My Husband Warm the Bed- 1252

“Oh, I’m sorry for bothering you two!”

Perhaps, that woman did not expect that Jayden was a married man, or that Silvia was his wife. That was why she would be so bold to ask Jayden out. Now that she knew that Jayden was married, she was slightly embarrassed. She quickly turned around and ran away after apologizing to them.

“That pretty girl is running away. Are you not going to go after her?” Silvia asked sullenly with her gaze on the woman.

“What are you talking about?” Silvia would always get jealous without any actual reasons, but Jayden thought that she looked kind of cute when she was jealous. He could not help but reach out his hand to pinch her face, “Why would I want to go after her when you’re here with me?”

“It’s because I’m here that you didn’t go after her!” Silvia stared at Jayden and said angrily, “I’ve been wondering why you did not get any fitter now despite working out so often. It turns out that you’re out here every morning picking up girls.

Jayden was speechless.

He had already rejected that woman in front of her, but Silvia could still falsely accuse him. This woman is such a mudhead.

Since Jayden did not deny it, Silvia decided to take that as a yes. Coupled up with the past dissatisfaction that she had been holding in, Silvia immediately flew into a rage. She chastised, “So if I wasn’t here with you now, you would have accepted her offer? I’ve always wondered why you men are so greedy. You’ve already gotten a wife but you guys would still look for other women


“I met her yesterday during my morning run and she had also expressed her interest in me. However, ignored her. I knew that she wouldn’t give up that easily, so I brought you along with me this morning to let her know that I’m a married man and make her give up.” Jayden wanted to tease her at first, but knowing that Silvia’s brain never worked like how an ordinary person’s would, he refrained himself from doing so. If he did not give her a proper explanation, she would definitely make a huge fuss over it.

After listening to Jayden’s explanation, Silvia’s heart was already blooming with joy. However, she refused to back down. “Humph. Who knows if you’re lying to


Jayden poked her forehead and said, “Miss Turner, it’s not enough just to have a

brain, you should use it too. Else, it might get rusty if you don’t use it for too long”

This silly woman, as long as she used her brain, she would have known whether he was lying to her. However, her brain was more like a decoration. She never actually used it to think.

Silvia pouted her lips in. “You are scolding me again.”

Jayden asked, “Since when was I scolding you?”

Silvia answered, “You scolded me for not using my brain to think

Jayden said, “So you actually knew that you weren’t using your brain huh? I thought you didn’t know that

Silvia shouted, Jayden Elias Kyle!”

Jayden said, “Don’t be so loud. I’m not deaf.”

Silvia was exasperated to the point that she was stamping her foot as she said, “You b*stard, you asked me to join you for a run, but you just wanted to show off, didn’t you? Let me tell you, you’re not the only one with admirers. There are many men who are after me too. If you dare to do anything. I, I will cheat on you!” D

“Silvia Turner!” How could this woman say such a thing? She was courting


“I’m just saying.. but as long as you don’t cheat on me, of course I won’t cheat on you either.” After realizing that she had made a mistake, and especially when she saw Jayden’s displeased face, Silvia instantly admitted defeat.

“There will never be an ‘if!” After telling Silvia that, Jayden quickened his pace and sped off, leaving Silvia far behind. Even at her fastest speed, Silvia could not catch up with him at all.

Silvia ran while scolding Jayden, “You b*stard, you’re the one who started it. How dare you leave me behind like this? I’m warning you, if you don’t apologize to me today, I will never forgive you.”

When Silvia arrived home, Jayden was already having his breakfast at the dining table. When he saw Silvia coming back, he put on a cold face and did not even take a glance at her.

Before she had gotten home, Silvia was determined to make him apologize to

her. However, when she saw the displeased look on Jayden’s face and thought of the consequences of ignoring him. her body shook. After hesitating for a while she finally went over to Jayden and sat next to him. “Young Master Kyle, are you still mad at me?

Jayden did not say a word.

Silvia said again, “I already told you that I was just talking nonsense just now. Could you please forgive me?

After finishing up the bowl of oatmeal, Jayden got up and went upstairs without saying a word to her. Humph, how dare she say she would cuckold him… This woman was so daring. Jayden thought that he should really teach her a lesson.

“What a petty guy. How could he be this petty?” Forget it. If he was angry, Silvia would just let him be. She would fill her stomach first no matter what.

“Miss Turner, did you make Master Jayden angry again?” While serving Silvia’s

breakfast, Auntie Cherry could not hold back her smile as she said, “Although Master Jayden looks like he’s ignoring you, he actually cares about you a lot.” Silvia said sullenly, “Auntie Cherry, you don’t have to put in a good word for him.

It’s a fact that he’s ignoring me.”

Auntie Cherry put the plate onto the table and said, “The first thing Master Jayden did when he came home was to ask if I’ve prepared breakfast for you. It’s obvious that he cares about you.”

“If he cares about me, he should have told me that. How would I know if he doesn’t say anything?” Silvia ate the oatmeal that was mixed with her medicine. It tasted a little strange, but not awful. Auntie Cherry, don’t you think that what I said was reasonable?”

“I mean, it’s reasonable, but you knew that Master Jayden would only show his concern through actions. He’s not good at expressing it through words.” Auntie Cherry wanted to put in a good word for her master.

In fact, Silvia knew it all. She was just upset that Jayden would always ignore whenever he was mad at her. She then said, “Auntie Cherry, can I ask you a question? Did Jayden bring other women home before?”

“Absolutely not!” Auntie Cherry shook her head vigorously. “Miss Turner, I’ve worked for Master Jayden for more than three years now, but I’ve never seen him being close to any women, let alone taking a woman home. You’re an exception, Miss Turner”

Silvia was overjoyed the moment she heard Auntie Cherry’s answer. “Really?

Auntie Cherry, you’re not lying to me, aren’t you?”

Auntie Cherry said again, Miss Turner, it’s not up to me to say if it’s true. I believe that you could also tell how good Master Jayden was to you, right?”

Silvia said with a sulk. ‘I can feel it sometimes, but sometimes, I just don’t. He’s such a moody guy, and his temper is even worse than a woman who’s on her period

Auntie Cherry said again, “Miss Turner, Master Jayden is only acting that way because he likes you. He will only be happy and angry when he is with you. Do you not realize that he would only put on a stoic face whenever he speaks to us? We can’t even tell if he’s happy or mad.”

“Is that really so?” Silvia thought about it solemnly. She realized that it was

really how Auntie Cherry had said. Jayden would only bully her. She had never seen him losing his temper at Auntie Cherry and the others. If bullying her was his way of expressing his love for her, but she still happily

accepted it, wouldn’t that mean that she had a tendency towards masochism?

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