My Husband Warm the Bed- 1250

The woman who took the boys away was Mia Kyle. Her brother was Kevin Kyle, who owned Rovio Corporation Inc, and her husband was Neil Brown, the captain of the military of Chatterton Town…

Felix finally realized what Dr. Thames was implying, so he said, “This woman is related to Rovio and the military in Chatterton Town, and Jayden Kyle is related to her too… Meaning, Jayden is related to Rovio?

“He’s not just related to Rovio… Jayden is the young master of Rovio.” Dr. Thames clenched her fists and her eyes were shining with excitement. I’ve been working for him for several years and I’ve always wanted to find out his background, but I just couldn’t get any clues about it. But who knew, I ended up finding out about it just like that.”

“I knew that he had an extraordinary background all this while, but I never thought that he would be the young master of Rovio Corporation. Dr. Thames said excitedly, “The fortune the Kyles made through Rovio is enough for them to splurge for a few generations, but Jayden actually went to set up his own business. It seems like money could no longer satisfy the rich, they wanted to prove their abilities to the world too.”

Felix said, “He is the young master of Rovio, and he wanted to prove his ability. But why are you so excited about it?”

“I’m excited not because he is the young master of Rovio but because I have an eye for people.” Thinking of Jayden’s outstanding talents, Dr. Thames was infatuated. “Without spending a penny from his family, Jayden took only three years to become the richest person in Madison City. He really proved with his own capabilities that rich kids are not useless… so can’t I even get excited because I met such an excellent man?”

Looking at Dr. Thames’ smug look, Felix felt annoyed and decided to pop her bubble. “Don’t forget that he’s not your man yet! Although you’ve been by his side for so many years, he hasn’t looked at you in the eye even once.”

“Indeed, he was blinded and did not notice me in the past.. In the future, he will

only see me and no one else. All this while, Dr. Thames had always believed

that Jayden would ually be hers

The longer Felix worked alongside Dr. Thames, the more he knew about her She was quite intelligent, arrogant, and occasionally quite conceited.

Felix was not interested in discussing what Jayden would feel for Dr. Thames in the future. All he cared about was when he could get Silvia back from Jayden’s hands. “Didn’t you say that you couldn’t find out about his background before this, so what did you do differently this time?”

“When I first met him, I was already curious about his background, so I’ve been looking into it in secret. However, he only works and never kept in contact with his family, so it was very difficult to find out anything about him, This time, because of the two boys and Mia Kyle, I’ve finally found out his true identity.’ Because of her excitement, Dr. Thames had a loose tongue. As long as Felix asked, she would answer his questions without a slightest qualm.

Felix asked, “Are you sure he’s really the young master of the Kyle family?”

Dr. Thames said, “I’m almost sure that he is. My men called me on the phone a while ago and told me that Mia boarded the flight to Chatterton Town with the two boys.

Felix said, “There are so many people flying to Chatterton Town every day. It’s not surprising for them to fly there, right? Just on this alone, there’s simply no way to prove that Jayden is the young master of Rovio.

Dr. Thames pointed at the two photos in Felix’s hand and said, “That is why I’m

showing you these photos. One of them was taken when Mia was still an actress, and the other was taken at the airport a while ago.” Felix once again picked up the photo and looked at it. “They are indeed the

same person.”

Dr. Thames continued, “I will contact my men to confirm their identities and I will give you an answer very soon.. But for now, I think that we should start revising our plan.”

“Yeah, we should.” It was already tough enough to deal with Jayden alone. Now with Rovio in the picture… At that split second, Felix felt that there seemed no hope left at all.

However, he would not give up easily. He would continue to work hard and fight for everything that belonged to him.

Thinking back to the time when he was teetering between life and death, if he hadn’t persisted for a little longer, he would have already lost his life… It was precisely because of his persistence and hard work that he was still able to live well in this world…

“No, don’t come over, don’t… Don’t touch him, don’t.

Silvia was having another nightmare. In her dream, she was with Felix and he was lying in a pool of blood after getting stabbed. However, the murderers still refused to let him go. They were getting closer to them with knives in their hands. “Whoever kills him will be rewarded handsomely.”

“Felix, the bad guys are here again. Wake up, wake up . Silvia attempted to

wake Felix up but he was too weak to move.

Silvia tried to sit him up, but his body was as heavy as lead. She had already

mustered up all her strength but she still could not move him. Hence, she could

watch as the bad guys approached them.

“Stop! Don’t hurt him… Silvia shouted repeatedly. She wanted to stop those killers from getting closer to them but none of them listened to her. The killers came to their side and started stabbing Felix over and over again.

“Felix.” Silvia cried out Felix’s name. She woke up from the nightmare and her body was covered in cold sweat. “No, don’t, don’t hurt him.. I beg you, please don’t hurt him.

Even after waking up, Silvia still could not tell whether she was in her dream or in reality. She kept muttering to herself asking the murderer not to hurt Felix. When she saw that Felix was injured, she really hoped that she was the one receiving the stabs. She was even willing to die for him!

It was after a long time had passed that Silvia had finally woken up from her dream. After realizing that it was just a dream, Silvia immediately sighed a breath of relief. “Don’t worry, Felix. I will definitely find out who was the one who murdered you.”

She thought that Felix would appear in her dreams because she was desperate to find the murderer. However, the clues she had at hand were very limited. Now that such a long time had passed, it would not be easy to find the murderer. All the evidence was probably destroyed. Silvia could only try her best to look into it, hoping that she would eventually find out the truth.

I’m sorry, Felix! I’m sorry!” It was because Felix was killed that he had disappeared from her life, but she had always thought that Felix had abandoned her.

How could she ever think that Felix was such a person?

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