Julien, bring your Aunt Mia to wash her hands. It’s time to eat!

Mia stomped her feet in anger. “What do you mean his Aunt Mia?”

Silvia did not know what to say.

Mia said, “Young lady, although I’m not pleased with you, I’m still your elder. You have to call me Aunt Mia too.

Silvia said, “I did, but you did not respond. Why would I call you that again?

Mia was so childish. If she really wanted to find trouble with Silvia, why did she not want to acknowledge Silvia as Jayden’s wife? And now she was

unreasonably demanding for Silvia to call her Aunt Mia?!

“Master Jayden you’re finally back” Auntie Cherry started to worry for Silvia when Mia arrived and wanted to put on a scene. However, Auntie Cherry knew her place. It was not up to a servant to meddle in the family’s affairs.

Auntie Cherry couldn’t just stand by and watch Silvia be bullied. Helpless, she had no choice but to wait for Jayden at the door. She hoped that when he returned, she could pass on the news to him as soon as possible.

“What’s wrong?” As soon as Jayden got out of the car, he saw Auntie Cherry’s anxious look. Jayden frowned.

“Levi’s mother is here. She is with Miss Turner… Before Auntie Cherry could finish her words, Jayden, who had always been calm, dashed into the house like a gust of wind.

Jayden barged in and looked around. Sure enough, he saw that a fight was

about to break out between Mia and Silvia!

“Aunt Mia, you’re here” Although Jayden did not welcome Mia, who was a troublemaker, she was still an elder. Since she had already come, he could not chase her away.

“Jayden, you came back just in time. Mia walked to Jayden’s side and said, “Tell me, is this your wife?”

However, Jayden chose to stand next to Silvia. “Yes.”

The careless Mia did not notice Jayden’s discreet actions. She continued, “Jayden, she has such a bad temper. Why did you choose her as your wife?”

“Aunt Mia, Uncle Neil chose you as well.” Indeed, Jayden was implying that Mia

was also bad-tempered. Neil had chosen her, so why couldn’t Jayden choose


“Brat, what do you mean?” Mia placed both of her hands on her hips. “Let me tell you, I was the one who chased after Neil. If I didn’t put my mind to it, he wouldn’t even be interested in me.”

Mia admitted that she had a bad temper and that she liked to create trouble. That was why that bastard, Neil had always praised other women for being gentle and considerate in front of her.

Every time Mia heard what Neil had said, she felt like cutting his tongue off. However, that was the man she loved deeply. She could not do anything to him.

“Pfft… It was the first time Silvia heard someone describe themselves that way.

She couldn’t hold back her laughter and said, “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to laugh, I

just couldn’t hold it back!”

“Girl, you, you..” No matter how much Mia loved to stir up trouble, she couldn’t really do anything to Silvia. She could only vent her anger on Jayden. “Jayden, you should look carefully. Don’t get a wife who only knows how to create more trouble.

“Aunt Mia, you are my elder, and Silvia is my wife. You are my relative and she’s my lover. I hope that you two can live together peacefully Although Silvia had many bad habits, Jayden would not allow anyone to disparage her, even if that person was from his family.

Mia said, “Jayden… You’re also going to take her side ?”

She was furious. It had been a long time since she was neglected. Now, not only was she bulled by Silvia, but even her son and nephew were not taking her side.

Jayden said, “Aunt Mia, you are my elder, so I respect you. I would never bully you. But Silvia is not some random stranger. She’s my wife and I will not let anyone bully her

Silvia just listened on quietly.

Jayden had said those words deliberately in front of Silvia, didn’t he?

In any case, Silvia felt that it was phony and wouldn’t believe it.

Mia said angrily, “How could you say you’re not taking her side and going against me? You’re obviously doing that. You better not forget that I am your aunt

Jayden responded, “It’s because you’re my aunt that you’re still standing here. It won’t be the same if you were someone else.”

Mia was stunned.

What should she do?

She was so pissed off by Jayden!

All the men in the Kyle family loved their wives. Once they secured a wife, they would never care about Mia again!

Julien quickly stepped forward to help mediate the awkward situation. “Aunt Mia, it’s getting talk after dinner.” You must be hungry, right? Why don’t we eat first? We can

Mia could not say a word.

She was fuming in her throat. If she could not vent her displeasure, she might really choke to death!

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