My Husband Warm the Bed- 1249

Julien tried to call Karen Daly on the phone but couldn’t through. Hence, there was no one who could change Kevin’s mind. No matter how reluctant Mia was, she must return to Chatterton Town that very night. Not only did she leave, she even brought Levi and Julien along with her.

Watching their receding figure, Silvia suddenly felt empty. “Jayden, will still have the chance to see them in the future?

“Why?” Jayden grabbed Silvia’s hand and held her tightly in his palm. “They just

went through the security checkpoint and you’re already missing them?”

“I knew that they would go home eventually, but I’ve never thought that it would be this soon. It’s so abrupt that I wasn’t mentally prepared at all. The moment I think how difficult it would be for me to meet them really makes me sad” Although they had not known each other for a long time, Silvia really treated the boys as her own brothers. She was reluctant to let them go, but there was nothing she could do to make them stay.

Jayden held Silvia’s hand and walked out of the departure hall. “It’ll the holidays in two months and we can go to Chatterton Town to visit them. You’ll be able to see them again by then.”

Silvia looked at him. “Jayden, why do I get the feeling that you don’t really want

the boys to stay?”

“Yeah, I don’t really want them to stay.” Jayden did not want to let them stay not only because they were third-wheeling him and Silvia, but he was also worried about their safety

A couple days had passed since the boys were attacked, but Simon Banks still could not find out who the mastermind was. This proved that the mastermind was not someone who they should underestimate

Since Jayden could not ensure their safety, he would never use Julien and Levi as a bait to ferret out the mastermind. Hence, it would be the best to send them back to Chatterton Town.

Silvia glared at him again. “You’re a man, but why are you being so petty? They are both your brothers. Can’t you even tolerate them?”

“Even if they are my brothers, they shouldn’t take up all my wife’s time. Jayden overbearingly clutched his arm around Silvia’s shoulders and said, “Let’s go home.

Silvia was speechless.

Forget it, there was no use to argue with this man. This was not the first time Silvia had learned that Jayden was not only a domineering and tyrannical guy,

he was extremely petty too!

After hanging up the phone, Dr. Thames trotted to Felix and said, “Felix, I’ve just gotten the news that a woman had brought those two brats away.”

Felix, who was tidying up a pile of disorganized information, said without even lifting up his head, “Weren’t you worried that those boys would ruin our plans? Now that someone has taken them away, shouldn’t you feel relieved?”

“No, that’s not what it is.” Dr. Thames shook her head and said, “What I was

trying to tell you about was not the boys, but the woman who took them away. “The woman who took them away?” Felix finally raised his head from the pile of

documents. “Who is she to make you so anxious?”

“I’m not completely sure of her identity as of now, but.” As she spoke, Dr. Thames suddenly thought of something else. She looked at Felix and continued, “Felix, before tell you about this woman, I need to confirm something else.

Felix asked, “What is it?

Dr. Thames said, “No matter how strong your opponent is, would you never back down and give your all to get your beloved woman back from Jayden?”

Felix gave a short, mirthless laugh, is this still not an established fact to you? The reason for my return and the things that I’ve done was all to take Silvia back. Do you think that I’m just fooling around?

“Okay then.” All this while, Dr. Thames knew how determined Felix was to get Silvia back to his side. The reason she had asked him again was just to agitate him. “Back to that woman. She’s not just any other person, and our opponent this time is much more terrifying than you think!”

“They’re much more terrifying than I thought?” Felix curled his lips. “What could a man, who once had his limbs broken and even barely escaped the jaws of death, have anything to fear of?”

Dr. Thames explained, “I don’t mean that you’ll be terrified of them. I’m saying that the other party is much more than what we’ve always expected Our chances of winning the game this time are quite slim.

“Dr. Thames, the game has just begun. It’s fine that you don’t want to give verbal

support to your teammates, but how can you undermine yourself like this?’ Felix stood up, lifted his shirt, and showed the wounds on his abdomen. “Do you see this? A man who had closely escaped death has nothing to fear, and nothing he can’t overcome.”

“I’m not looking down on you. I’m just reminding you that the path ahead will be much tougher.” The scars on Felix’s abdomen made Dr. Thames feel sick. She looked away and continued, “The woman who took two boys away was an ex movie star. Her name is Mia Kyle, also known as Polaris.”

“So what?” Felix said indifferently.

“When she was still an actress, there had been rumors saying that she had a powerful backer, so no one ever dared to mess with her. But, no one really knew who the person behind her was. And it wasn’t until a few years ago that she had withdrawn from the movie industry during the peak of her career and married Neil Brown, the top dog at the military of Chatterton Town. That was when her backer’s identity was exposed to the public.” Dr. Thames handed two photos to Felix. “You should take a good look at them.”

Felix looked at the photos and studied it carefully. “Well, she’s quite good looking. She doesn’t look like she has undergone any plastic surgery‚Ķ Unlike celebrities nowadays, who all have the same face and are hard to differentiate.”

Dr. Thames was angry and asked, “I didn’t give you her pictures to let you evaluate her looks, okay?”

“What do you want me to look at then?” Felix still did not understand what Dr.

Thames was trying to tell him. “Have you ever heard of Rovio Corporation?” Since he was still confused, Dr.

Thames had no choice but to be direct with him.

“Rovio Corporation?” Felix’s face froze slightly the moment he heard of the name.

Looking at Felix’s stiffened face, Dr. Thames sneered, “That’s right, it is what you’re thinking right now. It’s that global conglomerate owned by Kevin Kyle, the richest man in the world. So do you get why I was so anxious now?’

“Rovio? Kevin Kyle?” Felix was an intelligent person. The moment he heard of this news, he could already guess what Dr. Thames wanted to tell him, “Do you mean that this woman has something to do with Rovio?”

Seeing that Felix was finally paying attention to this matter, Dr. Thames continued to say, “Mia Kyle is Kevin Kyle’s sister. She’s also the wife of Neil

Brown, the captain of the military in Chatterton Town.”

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