My Husband Warm the Bed- 1251

“Did you have a nightmare?

A deep and seductive voice sounded out of a sudden, which made Silvia’s body tremble at that instant, D

“L… Silvia hesitated,

Jayden was a petty person. It was not only once that Silvia had seen that side of him. If she were to let him know that she was dreaming about Felix, he would probably make a fuss about it again. Hence, she swallowed her words and kept quiet.

“Did you dream of your dear Felix again?” Jayden asked.

When Silvia was asleep, she was constantly calling out for Felix. She was at the point that she was shouting at the top of her lungs as if she was experiencing something extremely terrifying. It was so loud that it was impossible for Jayden

to pretend that he could not hear her

“Err… I’m not, I’m just..” Silvia murmured,

Silvia wanted to explain but she did not know how. Because it was true that Felix had appeared in her dreams, regardless of the reason.

Jayden pulled Silvia into his arms and comforted her, “No matter what you’ve

dreamed of, you don’t have to be afraid. I’m here with you.”

Felix could only appear in Silvia’s dreams and in her memories, but Jayden was the one lying by her side. He could hug her to sleep, so there was no need for him to make a fuss about someone from Silvia’s past.

“Jayden.” Silvia was surprised that Jayden was not mad even when he knew that she had dreamed about Felix.. “Jayden, aren’t you curious about my dream?’

“Of course I am, but I don’t want to force you to tell me, Jayden patted her back and said in a soft voice, “If you trust me and are willing to tell me, then I would be honored to listen to you!

Silvia lay down on Jayden’s chest and rubbed her face against his chest like an indolent kitten. “I dreamed of Felix. I dreamed that some bad guys were chasing after him and they even killed him. And he was covered in a lot of blood.

Speaking of which, Silvia could not continue anymore. However, because of her

sorrow, she did not notice that Jayden’s body was tense after listening to her. “Did Silvia find out about it?”

The moment this thought came into his mind, Jayden asked, “Silvia, why did

you have such a strange dream?” I

“I don’t know. It’s just a weird dream. There’s no reason for it. In fact, Silvia knew why she was having such a dream, but she did not want to tell Jayden.

“It’s just a dream. Don’t think too much about it, okay?” Jayden said again. His tone was calm like before, but not his heart. Was Silvia’s dream a warning for him?

Silvia nestled in his arms. “I know it’s just a dream.”

Jayden gently patted her back and said, “Then let’s sleep for a little longer.”

“It’s already morning. I don’t feel like sleeping anymore” Silvia shook her head. Now that a million thoughts were running through her mind, she would not be able to fall asleep even if she wanted to. Hence, it would be better for her to get up early and occupy herself with something else.

Jayden’s large palm slipped under her top and covered her belly. “Is it all good



“Your period.”

“What do you want to do? Silvia immediately looked at him with a wary face.

“If you’re feeling okay and can’t get back to sleep, then let’s go for a morning run.” Jayden was displeased when he saw that Silvia was looking at him as if he was a lecherous man.

“Oh, so that’s what you wanted to do… Silvia’s cheeks had already turned red. Jayden was not trying to do anything to her! Instead, it was Silvia who had lewd


“What did you think then?” Jayden raised his eyebrows and asked.

“I thought that you wanted to do something else.” As Silvia spoke, her voice became softer. It was especially when she had looked into his evil eyes that she had become too nervous to speak.

“You thought that I wanted to do something else?” Jayden obviously knew what she was referring to, but he wanted to force her to it out loud

“Are we really going out for a run?” Silvia couldn’t find a good excuse, so she quickly changed the topic. “The weather is so cold, wouldn’t it be easy to catch

a cold?”

“Well, I will still go for a run no matter what: As he spoke, Jayden leaned into her ear and whispered. His warm and masculine breath swirled around her ears. “But before you get up, I want you to tell me what was the thing that you thought I wanted to do. Otherwise, I will make it difficult for you to get out of bed today!

“I won’t get up then.” Silvia turned over and tried to get out of his arms. However, before she could even move, Jayden was already grabbing her tightly in his arms..

She was so nervous that she started pushing him away. “Don’t do that.”

Jayden lowered his head and bit her lips. “How about this?”

Silvia wanted to turn her head away, but Jayden was still biting on to her lips that she was starting to feel the pain. “Alright! Let me go first. I’ll tell you what it is, okay?

“I want you to say it first.” He pressed his body against hers and asked in a low,

deep voice.

“You clearly know what it is, why are you still asking me?” This man was really

bad to the bone.

“How would I know if you didn’t tell me?

“Didn’t you say that you want me to go for a run with you? If you don’t get up now, I won’t go with you.”

“Then let’s not do that. We can do some other workout instead.”

“No. I. Silvia was blushing. After hesitating for quite a while, she finally said, “I thought you wanted it again.”

“Wanted what?” He asked in an amorous tone.

“Me.” Silvia could not care less. There was nothing she had to hide from him


“What a silly girl.” Upon hearing such a satisfying answer, Jayden laughed heartily and immediately said, “Get up and let’s go for a run, so that you will have the stamina to do it with me some other day

Silvia hid under the quilt and did not want to move. “Can I not join you today?”

Jayden poked her forehead and said, “You think?”

“Okay, okay. I’ll go, alright? It’s not like I haven’t gone for a run before.” Silvia really did not want to join him for a morning run, but being under Jayden’s

constant pressure, she had no choice but to comply.

West Side was a residential area filled with lots of greenery, so the morning air was extraordinarily fresh and sweet. There were quite a few people running in the pedestrian area. Some of them were tall and strong men, and some were beautiful young ladies.

“Good morning!” a pretty young lady greeted them enthusiastically “Good morning!” Silvia replied out of courtesy. However, she immediately realized that the girl was only looking at Jayden.

However, Jayden was ignoring her.

Jayden ignored her but the girl did not give up at that instant. Instead, she caught up with them and stood in between Jayden and Silvia. “Hey handsome, why don’t we have breakfast together later?”

“If you want to treat me to breakfast, then I’ll have to ask for my wife’s permission.” Jayden glanced at the girl with his cold eyes and immediately slowed down his pace, waiting for Silvia to catch up. The moment Silvia caught up with him, he immediately held Silvia’s hand. “Honey, someone wants to treat your husband to breakfast. Can I go?”

“Yes! Of course, you can!” Silvia smiled and said in a gentle tone. However, her lovely smile masked her vicious thoughts. “It really proves how popular my husband is when girls would ask him out even during his morning run. I’m so proud and happy to have such an excellent man!”

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