My Husband Warm the Bed- 1248

Up till this point, Mia was still continuing with her act. As she had said previously, a professional actor would never stop acting until the director said ‘cut!

Mia sighed once again, “But you know what Silvia? Because of some other reasons, I really can’t stay here. I have to rush back to Chatterton Town tonight. Looking at Mia’s dejected look, Silvia was sad and remorseful for what she had done. “Aunt Mia, is your brother really that unreasonable?

Mia said bitterly, “He’s not only unreasonable, he’s a devil! You can never imagine how terrible of a person he could be. It’s above and beyond your imagination.

“Really? He’s really that scary?” Silvia once again recalled the rumors about Mr. Kyle that had been going around Madison City. It was said that he was a moody man and he would always take advantage of his own powers to step all over the others.

“He’s way more terrifying than you could ever imagine.” Hehe. So, her cold brother would always bully her huh? Then she would speak ill of him to Silvia and leave a bad impression of him on Silvia. She wanted him to know that she, Mia Kyle, was definitely not someone he should trifle with.

“That’s really terrifying” Thinking of those rumors, Silvia was so nervous that she swallowed a mouthful of saliva. She secretly looked at Jayden and asked, “Is he even more terrifying than Jayden?”

Jayden, “Aunt Mia.

Mia interrupted him, “Jayden, don’t interrupt us when we are talking

Silvia said, “Aunt Mia, can we give him a call and talk this all out?

Mia shook her head, looking extremely distressed. “It’s useless. No one can ever change his mind except for my sister-in-law. I’ll definitely be punished if I don’t go home tonight.”

“Aunt Mia, you’re an adult now, not a child. How can he just punish you as he pleases?” Thinking of this, Silvia was reminded of Jayden, that b*stard. “Jayden, we’re human beings, not objects. What right do you have to punish us you


Jayden kept quiet.

Why was he getting dragged into this matter?

There were already two unreasonable women in the family, and now Silvia had joined them. It seemed like the men in the Kyle family would lose their place in the family very soon

Mia wiped her tears and pretended to be a good person. “Silvia, don’t blame Jayden for it. He has nothing to do with this matter. If you want to blame someone, then you can just blame me for causing trouble.!

Silvia said, “Aunt Mia, I knew that you were just joking with me, so I didn’t take it to heart at all. This is what happened between us and I don’t even blame you for

it. I’m sure that they won’t blame you too.”

Mia asked, “You really don’t blame me for it?”

Silvia said, “Of course. In fact, I was worrying that you will blame me instead. You are my elder, but I was being so disrespectful towards you. I am the one at fault, I should be punished. Aunt Mia, I’m really sorry for putting you in so much


Mia was finally happy. “It’s okay, Silvia. I accept your apology.”

Mia’s act was very well executed. If it weren’t for the fact that they all knew her

too well, Jayden and the rest would have probably been fooled.

Of course, this was on the premise that they did not know her well. However, the three gentlemen had known Mia for too long, so no one believed her tears nor did any of them paid attention to her. Silvia was the only one being fooled, and even teamed up with her.

Seeing that Mia was looking happier, Levi tugged the edge of her top and said, “Mum, your acting is a little too over. You should really know where to stop.”

“Stinky brat, don’t interrupt me when I’m talking to Silvia” Mia brushed Levi’s hand away and warned him not to ruin her plan

Julien interrupted, “Aunt Mia, Dad has already hung up the phone. Even if you were to cry your eyes out, you’ll still have to hurry back to Chatterton Town tonight. If he doesn’t see you at home tomorrow, you know what will happen to


Mia reached out her hand and twisted Julien’s ear as she said, “Julien, all of you Kyles are really detestable. How could you all bully me like this? Where is your conscience?”

“Mom, don’t forget that you’re one of us too,” Levi reminded her.

With her other hand, Mia grabbed Levi’s ear and said, “You little brat, do feel

that something is not right after not getting spanked for a few days huh? I’ve never seen a son who would ruin his mother’s plans like you.”

Levi retorted, “I’ve never seen a mother like you too.”

“You brat, how dare you talk back to me? Are you trying to piss me off?”

“Mom, I’m just telling the truth.”

“You’re really driving me crazy! My son who I’ve put in so much effort in raising him only knew how to go against me. I think I should just send him away to

another family.”

Levi said pitifully, “Mom, if you can actually bring yourself to do that, then do it. I’m just a poor thing who no one loves and cares about anyway.”

Mia refuted, “Who said that no one loves and cares about you? You’re my beloved son, and my precious darling. No one can bully you except for me.”

“Mom, you are also my beloved mother. I love you forever, Mom.”

“I know, my good son.”

“Aunt Mia, I just thought of a solution. Silvia looked at Julien. “Julien, since you were the one who made the call earlier, then why don’t you give your mother a call and ask her to convince your father to take his words back.

After everything that had happened, Silvia finally got a clear view of the whole


Mia was a troublemaker. She would bully everyone else but Jayden’s father. He was her Kryptonite. When she heard of Mr. Kyle’s voice, she would become so well behaved that she would even sit up straight

Silvia also understood that the most authoritative person in the Kyle family was

not Mr. Kyle, but his wife, Mrs. Kyle.

Mia told her that no one could ever change Mr. Kyle’s mind except for his wife. Hence, Mrs. Kyle would be the one who had the most power in the family.

No matter how powerful this man was, he would still listen to his wife.

But Silvia had never thought that the legendary Mr. Kyle would be a henpecked husband. If his son, Jayden, could also learn that from his father, just how wonderful would that be, right?

However, it was obviously an unrealistic thought. Jayden, that b*stard was such an arrogant person. He would only comply with all her wishes when pigs fly. Thinking of this, Silvia glared fiercely at Jayden and thought, “Huh, couldn’t he

just learn from his father?

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