My Husband Warm the Bed- 1253

After Silvia was done with her breakfast, she planned to go upstairs to have a good talk with Jayden. Just as she was stepping away from the dining table, she saw that Jayden was walking down the stairs.

Silvia quickly went over to receive him with a smile, “Young Master Kyle, are you

going out?”

Jayden ignored her and looked at Auntie Cherry, who was standing behind Silvia, “Auntie Cherry, I’m going on a business trip. I will be back in two days.

Auntie Cherry smiled awkwardly and said, “Master Jayden, Miss Turner is just there. You can tell her that directly. She’s listening to you anyway.”

Silvia was so angry that she roared, Jayden, why are you only telling Auntie

Cherry but not me? What is all these? Do you actually see me as your wife?” Silvia was shouting for quite a while, but Jayden did not say anything, nor did he

even look at Silvia. Instead, he turned around and left.

Silvia said, “You b*stard, can you not be this petty?”

Auntie Cherry said, “Miss Turner, Master Jayden would never inform me when he was going on a business trip, so he was obviously saying it to tell you. Don’t

be angry at him anymore, okay?

“Who said that I’m angry at him? I’m not. It’s not worthwhile to torture myself because of a petty guy” That was what Silvia said, but she was actually fuming. In a fit of anger, she chased after Jayden. “Jayden Ellas Kyle, f*cking stop right


She had to prove to him that she had a temper too.

Jayden ignored her and advanced gracefully. Silvia dashed forward and hugged him from behind. She shouted fiercely, “Jayden, you’re not allowed to leave until we make things clear!” D

Jayden forcibly pushed her arms away.

Silvia hugged him again and said, “I won’t let you go!”

Jayden once again tried to push her away, but Silvia refused to let him go. “Jayden, I’ve already said that I was just joking with you, so why are you still being so petty about it? Why didn’t you tell me that you are going on a business trip? Don’t you know that I would miss you when you’re not at home?

At that moment, Jayden finally stopped pushing her away. Silvia could feel that he had already given in to her. “Jayden, I’ll not feel at ease if I know that you’re still angry at me right before you go on your business trip. Can you bear to watch me crying alone at home?”

“Would you though?” Jayden obviously did not believe her overdramatized words, but he could not bring himself to stay mad at her, He then said, “Are you going to say that nonsense again?”

“I promise you that I’ll never say such things ever again, and I’ll never do anything that will upset you.” Silvia shook her head while reassuring Jayden.

This was not the first time Silvia had made such a promise, nor was it the first time Jayden had heard it. However, he still chose to believe her, “I want you to behave yourself when I’m not home. You’re not allowed to go out to drink or get into fights. I will ask the driver to take you home and send you to school”

“I know, I will behave myself. I won’t do anything that you don’t allow me to do.” Silvia crept into his arms and looked up at him. “Young Master Kyle, now that you’re going on business trip, don’t you even want to give me a hug before you leave?”

“You’re such a silly girl!” Jayden smiled dotingly and pulled her into his arms. “Alright, I’m running late. I have to go now.”

“Jayden.” Silvia refused to let go of him. Her face turned red as she stammered, “Since you’ve already hugged me, don’t you want to kiss me?”

“What a clingy little devil. Jayden poked her head, looking as if he was

despising her. However, he could not help but get close to her and gave her a

gentle yet passionate kiss. Silvia bit her lower lips as she smiled shyly but smugly. “It’s because I like you, that’s why I’m so attached to you. You should feel honored.

Seeing Silvia was as happy as a child, Jayden was pleased. “Should I thank our mighty Miss Turner for thinking so highly of me then?”

“Of course you should.” Silvia placed her hands on her hips and gave her order like an arrogant queen. “Jayden Elias Kyle, I want you to remember this. You must take good care of yourself and come home exactly like how you left.”

Perhaps it was because of Felix that Silvia would always feel nowadays. She was afraid that Jayden would suddenly disappear like Felix did.

She had already lost her father and Felix, so she must not lose Jayden too. That was the reason why she emphasized the matter so much. She wanted him to remember to take note of his own safety at all times.

“Yes my silly yet overbearing wife. I’ll listen to you. I’ll come home exactly like how I left!” Jayden rubbed her head and continued, “I need to go now. I’ll ask the driver to send you to school later.”

“Okay. Come back soon, okay?” Silvia watched as Jayden got in the car. She shouted, “Jayden, no matter where you go, you must take good care of yourself, okay? Always remember that there’s someone at home waiting for you.” “Silly girl, you’re trying to make me stay, aren’t you?” Silvia was behaving

abnormally and Jayden had already noticed it, but he did not point it out.

Silvia added, “Anyway, just take good care of yourself. Don’t let me worry about

you, okay”

“Okay Jayden nodded, “Go back in and take a shower. Don’t stay here in the cold wind and catch a cold”

“No, you go first, I’ll watch you go.

“Go back into the house first.”

“You go first.”

“You, you’re so stubborn” Since Jayden couldn’t make her leave, he had no choice but to ask the driver to set off.

Silvia watched the car driving away until it was out of sight. The moment she withdrew her gaze, she felt a lump in her throat, and she suddenly had an

impulse to cry

Before her tears rolled down, Silvia quickly sniffled and forced her tears back.

Jayden would be fine. He would definitely stay by her side forever and he would grow old with her.

As for herself, she was going to face a tough battle. She had to keep herself


In the car

Jayden took out his mobile phone and dialed Stanley’s number. “Did your men find anything unusual about Silvia for the past few days?

“Everything is fine, Sir. My men did not find anything unusual about her. If there

is, I will definitely report it to you immediately. Stanley had seen how much his master valued Silvia. Therefore, he did not dare to have any delays when it came to Silvia’s matters.

“Stanley, can you be absolutely sure that nothing is wrong with her?” Jayden

frowned and looked out of the window while he thought of the things that Silvia had done for the past two days.

It had been a long time since he had heard Silvia dreaming of Felix. When he was to go on a business trip in the past, she would never act like how she just did a while ago. Hence, it was impossible that nothing had happened to her. It was very likely that Stanley’s men had overlooked something.

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