My Husband Warm the Bed- 1247

To make it look real, Mia had used up all the acting skills that she had acquired over the years. She did not believe that she would not be able to fool a young lady like Silvia.

“You’re an adult, but why do you only cry when you face problems? This was the first time Silvia had ever seen an adult crying so uncontrollably because of an argument. She was completely at a loss when she saw how Mia was behaving

“Levi, Julien, go pack your stuff. We’ll go to the airport right now.” Mia was wiping off her tears with her hands, but not only did her tears stop flowing, but they were also streaming down her cheeks even more madly than before.

“This..” Silvia looked at Jayden with an anxious look and said, “Young Master Kyle, Aunt Mia has just arrived in Madison City, and she hasn’t even had a proper meal yet. It would be too tiring for her to rush home at this time. Is there anything you can do about it?”

“There’s no need for you to sympathize with us. This is not the first time that I’ve experienced the ruthlessness of the Kyles.” Mia only dared to say these words in front of his son and nephews. She knew that if she were to say it in front of Kevin, she would definitely be punished.

“I’m not sympathizing with you. I just don’t want Levi and Julien to leave so soon.” Even though Mia was somewhat assertive and anyone could tell that she was here to find faults, Silvia could not really bring herself to hate her. Deep down in her heart, she even thought that Mia was kind of adorable.

Yes, she was adorable… Most of the time, Silvia would find traces of Mia on Levi. They were both playful and mischievous, so Silvia really could not bring herself to hate her

Moreover, Mia was the very first elder of the Kyle family that Silvia had ever met. If Mia really were to rush back to Chatterton Town because of her, how would the other elders think of her? They would probably think that Silvia was a disrespectful and unfilial daughter-in-law.

She did not want to leave such a bad impression on the Kyles.

But what’s done is done. The moment Mia goaded her, Silvia could not control her temper and started talking back to Mia. At that split second, she had spoken her mind and said all the things that she shouldn’t have said. After

cooling down, Silvia really regretted what she had said to Mia. Silvia finally understood that impulsion was really the devil. It could make you do and say things that you did not really intend to.

“That’s right, I’m the only one who’s not welcomed here.” Before she could finish her words, Mia started shedding tears again. She was crying so hard as if the entire universe was going against her.

“Don’t, don’t be like this. Crying won’t solve anything” Silvia hurriedly asked

Jayden for help. “Jayden, don’t just keep quiet. Think of a solution, please?

“Since Dad had given his orders, Aunt Mia will have to go home no matter what. Mia was a troublemaker, and Silvia was not someone who was easy to deal with either. With the two of them together, there would never be peace in the house. Hence, Mia returning to Chatterton Town was the best solution, so why would Jayden want to help them think of a way to make Mia stay in Madison City?

Mia could just go back to Chatterton Town and mess around with her Neil.

Regardless of what she did, Neil would never complain about her. “Huh. Let me tell you young lady, all the Kyles are cold blooded. So you don’t have to intercede for me anymore. It’s useless.” In a split second, Mia was now

standing on Silvia’s side.

“Don’t worry, Aunt Mia. I believe we can still find a way out regardless of how difficult the matter is. We just have to do our best. At this point in time, Silvia was already starting to address Mia as her aunt.

Young lady, you say so because you don’t know our family that well. Their father, who is also my brother, is a devil. He had been bullying me since I was young, Now that I’m married and even had a child, he would still bully me. Anyway, I’m just a pitiful person who nobody loves and cares about.” As Mia spoke, she began to wipe her tears again.

After hearing Mia’s complaints, Silvia said indignantly, “Aunt Mia, if you don’t want to go home, then don’t. I don’t believe that he can actually do anything to you

Mia continued with her emotional act and said, “Silvia, you don’t know how scary he could be… Anyway… Boohoo…

Silvia comforted her. “Don’t be afraid, Aunt Mia. I’ll be by your side no matter what

Mia said gratefully, “Thanks, Silvia. I really didn’t expect that you would be the one to help me at such a crucial moment.”

Silvia said, “You are my auntie, aren’t you?. If don’t help you, who will?” “Huh, I’m his mother. Mia pointed at Levi and then pointed at Jayden and Julien. “And I’m their aunt, but just look at them. Did they ever care about me?”

Silvia said, “Their conscience must have been eaten by dogs. Let’s not talk to

them anymore.”

“Okay” Mia replied.

Silvia pushed all the dishes on the dining table to Mia and said, “Aunt Mia, these are all the famous delicacies here in Madison City. They’ll only taste good when they’re still warm. You should hurry and try them out.”

Looking at Silvia’s favorite pork knuckle, Mia said, “I heard that you like pork knuckles, you should have them instead. We women must know how to pamper ourselves.”

Silvia happily took over the pork knuckle that Mia had handed to her and said, “Let me tell you something, Aunt Mia. Pork knuckles are packed with collagen so it really improves skin elasticity. You should have them more often too.”

An enlightened look appeared on Mia’s face. “Oh… No wonder your face is so soft and supple. It’s because of this, right?

“Aunt Mia, is it really that soft and supple?” Silvia asked while stroking her face narcissistically

Mia answered, “Of course it is, why would I want to lie to you?”

Silvia was overjoyed because of the compliment. “Aunt Mia, do you have any places in Madison City that you want to visit? I’m very familiar with the city, I can be your tour guide for free.”

Mia, “Of course I do. I’ve heard of the famous Bar Street by Madison River. It’s a tourist hotspot. Why don’t we go for a drink tomorrow night?”

The more Silvia spoke, the more excited she was. “Aunt Mia, I have a friend who owns a bar there. It’s where all the locals go. I’ll bring you there tomorrow and we can get drunk together.

Mia asked, “Should we bring them along with us then?”

Mia was referring to the three guys who were sitting at the dining table with


Silvia asked, “Them? Why should we bring them along?”

Mia laughed and said, “Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too.”

Earlier that night, it was Mia and Silvia who had started quarrelling and going

against each other. And they even looked like they would never give in. The three men had even imagined different scenarios of the two ladies fighting each other. They did not expect that these two ladies would actually gang up against them!

Women were unpredictable. Men should never try to guess what they were thinking. However, the three of them did not expect that Mia and Silvia would be this fickle.

These two ladies were so volatile in their behaviour that the three men were completely mind blown.

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