My Husband Warm the Bed- 1246

At the dining table.

Jayden pushed the dishes towards Mia and said, “Aunt Mia, Auntie Cherry had specially made some local delicacies for you. You should try them out!”

Mia did not look at Jayden, nor did she look at the dishes on the table. Her eyes were fixed on Silvia, who had pissed her off…

Silvia was extremely bothered by Mia’s intense staring, so she really wanted to ask Mia to stop staring at her. However, she knew if she was to sound Mia out, Mia would definitely deny that she was staring at her

Therefore, Silvia had decided to fight fire with fire and stared right back at Mia. Both of them stared into each other’s eyes, and neither of them were willing to give in.

“Young lady, why are you looking at me like this?” The two of them were staring at each other for so long that their eyes were going to pop out, so Mia took the first move to question Silvia.

“Because you were looking at me first, so I decided to look at you.”

“Since when was I looking at you?”

“If you didn’t look at me, how would you know that I was looking at you?” D “Listen here young lady, I.” At that very moment, Mia really could not think of a way to deal with this young lady who had the gift of the gab.

“You what?”

“Believe it or not, I’ll beat you up.”

“You’re an elder, how could you say such a thing to someone junior to you?” “So you know that I’m your elder, huh? So why are you disrespecting me like this?”

“I’ve always respected my elders, but just look at you. Do you think that you’re behaving like an elder?

“I’m not behaving like an elder?’ Mia shifted her gaze and looked at Jayden. “Jayden, your wife said that I’m not acting like an elder. Don’t you think that you

should say something about it?”

“But Aunt Mia, you really don’t act like one. This was what everyone at the

dining table was thinking. However, all of them knew that they could not say it

out loud. If they did, none of them would not be able to get any sleep that night. Jayden was already stressed out having to deal with Silvia alone. Now that Mia, the troublemaker, was here, he really wanted to kick either one of them out of the house. However, one was his aunt and the other was his wife. He could kick neither of them out. D

Since he couldn’t do anything to them, he could only play the good guy and speak nicely, “Aunt Mia, Silvia is still young, so she’s not very good with words. I hope you won’t take it to heart.”

Upon hearing Jayden’s words, Silvia was displeased. “Jayden, she came to the university to look for me today and even said some strange things to me. Not only that, I greeted her when I got home just now, but she ignored me. She was the one behaving like a child, how could you say that I’m the one bad with words?”

Jayden could not refute.

Mia said, “Just eat your dinner and don’t bother us. We’ll deal with our own

matters ourselves.”

It was Mia who had turned to Jayden for help, but she was also the one who told him to stay out of it now. In fact, Mia had noticed that Silvia had started to raise her voice at Jayden. She was worried that it would affect their relationship, so she thought it would be better if Jayden were to stay out of it.

Mia wanted Jayden to let them alone but he couldn’t actually do that could he? Jayden looked at Silvia and sald, Silvia, Auntle Cherry had prepared your favorite roasted chicken drumstick for you. You should have some.”

“I’m not hungry.” Her favorite chicken drumstick was right in front of her, and yet Silvia said that she was not hungry. At that point in time, Jayden knew that Silvia was determined to go against Mia.

Neither of them was willing to give in, so Jayden had to think of another way to resolve the deadlock between these women.

To tell the truth, Jayden’s greatest strength was to close business deals and not attend to family affairs. Hence, he was absolutely clueless when it came to handling the drama between the women in the family.

Jayden had no choice but to look at Julien and Levi for help. When Levi saw that Jayden was looking at him, he immediately squeezed to Mia’s side. “My beautiful and gentle mother, your precious son is famished. Could we please have our dinner first?”

Mia, “Stinky brat, I’m not in a good mood. You’d better stay away from me.”


“I told you to go away, did you not hear that?” Mia said grumpily.

“Oh, okay… You two can keep fighting then.”

Since Levi was defeated, Jayden immediately gave Julien a knowing look. Having received Jayden’s orders, Julien did not attempt to take any actions right away. Instead, he took out his mobile phone and hit the speed-dial button.

It was not just a joke this time. He was really calling his father, Kevin Kyle.

All three of them knew Mia too well. Mia was not afraid of anything in this world, and even Neil could not do anything to her. However, Kevin was the only person that she was afraid of…

“Julien?” The moment the call had gotten through, Kevin’s voice sounded from the phone. After confirming that it was his father, Julien immediately turned on the loudspeaker. “Dad, Aunt Mia has something to tell you

Kevin’s voice was loud and clear, and everyone who was present could hear

him. “What’s the matter?’

As soon as Mia heard Kevin’s voice, she was completely terrified. She did not want to take over the call, but Julien had already shoved the phone into her hand. Therefore, she had no choice but to answer, “Kevin.”

Kevin asked, “When did you go over to Madison City?” Mia answered obediently, “I just arrived today.

Kevin added, “Make sure you don’t cause any trouble for Jayden, okay?”

Mia nodded her head vigorously, “Kevin, I came here to visit, why would I cause trouble for Jayden?

Julien said, “Aunt Mia, Sister Silvia is Jayden’s wife, and she’s someone Jayden likes, so we should like her too. You really should not find fault with her anymore. Else, you’re really going to cause trouble for Jayden’

Mia could not say a word.

She really wanted to shut Julien’s tiny mouth. This boy was usually quiet, so why was he being so nosy this time?

Kevin, “Mia, I want you to buy a flight ticket back to Chatterton Town now. If I don’t see you here tomorrow morning, then you should know what’s going to come for you.”

Mia, “Kevin… I…

A disconnect tone sounded.

Kevin, who was on the other side of the phone, had already hung up, leaving Mia with no room for negotiation.

Mia looked at everyone at the dining table with pure dejection in her eyes and

said, “You guys are doing this to drive me away, aren’t you?”

“No Mom, I’m always on your side. Levi knew that if he did not comfort his mother at this moment, he would have to suffer in the future. After all, he had to go home and continue to live under Mia’s protection

“Let’s have our dinner first, Aunt Mia. We can talk about it once we’re done with our meal” Jayden understood the situation better than anyone else. Mia was not trying to find fault with Silvia. She was just someone who liked to stir up trouble. She would feel that something was not right if she did not cause any trouble for a day

“I came all the way to Madison City to see if you’re doing well. I want to see if my niece-in-law is beautiful and if she’s nice to you, but you’re here trying to drive me away. 1.” Before Mia could finish her words, two streams of tears were already flowing from the corner of her eyes. She was crying so pitifully, as If the entire world had wronged her.

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